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A Lightweight and Accurate Recognition Framework for Signs of X-ray Weld Images

Oct 18, 2021
Moyun Liu, Jingming Xie, Jing Hao, Yang Zhang, Xuzhan Chen, Youping Chen

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Revisiting IPA-based Cross-lingual Text-to-speech

Oct 18, 2021
Haitong Zhang, Haoyue Zhan, Yang Zhang, Xinyuan Yu, Yue Lin

* Submitted to ICASSP2022 

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Exploring Timbre Disentanglement in Non-Autoregressive Cross-Lingual Text-to-Speech

Oct 14, 2021
Haoyue Zhan, Xinyuan Yu, Haitong Zhang, Yang Zhang, Yue Lin

* Submitted to ICASSP 2022 

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Inference Attacks Against Graph Neural Networks

Oct 06, 2021
Zhikun Zhang, Min Chen, Michael Backes, Yun Shen, Yang Zhang

* 19 pages, 18 figures. To Appear in the 31st USENIX Security Symposium 

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Fine-Grained Neural Network Explanation by Identifying Input Features with Predictive Information

Oct 04, 2021
Yang Zhang, Ashkan Khakzar, Yawei Li, Azade Farshad, Seong Tae Kim, Nassir Navab

* Accepted in NeurIPS 2021 (Neural Information Processing Systems) 

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On the Interplay Between Sparsity, Naturalness, Intelligibility, and Prosody in Speech Synthesis

Oct 04, 2021
Cheng-I Jeff Lai, Erica Cooper, Yang Zhang, Shiyu Chang, Kaizhi Qian, Yi-Lun Liao, Yung-Sung Chuang, Alexander H. Liu, Junichi Yamagishi, David Cox, James Glass

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Effective Tensor Completion via Element-wise Weighted Low-rank Tensor Train with Overlapping Ket Augmentation

Sep 17, 2021
Yang Zhang, Yao Wang, Zhi Han, Xi'ai Chen, Yandong Tang

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Membership Inference Attacks Against Recommender Systems

Sep 16, 2021
Minxing Zhang, Zhaochun Ren, Zihan Wang, Pengjie Ren, Zhumin Chen, Pengfei Hu, Yang Zhang

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A Unified Transformer-based Framework for Duplex Text Normalization

Aug 23, 2021
Tuan Manh Lai, Yang Zhang, Evelina Bakhturina, Boris Ginsburg, Heng Ji

* Under Review 

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Deep Sequence Modeling: Development and Applications in Asset Pricing

Aug 20, 2021
Lin William Cong, Ke Tang, Jingyuan Wang, Yang Zhang

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Pro-UIGAN: Progressive Face Hallucination from Occluded Thumbnails

Aug 08, 2021
Yang Zhang, Xin Yu, Xiaobo Lu, Ping Liu

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TumorCP: A Simple but Effective Object-Level Data Augmentation for Tumor Segmentation

Jul 21, 2021
Jiawei Yang, Yao Zhang, Yuan Liang, Yang Zhang, Lei He, Zhiqiang He

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Modality-aware Mutual Learning for Multi-modal Medical Image Segmentation

Jul 21, 2021
Yao Zhang, Jiawei Yang, Jiang Tian, Zhongchao Shi, Cheng Zhong, Yang Zhang, Zhiqiang He

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Tea: Program Repair Using Neural Network Based on Program Information Attention Matrix

Jul 17, 2021
Wenshuo Wang, Chen Wu, Liang Cheng, Yang Zhang

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Leveraging Domain Agnostic and Specific Knowledge for Acronym Disambiguation

Jul 01, 2021
Qiwei Zhong, Guanxiong Zeng, Danqing Zhu, Yang Zhang, Wangli Lin, Ben Chen, Jiayu Tang

* Second Place Solution, Accepted to [email protected] 

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ACN: Adversarial Co-training Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation with Missing Modalities

Jun 29, 2021
Yixin Wang, Yang Zhang, Yang Liu, Zihao Lin, Jiang Tian, Cheng Zhong, Zhongchao Shi, Jianping Fan, Zhiqiang He

* MICCAI 2021 

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Teacher Model Fingerprinting Attacks Against Transfer Learning

Jun 23, 2021
Yufei Chen, Chao Shen, Cong Wang, Yang Zhang

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Confidence-Guided Radiology Report Generation

Jun 22, 2021
Yixin Wang, Zihao Lin, Jiang Tian, Zhongchao Shi, Yang Zhang, Jianping Fan, Zhiqiang He

* 16 pages 

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AOMD: An Analogy-aware Approach to Offensive Meme Detection on Social Media

Jun 21, 2021
Lanyu Shang, Yang Zhang, Yuheng Zha, Yingxi Chen, Christina Youn, Dong Wang

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Global Rhythm Style Transfer Without Text Transcriptions

Jun 16, 2021
Kaizhi Qian, Yang Zhang, Shiyu Chang, Jinjun Xiong, Chuang Gan, David Cox, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

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Voting for the right answer: Adversarial defense for speaker verification

Jun 15, 2021
Haibin Wu, Yang Zhang, Zhiyong Wu, Dong Wang, Hung-yi Lee

* Accepted by Interspeech 2021. Code is available at 

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Auto-NBA: Efficient and Effective Search Over the Joint Space of Networks, Bitwidths, and Accelerators

Jun 11, 2021
Yonggan Fu, Yongan Zhang, Yang Zhang, David Cox, Yingyan Lin

* Accepted at ICML 2021 

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PARP: Prune, Adjust and Re-Prune for Self-Supervised Speech Recognition

Jun 10, 2021
Cheng-I Jeff Lai, Yang Zhang, Alexander H. Liu, Shiyu Chang, Yi-Lun Liao, Yung-Sung Chuang, Kaizhi Qian, Sameer Khurana, David Cox, James Glass

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Conversational Question Answering: A Survey

Jun 03, 2021
Munazza Zaib, Wei Emma Zhang, Quan Z. Sheng, Adnan Mahmood, Yang Zhang

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SGD-QA: Fast Schema-Guided Dialogue State Tracking for Unseen Services

May 17, 2021
Yang Zhang, Vahid Noroozi, Evelina Bakhturina, Boris Ginsburg

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Causal Intervention for Leveraging Popularity Bias in Recommendation

May 13, 2021
Yang Zhang, Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Tianxin Wei, Chonggang Song, Guohui Ling, Yongdong Zhang

* Appear in SIGIR 2021 

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NeMo Inverse Text Normalization: From Development To Production

Apr 11, 2021
Yang Zhang, Evelina Bakhturina, Kyle Gorman, Boris Ginsburg

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