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Densely Nested Top-Down Flows for Salient Object Detection

Feb 18, 2021
Chaowei Fang, Haibin Tian, Dingwen Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Jungong Han, Junwei Han

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Automatic Comic Generation with Stylistic Multi-page Layouts and Emotion-driven Text Balloon Generation

Jan 26, 2021
Xin Yang, Zongliang Ma, Letian Yu, Ying Cao, Baocai Yin, Xiaopeng Wei, Qiang Zhang, Rynson W. H. Lau

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Slot Self-Attentive Dialogue State Tracking

Jan 22, 2021
Fanghua Ye, Jarana Manotumruksa, Qiang Zhang, Shenghui Li, Emine Yilmaz

* 11 pages, to appear at The Web Conference (WWW) 2021 

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Multi-scale Information Assembly for Image Matting

Jan 07, 2021
Yu Qiao, Yuhao Liu, Qiang Zhu, Xin Yang, Yuxin Wang, Qiang Zhang, Xiaopeng Wei

* 10 pages, 6 figures 

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Coherent optical communications using coherence-cloned Kerr soliton microcombs

Jan 01, 2021
Yong Geng, Heng Zhou, Wenwen Cui, Xinjie Han, Qiang Zhang, Boyuan Liu, Guangwei Deng, Qiang Zhou, Kun Qiu

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Learning Cross-Domain Correspondence for Control with Dynamics Cycle-Consistency

Dec 17, 2020
Qiang Zhang, Tete Xiao, Alexei A. Efros, Lerrel Pinto, Xiaolong Wang

* Project page: 

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Testing the Safety of Self-driving Vehicles by Simulating Perception and Prediction

Aug 13, 2020
Kelvin Wong, Qiang Zhang, Ming Liang, Bin Yang, Renjie Liao, Abbas Sadat, Raquel Urtasun

* ECCV 2020 

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SNR-based teachers-student technique for speech enhancement

May 29, 2020
Xiang Hao, Xiangdong Su, Zhiyu Wang, Qiang Zhang, Huali Xu, Guanglai Gao

* Accepted to 2020 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2020) 

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DRFN: Deep Recurrent Fusion Network for Single-Image Super-Resolution with Large Factors

Aug 23, 2019
Xin Yang, Haiyang Mei, Jiqing Zhang, Ke Xu, Baocai Yin, Qiang Zhang, Xiaopeng Wei

* IEEE Transactions on Multimedia ( Volume: 21 , Issue: 2 , Feb. 2019 ) 328 - 337 

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Self-Attentive Hawkes Processes

Jul 17, 2019
Qiang Zhang, Aldo Lipani, Omer Kirnap, Emine Yilmaz

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Replica-exchange Nosé-Hoover dynamics for Bayesian learning on large datasets

Jun 11, 2019
Rui Luo, Qiang Zhang, Yaodong Yang, Jun Wang

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Modeling Point Clouds with Self-Attention and Gumbel Subset Sampling

Apr 06, 2019
Jiancheng Yang, Qiang Zhang, Bingbing Ni, Linguo Li, Jinxian Liu, Mengdie Zhou, Qi Tian

* CVPR'2019 

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Learning Context Graph for Person Search

Apr 03, 2019
Yichao Yan, Qiang Zhang, Bingbing Ni, Wendong Zhang, Minghao Xu, Xiaokang Yang

* To appear in CVPR 2019 

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Spatial Attentive Single-Image Deraining with a High Quality Real Rain Dataset

Apr 02, 2019
Tianyu Wang, Xin Yang, Ke Xu, Shaozhe Chen, Qiang Zhang, Rynson Lau

* Accepted by CVPR'19. Project page: 

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Adversarial Attack and Defense on Point Sets

Feb 28, 2019
Jiancheng Yang, Qiang Zhang, Rongyao Fang, Bingbing Ni, Jinxian Liu, Qi Tian

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Variational Self-attention Model for Sentence Representation

Jan 04, 2019
Qiang Zhang, Shangsong Liang, Emine Yilmaz

* arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1511.06038 by other authors 

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Parallel-tempered Stochastic Gradient Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for Approximate Multimodal Posterior Sampling

Dec 07, 2018
Rui Luo, Qiang Zhang, Yuanyuan Liu

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Improving Medical Short Text Classification with Semantic Expansion Using Word-Cluster Embedding

Dec 05, 2018
Ying Shen, Qiang Zhang, Jin Zhang, Jiyue Huang, Yuming Lu, Kai Lei

* International Conference on Information Science and Applications ICISA 2018: Information Science and Applications 2018 pp 401-411 

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MedSim: A Novel Semantic Similarity Measure in Bio-medical Knowledge Graphs

Dec 05, 2018
Kai Lei, Kaiqi Yuan, Qiang Zhang, Ying Shen

* International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management KSEM 2018: Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management pp 479-490 

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Benchmarking Deep Sequential Models on Volatility Predictions for Financial Time Series

Nov 08, 2018
Qiang Zhang, Rui Luo, Yaodong Yang, Yuanyuan Liu

* NIPS 2018, Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities for AI in Financial Services 

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A Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Two Interacting Processes: Cascade Clustering and Reference Point Incremental Learning

Oct 04, 2018
Mingde Zhao, Hongwei Ge, Liang Sun, Zhen Wang, Guozhen Tan, Qiang Zhang, C. L. Philip Chen

* IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2018 
* 15 pages 

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Hybrid Noise Removal in Hyperspectral Imagery With a Spatial-Spectral Gradient Network

Oct 01, 2018
Qiang Zhang, Qiangqiang Yuan, Jie Li, Xinxin Liu, Huanfeng Shen, Liangpei Zhang

* In Peer-Review 

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Hyperspectral Image Denoising Employing a Spatial-Spectral Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network

Aug 11, 2018
Qiangqiang Yuan, Qiang Zhang, Jie Li, Huanfeng Shen, Liangpei Zhang

* Accepted by IEEE TGRS, available codes: 

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Active Object Reconstruction Using a Guided View Planner

May 08, 2018
Xin Yang, Yuanbo Wang, Yaru Wang, Baocai Yin, Qiang Zhang, Xiaopeng Wei, Hongbo Fu

* 7 pages,5 figures 

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Image Correction via Deep Reciprocating HDR Transformation

Apr 12, 2018
Xin Yang, Ke Xu, Yibing Song, Qiang Zhang, Xiaopeng Wei, Rynson Lau

* in CVPR 2018 

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Missing Data Reconstruction in Remote Sensing image with a Unified Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Feb 23, 2018
Qiang Zhang, Qiangqiang Yuan, Chao Zeng, Xinghua Li, Yancong Wei

* To be published in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 

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Learning a Dilated Residual Network for SAR Image Despeckling

Jan 24, 2018
Qiang Zhang, Qiangqiang Yuan, Jie Li, Zhen Yang, Xiaoshuang Ma

* 18 pages, 13 figures, 7 tables 

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Strategyproof Mechanisms for Additively Separable Hedonic Games and Fractional Hedonic Games

Jun 27, 2017
Michele Flammini, Gianpiero Monaco, Qiang Zhang

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Sparse Representation based Multi-sensor Image Fusion: A Review

Feb 12, 2017
Qiang Zhang, Yi Liu, Rick S. Blum, Jungong Han, Dacheng Tao

* 19 pages 

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