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Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning for Abnormality Classification and Localization in Chest X-rays with Radiomics using a Feedback Loop

Apr 11, 2021
Yan Han, Chongyan Chen, Ahmed Tewfik, Benjamin Glicksberg, Ying Ding, Yifan Peng, Zhangyang Wang

* Preprint 

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A Design Space Study for LISTA and Beyond

Apr 08, 2021
Tianjian Meng, Xiaohan Chen, Yifan Jiang, Zhangyang Wang

* Published as a conference paper at ICLR 2021 

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Bootstrapping Your Own Positive Sample: Contrastive Learning With Electronic Health Record Data

Apr 07, 2021
Tingyi Wanyan, Jing Zhang, Ying Ding, Ariful Azad, Zhangyang Wang, Benjamin S Glicksberg

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Contrastive Syn-to-Real Generalization

Apr 06, 2021
Wuyang Chen, Zhiding Yu, Shalini De Mello, Sifei Liu, Jose M. Alvarez, Zhangyang Wang, Anima Anandkumar

* Accepted in ICLR 2021 

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The Elastic Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

Mar 30, 2021
Xiaohan Chen, Yu Cheng, Shuohang Wang, Zhe Gan, Jingjing Liu, Zhangyang Wang

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Learning to Optimize: A Primer and A Benchmark

Mar 23, 2021
Tianlong Chen, Xiaohan Chen, Wuyang Chen, Howard Heaton, Jialin Liu, Zhangyang Wang, Wotao Yin

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UltraSR: Spatial Encoding is a Missing Key for Implicit Image Function-based Arbitrary-Scale Super-Resolution

Mar 23, 2021
Xingqian Xu, Zhangyang Wang, Humphrey Shi

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Adversarial Feature Augmentation and Normalization for Visual Recognition

Mar 22, 2021
Tianlong Chen, Yu Cheng, Zhe Gan, Jianfeng Wang, Lijuan Wang, Zhangyang Wang, Jingjing Liu

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Neural Architecture Search on ImageNet in Four GPU Hours: A Theoretically Inspired Perspective

Mar 16, 2021
Wuyang Chen, Xinyu Gong, Zhangyang Wang

* accepted as ICLR 2021 poster 

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Exposing Semantic Segmentation Failures via Maximum Discrepancy Competition

Mar 03, 2021
Jiebin Yan, Yu Zhong, Yuming Fang, Zhangyang Wang, Kede Ma

* 19 pages, 12 figures, 5 tables, accepted by IJCV 

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Ultra-Data-Efficient GAN Training: Drawing A Lottery Ticket First, Then Training It Toughly

Feb 28, 2021
Tianlong Chen, Yu Cheng, Zhe Gan, Jingjing Liu, Zhangyang Wang

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Sandwich Batch Normalization

Feb 22, 2021
Xinyu Gong, Wuyang Chen, Tianlong Chen, Zhangyang Wang

* Codes are available at 

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Weak NAS Predictors Are All You Need

Feb 21, 2021
Junru Wu, Xiyang Dai, Dongdong Chen, Yinpeng Chen, Mengchen Liu, Ye Yu, Zhangyang Wang, Zicheng Liu, Mei Chen, Lu Yuan

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TransGAN: Two Transformers Can Make One Strong GAN

Feb 16, 2021
Yifan Jiang, Shiyu Chang, Zhangyang Wang

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A Unified Lottery Ticket Hypothesis for Graph Neural Networks

Feb 12, 2021
Tianlong Chen, Yongduo Sui, Xuxi Chen, Aston Zhang, Zhangyang Wang

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On Dynamic Noise Influence in Differentially Private Learning

Jan 19, 2021
Junyuan Hong, Zhangyang Wang, Jiayu Zhou

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Good Students Play Big Lottery Better

Jan 18, 2021
Haoyu Ma, Tianlong Chen, Ting-Kuei Hu, Chenyu You, Xiaohui Xie, Zhangyang Wang

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SmartDeal: Re-Modeling Deep Network Weights for Efficient Inference and Training

Jan 04, 2021
Xiaohan Chen, Yang Zhao, Yue Wang, Pengfei Xu, Haoran You, Chaojian Li, Yonggan Fu, Yingyan Lin, Zhangyang Wang

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2005.03403 

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EarlyBERT: Efficient BERT Training via Early-bird Lottery Tickets

Dec 31, 2020
Xiaohan Chen, Yu Cheng, Shuohang Wang, Zhe Gan, Zhangyang Wang, Jingjing Liu

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Growing Deep Forests Efficiently with Soft Routing and Learned Connectivity

Dec 29, 2020
Jianghao Shen, Sicheng Wang, Zhangyang Wang

* ICDM Workshops 2018: 399-402 
* ICDM workshop 2018 

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FracTrain: Fractionally Squeezing Bit Savings Both Temporally and Spatially for Efficient DNN Training

Dec 24, 2020
Yonggan Fu, Haoran You, Yang Zhao, Yue Wang, Chaojian Li, Kailash Gopalakrishnan, Zhangyang Wang, Yingyan Lin

* Accepted at NeurIPS 2020 

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The Lottery Tickets Hypothesis for Supervised and Self-supervised Pre-training in Computer Vision Models

Dec 12, 2020
Tianlong Chen, Jonathan Frankle, Shiyu Chang, Sijia Liu, Yang Zhang, Michael Carbin, Zhangyang Wang

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Uncertainty-Aware Physically-Guided Proxy Tasks for Unseen Domain Face Anti-spoofing

Nov 28, 2020
Junru Wu, Xiang Yu, Buyu Liu, Zhangyang Wang, Manmohan Chandraker

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Graph Contrastive Learning with Augmentations

Nov 11, 2020
Yuning You, Tianlong Chen, Yongduo Sui, Ting Chen, Zhangyang Wang, Yang Shen

* Supplementary materials are available at NeurIPS 2020 

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Once-for-All Adversarial Training: In-Situ Tradeoff between Robustness and Accuracy for Free

Nov 10, 2020
Haotao Wang, Tianlong Chen, Shupeng Gui, Ting-Kuei Hu, Ji Liu, Zhangyang Wang

* NeurIPS 2020 

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What Does CNN Shift Invariance Look Like? A Visualization Study

Nov 09, 2020
Jake Lee, Junfeng Yang, Zhangyang Wang

* Presented at the 2020 ECCV Workshop on Real-World Computer Vision from Inputs with Limited Quality (RLQ-TOD 2020), Glasgow, Scotland 

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