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Revisiting BFloat16 Training

Oct 13, 2020
Pedram Zamirai, Jian Zhang, Christopher R. Aberger, Christopher De Sa

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Face Mask Assistant: Detection of Face Mask Service Stage Based on Mobile Phone

Oct 09, 2020
Yuzhen Chen, Menghan Hu, Chunjun Hua, Guangtao Zhai, Jian Zhang, Qingli Li, Simon X. Yang

* 11 pages, 9 figures 

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ASDN: A Deep Convolutional Network for Arbitrary Scale Image Super-Resolution

Oct 06, 2020
Jialiang Shen, Yucheng Wang, Jian Zhang

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Implicit Multidimensional Projection of Local Subspaces

Sep 07, 2020
Rongzheng Bian, Yumeng Xue, Liang Zhou, Jian Zhang, Baoquan Chen, Daniel Weiskopf, Yunhai Wang

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Scalar Coupling Constant Prediction Using Graph Embedding Local Attention Encoder

Sep 07, 2020
Caiqing Jian, Xinyu Cheng, Jian Zhang, Lihui Wang

* 12 pages, 10 figures 

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Computational prediction of RNA tertiary structures using machine learning methods

Sep 03, 2020
Bin Huang, Yuanyang Du, Shuai Zhang, Wenfei Li, Jun Wang, Jian Zhang

* Chinese Physics B, Sept. 2020 
* 20 pages, 2 figures. Chinese Physics B, Aug. 2020 

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Face Anti-Spoofing Via Disentangled Representation Learning

Aug 19, 2020
Ke-Yue Zhang, Taiping Yao, Jian Zhang, Ying Tai, Shouhong Ding, Jilin Li, Feiyue Huang, Haichuan Song, Lizhuang Ma

* To appear in ECCV 2020 

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Salvage Reusable Samples from Noisy Data for Robust Learning

Aug 06, 2020
Zeren Sun, Xian-Sheng Hua, Yazhou Yao, Xiu-Shen Wei, Guosheng Hu, Jian Zhang

* accepted by ACM MM 2020 

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Hardware Accelerator for Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning Neural Networks

Aug 03, 2020
Haoqiang Guo, Lu Peng, Jian Zhang, Fang Qi, Lide Duan

* 2019 Tenth International Green and Sustainable Computing Conference (IGSC) 
* IGSC'2019 ( Best paper award 

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A Similarity Inference Metric for RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Person Re-identification

Jul 03, 2020
Mengxi Jia, Yunpeng Zhai, Shijian Lu, Siwei Ma, Jian Zhang

* Accepted by IJCAI2020 

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Stochastic Batch Augmentation with An Effective Distilled Dynamic Soft Label Regularizer

Jun 27, 2020
Qian Li, Qingyuan Hu, Yong Qi, Saiyu Qi, Jie Ma, Jian Zhang

* Accepted by IJCAI 2020. SOLE copyright holder is IJCAI (international Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence) 

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Automated Radiological Report Generation For Chest X-Rays With Weakly-Supervised End-to-End Deep Learning

Jun 18, 2020
Shuai Zhang, Xiaoyan Xin, Yang Wang, Yachong Guo, Qiuqiao Hao, Xianfeng Yang, Jun Wang, Jian Zhang, Bing Zhang, Wei Wang

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Understanding Graph Neural Networks from Graph Signal Denoising Perspectives

Jun 08, 2020
Guoji Fu, Yifan Hou, Jian Zhang, Kaili Ma, Barakeel Fanseu Kamhoua, James Cheng

* 19 pages, 8 figures 

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TOAN: Target-Oriented Alignment Network for Fine-Grained Image Categorization with Few Labeled Samples

May 28, 2020
Huaxi Huang, Junjie Zhang, Jian Zhang, Qiang Wu, Chang Xu

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Towards Better Graph Representation: Two-Branch Collaborative Graph Neural Networks for Multimodal Marketing Intention Detection

May 22, 2020
Lu Zhang, Jian Zhang, Zhibin Li, Jingsong Xu

* We want to withdraw this paper. There are some insufficient explanations and bad figure presentation 

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Iterative Network for Image Super-Resolution

May 20, 2020
Yuqing Liu, Shiqi Wang, Jian Zhang, Shanshe Wang, Siwei Ma, Wen Gao

* 12 pages, 14 figures 

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Contextual Embeddings: When Are They Worth It?

May 18, 2020
Simran Arora, Avner May, Jian Zhang, Christopher Ré

* ACL 2020 

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Feature-metric Registration: A Fast Semi-supervised Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration without Correspondences

May 03, 2020
Xiaoshui Huang, Guofeng Mei, Jian Zhang

* CVPR2020 final 

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DyNet: Dynamic Convolution for Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks

Apr 22, 2020
Yikang Zhang, Jian Zhang, Qiang Wang, Zhao Zhong

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Generalizable Semantic Segmentation via Model-agnostic Learning and Target-specific Normalization

Mar 27, 2020
Jian Zhang, Lei Qi, Yinghuan Shi, Yang Gao

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GID-Net: Detecting Human-Object Interaction with Global and Instance Dependency

Mar 11, 2020
Dongming Yang, YueXian Zou, Jian Zhang, Ge Li

* 30 pages, 8 figures 

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Understanding the Downstream Instability of Word Embeddings

Feb 29, 2020
Megan Leszczynski, Avner May, Jian Zhang, Sen Wu, Christopher R. Aberger, Christopher Ré

* In Proceedings of the 3rd MLSys Conference, 2020 

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Multi-factorial Optimization for Large-scale Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing

Jan 18, 2020
Zhengping Liang, Jian Zhang, Liang Feng, Zexuan Zhu

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PMC-GANs: Generating Multi-Scale High-Quality Pedestrian with Multimodal Cascaded GANs

Dec 30, 2019
Jie Wu, Ying Peng, Chenghao Zheng, Zongbo Hao, Jian Zhang

* Accepted by The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC2019) 

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Adversarial AutoAugment

Dec 24, 2019
Xinyu Zhang, Qiang Wang, Jian Zhang, Zhao Zhong

* ICLR2020 

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Relational Mimic for Visual Adversarial Imitation Learning

Dec 18, 2019
Lionel Blondé, Yichuan Charlie Tang, Jian Zhang, Russ Webb

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Potential Passenger Flow Prediction: A Novel Study for Urban Transportation Development

Dec 07, 2019
Yongshun Gong, Zhibin Li, Jian Zhang, Wei Liu, Jinfeng Yi

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Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Domain Mixup

Dec 04, 2019
Minghao Xu, Jian Zhang, Bingbing Ni, Teng Li, Chengjie Wang, Qi Tian, Wenjun Zhang

* Accepted as oral presentation at 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020 

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Time-aware Gradient Attack on Dynamic Network Link Prediction

Nov 24, 2019
Jinyin Chen, Jian Zhang, Zhi Chen, Min Du, Feifei Li, Qi Xuan

* 7 pages 

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