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Crossmodal Language Grounding in an Embodied Neurocognitive Model

Jun 24, 2020
Stefan Heinrich, Yuan Yao, Tobias Hinz, Zhiyuan Liu, Thomas Hummel, Matthias Kerzel, Cornelius Weber, Stefan Wermter

* Under review, 25 pages 

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Video Playback Rate Perception for Self-supervisedSpatio-Temporal Representation Learning

Jun 20, 2020
Yuan Yao, Chang Liu, Dezhao Luo, Yu Zhou, Qixiang Ye

* CVPR 2020 

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Exploring Private Federated Learning with Laplacian Smoothing

May 01, 2020
Zhicong Liang, Bao Wang, Quanquan Gu, Stanley Osher, Yuan Yao

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Boosting Semantic Human Matting with Coarse Annotations

Apr 10, 2020
Jinlin Liu, Yuan Yao, Wendi Hou, Miaomiao Cui, Xuansong Xie, Changshui Zhang, Xian-sheng Hua

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Learning the mapping $\mathbf{x}\mapsto \sum_{i=1}^d x_i^2$: the cost of finding the needle in a haystack

Feb 24, 2020
Jiefu Zhang, Leonardo Zepeda-NĂșñez, Yuan Yao, Lin Lin

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Front2Back: Single View 3D Shape Reconstruction via Front to Back Prediction

Jan 31, 2020
Yuan Yao, Nico Schertler, Enrique Rosales, Helge Rhodin, Leonid Sigal, Alla Sheffer

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SMAUG: End-to-End Full-Stack Simulation Infrastructure for Deep Learning Workloads

Dec 11, 2019
Sam Likun Xi, Yuan Yao, Kshitij Bhardwaj, Paul Whatmough, Gu-Yeon Wei, David Brooks

* 14 pages, 20 figures 

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Fast Stochastic Ordinal Embedding with Variance Reduction and Adaptive Step Size

Dec 01, 2019
Ke Ma, Jinshan Zeng, Qianqian Xu, Xiaochun Cao, Wei Liu, Yuan Yao

* 19 pages, 5 figures, accepted by IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Conference Version: arXiv:1711.06446 

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Adversarial Language Games for Advanced Natural Language Intelligence

Nov 08, 2019
Yuan Yao, Haoxi Zhong, Zhengyan Zhang, Xu Han, Xiaozhi Wang, Chaojun Xiao, Guoyang Zeng, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun

* Work in progress 

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iSplit LBI: Individualized Partial Ranking with Ties via Split LBI

Oct 14, 2019
Qianqian Xu, Xinwei Sun, Zhiyong Yang, Xiaochun Cao, Qingming Huang, Yuan Yao

* Accepted by NeurIPS 2019 

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Characterizing Membership Privacy in Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics

Oct 05, 2019
Bingzhe Wu, Chaochao Chen, Shiwan Zhao, Cen Chen, Yuan Yao, Guangyu Sun, Li Wang, Xiaolu Zhang, Jun Zhou

* Under review of AAAI 2020 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
OpenNRE: An Open and Extensible Toolkit for Neural Relation Extraction

Sep 28, 2019
Xu Han, Tianyu Gao, Yuan Yao, Demin Ye, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun

  Access Model/Code and Paper
An Acceleration Framework for High Resolution Image Synthesis

Sep 09, 2019
Jinlin Liu, Yuan Yao, Jianqiang Ren

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Soft Transfer Network

Aug 28, 2019
Yuan Yao, Yu Zhang, Xutao Li, Yunming Ye

* Accepted by ACM Multimedia (ACM MM) 2019 

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DocRED: A Large-Scale Document-Level Relation Extraction Dataset

Jun 17, 2019
Yuan Yao, Deming Ye, Peng Li, Xu Han, Yankai Lin, Zhenghao Liu, Zhiyuan Liu, Lixin Huang, Jie Zhou, Maosong Sun

* Accepted by ACL 2019 

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Parsimonious Deep Learning: A Differential Inclusion Approach with Global Convergence

May 23, 2019
Yanwei Fu, Chen Liu, Donghao Li, Xinwei Sun, Jinshan Zeng, Yuan Yao

* 25 pages, 7 figures 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
$S^{2}$-LBI: Stochastic Split Linearized Bregman Iterations for Parsimonious Deep Learning

Apr 24, 2019
Yanwei Fu, Donghao Li, Xinwei Sun, Shun Zhang, Yizhou Wang, Yuan Yao

* technical report 

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Deep Robust Subjective Visual Property Prediction in Crowdsourcing

Mar 10, 2019
Qianqian Xu, Zhiyong Yang, Yangbangyan Jiang, Xiaochun Cao, Qingming Huang, Yuan Yao

* 9 pages, accepted by CVPR 2019 (Poster) 

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Generative Adversarial Nets for Robust Scatter Estimation: A Proper Scoring Rule Perspective

Mar 05, 2019
Chao Gao, Yuan Yao, Weizhi Zhu

  Access Model/Code and Paper
A Convergence Analysis of Nonlinearly Constrained ADMM in Deep Learning

Feb 06, 2019
Jinshan Zeng, Shao-Bo Lin, Yuan Yao

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Attention-aware Multi-stroke Style Transfer

Jan 16, 2019
Yuan Yao, Jianqiang Ren, Xuansong Xie, Weidong Liu, Yong-Jin Liu, Jun Wang

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Multiview Cross-supervision for Semantic Segmentation

Dec 04, 2018
Yuan Yao, Hyun Soo Park

  Access Model/Code and Paper
FewRel: A Large-Scale Supervised Few-Shot Relation Classification Dataset with State-of-the-Art Evaluation

Oct 26, 2018
Xu Han, Hao Zhu, Pengfei Yu, Ziyun Wang, Yuan Yao, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun

* EMNLP 2018. The first four authors contribute equally. The order is determined by dice rolling. Visit our website 

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On Breiman's Dilemma in Neural Networks: Phase Transitions of Margin Dynamics

Oct 18, 2018
Weizhi Zhu, Yifei Huang, Yuan Yao

* 34 pages 

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A Unified Dynamic Approach to Sparse Model Selection

Oct 08, 2018
Chendi Huang, Yuan Yao

* Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS) 2018, Lanzarote, Spain. PMLR: Volume 84 
* 24 pages 

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Robust Estimation and Generative Adversarial Nets

Oct 07, 2018
Chao Gao, Jiyi Liu, Yuan Yao, Weizhi Zhu

  Access Model/Code and Paper