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Picture for Yun-Hui Liu

Yun-Hui Liu

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tele-Operated Oropharyngeal Swab (TOOS) RobotEnabled by TSS Soft Hand for Safe and EffectiveCOVID-19 OP Sampling

Sep 20, 2021
Wei Chen, Jianshu Zhou, Shing Shin Cheng, Yiang Lu, Fangxun Zhong, Yuan Gao, Yaqing Wang, Lingbin Xue, Michael C. F. Tong, Yun-Hui Liu

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PlaTe: Visually-Grounded Planning with Transformers in Procedural Tasks

Sep 10, 2021
Jiankai Sun, De-An Huang, Bo Lu, Yun-Hui Liu, Bolei Zhou, Animesh Garg

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SurRoL: An Open-source Reinforcement Learning Centered and dVRK Compatible Platform for Surgical Robot Learning

Aug 30, 2021
Jiaqi Xu, Bin Li, Bo Lu, Yun-Hui Liu, Qi Dou, Pheng-Ann Heng

* 8 pages, 8 figures, 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 

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One to Many: Adaptive Instrument Segmentation via Meta Learning and Dynamic Online Adaptation in Robotic Surgical Video

Mar 24, 2021
Zixu Zhao, Yueming Jin, Bo Lu, Chi-Fai Ng, Qi Dou, Yun-Hui Liu, Pheng-Ann Heng

* Accepted by ICRA 2021 

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Data-driven Holistic Framework for Automated Laparoscope Optimal View Control with Learning-based Depth Perception

Nov 23, 2020
Bin Li, Bo Lu, Yiang Lu, Qi Dou, Yun-Hui Liu

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Relational Graph Learning on Visual and Kinematics Embeddings for Accurate Gesture Recognition in Robotic Surgery

Nov 03, 2020
Yong-Hao Long, Jie-Ying Wu, Bo Lu, Yue-Ming Jin, Mathias Unberath, Yun-Hui Liu, Pheng-Ann Heng, Qi Dou

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Self-supervised Video Representation Learning by Pace Prediction

Sep 04, 2020
Jiangliu Wang, Jianbo Jiao, Yun-Hui Liu

* Correct some typos;Update some cocurent works accepted by ECCV 2020 

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A Learning-Driven Framework with Spatial Optimization For Surgical Suture Thread Reconstruction and Autonomous Grasping Under Multiple Topologies and Environmental Noises

Jul 02, 2020
Bo Lu, Wei Chen, Yue-Ming Jin, Dandan Zhang, Qi Dou, Henry K. Chu, Pheng-Ann Heng, Yun-Hui Liu

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A Versatile Data-Driven Framework for Model-Independent Control of Continuum Manipulators Interacting With Obstructed Environments With Unknown Geometry and Stiffness

May 05, 2020
Farshid Alambeigi, Zerui Wang, Yun-Hui Liu, Russell H. Taylor, Mehran Armand

* 28 pages, 15 Figures 

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HMTNet:3D Hand Pose Estimation from Single Depth Image Based on Hand Morphological Topology

Nov 12, 2019
Weiguo Zhou, Xin Jiang, Chen Chen, Sijia Mei, Yun-Hui Liu

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Pose Estimation for Texture-less Shiny Objects in a Single RGB Image Using Synthetic Training Data

Sep 23, 2019
Chen Chen, Xin Jiang, Weiguo Zhou, Yun-Hui Liu

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Loop-Closure Detection Based on 3D Point Cloud Learning for Self-Driving Industry Vehicles

Apr 30, 2019
Zhe Liu, Chuanzhe Suo, Shunbo Zhou, Wen Chen, Hesheng Wang, Yun-Hui Liu

* 8 pages, 9 figures 

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Coordinating Large-Scale Robot Networks with Motion and Communication Uncertainties for Logistics Applications

Apr 02, 2019
Zhe Liu, Hesheng Wang, Shunbo Zhou, Yi Shen, Yun-Hui Liu

* A preliminary version of this work has been accepted by ICRA 2019 

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Development of an Autonomous Sanding Robot with Structured-Light Technology

Mar 08, 2019
Yingxin Huo, Diancheng Chen, Xiang Li, Peng Li, Yun-Hui Liu

* 7 pages, 11 figures, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2019 

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3D Point Cloud Learning for Large-scale Environment Analysis and Place Recognition

Dec 11, 2018
Zhe Liu, Shunbo Zhou, Chuanzhe Suo, Yingtian Liu, Hesheng Wang, Yun-Hui Liu

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