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Adaptive Label Smoothing To Regularize Large-Scale Graph Training

Aug 30, 2021
Kaixiong Zhou, Ninghao Liu, Fan Yang, Zirui Liu, Rui Chen, Li Li, Soo-Hyun Choi, Xia Hu

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S2Looking: A Satellite Side-Looking Dataset for Building Change Detection

Jul 20, 2021
Li Shen, Yao Lu, Hao Chen, Hao Wei, Donghai Xie, Jiabao Yue, Rui Chen, Yue Zhang, Ao Zhang, Shouye Lv, Bitao Jiang

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Dirichlet Energy Constrained Learning for Deep Graph Neural Networks

Jul 06, 2021
Kaixiong Zhou, Xiao Huang, Daochen Zha, Rui Chen, Li Li, Soo-Hyun Choi, Xia Hu

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HyperNP: Interactive Visual Exploration of Multidimensional Projection Hyperparameters

Jun 25, 2021
Gabriel Appleby, Mateus Espadoto, Rui Chen, Samuel Goree, Alexandru Telea, Erik W Anderson, Remco Chang

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Robust Sample Weighting to Facilitate Individualized Treatment Rule Learning for a Target Population

May 03, 2021
Rui Chen, Jared D. Huling, Guanhua Chen, Menggang Yu

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Integer Programming for Causal Structure Learning in the Presence of Latent Variables

Feb 05, 2021
Rui Chen, Sanjeeb Dash, Tian Gao

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Towards Energy Efficient Federated Learning over 5G+ Mobile Devices

Jan 13, 2021
Dian Shi, Liang Li, Rui Chen, Pavana Prakash, Miao Pan, Yuguang Fang

* submitted to IEEE Wireless Communications 

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To Talk or to Work: Energy Efficient Federated Learning over Mobile Devices via the Weight Quantization and 5G Transmission Co-Design

Dec 21, 2020
Rui Chen, Liang Li, Kaiping Xue, Chi Zhang, Lingjia Liu, Miao Pan

* submitted to MOBIHOC 

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Offline Meta-level Model-based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Cold-Start Recommendation

Dec 04, 2020
Yanan Wang, Yong Ge, Li Li, Rui Chen, Tong Xu

* Accepted to Offline Reinforcement Learning Workshop at Neural Information Processing Systems (2020) 

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Grounding Implicit Goal Description for Robot Indoor Navigation Via Recursive Belief Update

Nov 10, 2020
Rui Chen, Jinxin Zhao, Liangjun Zhang

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Explainable Recommender Systems via Resolving Learning Representations

Aug 21, 2020
Ninghao Liu, Yong Ge, Li Li, Xia Hu, Rui Chen, Soo-Hyun Choi

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Towards Deeper Graph Neural Networks with Differentiable Group Normalization

Jun 12, 2020
Kaixiong Zhou, Xiao Huang, Yuening Li, Daochen Zha, Rui Chen, Xia Hu

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Cross-View Tracking for Multi-Human 3D Pose Estimation at over 100 FPS

Mar 09, 2020
Long Chen, Haizhou Ai, Rui Chen, Zijie Zhuang, Shuang Liu

* 12 pages with supplementary material; accepted to CVPR 2020 

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Developing Multi-Task Recommendations with Long-Term Rewards via Policy Distilled Reinforcement Learning

Jan 27, 2020
Xi Liu, Li Li, Ping-Chun Hsieh, Muhe Xie, Yong Ge, Rui Chen

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Normal Assisted Stereo Depth Estimation

Dec 23, 2019
Uday Kusupati, Shuo Cheng, Rui Chen, Hao Su

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S4G: Amodal Single-view Single-Shot SE(3) Grasp Detection in Cluttered Scenes

Oct 31, 2019
Yuzhe Qin, Rui Chen, Hao Zhu, Meng Song, Jing Xu, Hao Su

* Accepted at the Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) 2019. Project webpage is available here: 

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How to Evaluate Proving Grounds for Self-Driving? A Quantitative Approach

Sep 24, 2019
Rui Chen, Mansur Arief, Weiyang Zhang, Ding Zhao

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Active Learning for Risk-Sensitive Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Sep 23, 2019
Rui Chen, Wenshuo Wang, Zirui Zhao, Ding Zhao

* 8 pages without acknowledgment, 7 figures, submitted to RA-L and ICRA 2020 for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) 

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Learning Lightweight Pedestrian Detector with Hierarchical Knowledge Distillation

Sep 20, 2019
Rui Chen, Haizhou Ai, Chong Shang, Long Chen, Zijie Zhuang

* 2019 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), pp. 1645-1649 
* Accepted at ICIP 2019 as Oral 

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How to Evaluate Self-Driving Testing Ground? A Quantitative Approach

Sep 20, 2019
Rui Chen, Mansur Arief, Weiyang Zhang, Ding Zhao

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Point-Based Multi-View Stereo Network

Aug 12, 2019
Rui Chen, Songfang Han, Jing Xu, Hao Su

* Accepted as ICCV 2019 oral presentation 

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Physics-based Neural Networks for Shape from Polarization

Mar 25, 2019
Yunhao Ba, Rui Chen, Yiqin Wang, Lei Yan, Boxin Shi, Achuta Kadambi

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GRIP: Generative Robust Inference and Perception for Semantic Robot Manipulation in Adversarial Environments

Mar 20, 2019
Xiaotong Chen, Rui Chen, Zhiqiang Sui, Zhefan Ye, Yanqi Liu, R. Iris Bahar, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins

* 8 pages, 5 figures 

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Micro- and Macro-Level Churn Analysis of Large-Scale Mobile Games

Jan 14, 2019
Xi Liu, Muhe Xie, Xidao Wen, Rui Chen, Yong Ge, Nick Duffield, Na Wang

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1808.06573 

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Streaming Network Embedding through Local Actions

Nov 14, 2018
Xi Liu, Ping-Chun Hsieh, Nick Duffield, Rui Chen, Muhe Xie, Xidao Wen

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A Semi-Supervised and Inductive Embedding Model for Churn Prediction of Large-Scale Mobile Games

Oct 10, 2018
Xi Liu, Muhe Xie, Xidao Wen, Rui Chen, Yong Ge, Nick Duffield, Na Wang

* to appear in ICDM 2018 

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An "Xcity" Optimization Approach to Designing Proving Grounds for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Aug 09, 2018
Rui Chen, Mansur Arief, Ding Zhao

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