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Personalized Adaptive Meta Learning for Cold-start User Preference Prediction

Dec 22, 2020
Runsheng Yu, Yu Gong, Xu He, Bo An, Yu Zhu, Qingwen Liu, Wenwu Ou

* Preprint Version 

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Learning User Representations with Hypercuboids for Recommender Systems

Nov 11, 2020
Shuai Zhang, Huoyu Liu, Aston Zhang, Yue Hu, Ce Zhang, Yumeng Li, Tanchao Zhu, Shaojian He, Wenwu Ou

* Accepted by WSDM 2021 

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Commonsense knowledge adversarial dataset that challenges ELECTRA

Oct 25, 2020
Gongqi Lin, Yuan Miao, Xiaoyong Yang, Wenwu Ou, Lizhen Cui, Wei Guo, Chunyan Miao

* To appear in ICARCV2020 

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Semi-supervised Collaborative Filtering by Text-enhanced Domain Adaptation

Jun 28, 2020
Wenhui Yu, Xiao Lin, Junfeng Ge, Wenwu Ou, Zheng Qin

* KDD 2020 paper 

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Privileged Features Distillation for E-Commerce Recommendations

Jul 11, 2019
Chen Xu, Quan Li, Junfeng Ge, Jinyang Gao, Xiaoyong Yang, Changhua Pei, Hanxiao Sun, Wenwu Ou

* 8 pages 

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Query-based Interactive Recommendation by Meta-Path and Adapted Attention-GRU

Jun 24, 2019
Yu Zhu, Yu Gong, Qingwen Liu, Yingcai Ma, Wenwu Ou, Junxiong Zhu, Beidou Wang, Ziyu Guan, Deng Cai

* 9 pages, 6 figures, submitted to CIKM 2019 Applied Research Track 

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Exact-K Recommendation via Maximal Clique Optimization

May 17, 2019
Yu Gong, Yu Zhu, Lu Duan, Qingwen Liu, Ziyu Guan, Fei Sun, Wenwu Ou, Kenny Q. Zhu

* SIGKDD 2019 

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Behavior Sequence Transformer for E-commerce Recommendation in Alibaba

May 15, 2019
Qiwei Chen, Huan Zhao, Wei Li, Pipei Huang, Wenwu Ou

* 4 pages, 1 figure 

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Compositional Network Embedding

Apr 18, 2019
Tianshu Lyu, Fei Sun, Peng Jiang, Wenwu Ou, Yan Zhang

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Personalized Context-aware Re-ranking for E-commerce Recommender Systems

Apr 15, 2019
Changhua Pei, Yi Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang, Fei Sun, Xiao Lin, Hanxiao Sun, Jian Wu, Peng Jiang, Wenwu Ou, Dan Pei

* 11 pages 

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BERT4Rec: Sequential Recommendation with Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer

Apr 14, 2019
Fei Sun, Jun Liu, Jian Wu, Changhua Pei, Xiao Lin, Wenwu Ou, Peng Jiang

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Value-aware Recommendation based on Reinforced Profit Maximization in E-commerce Systems

Feb 03, 2019
Changhua Pei, Xinru Yang, Qing Cui, Xiao Lin, Fei Sun, Peng Jiang, Wenwu Ou, Yongfeng Zhang

* to appear at the webconf 2019 

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Automatic Generation of Chinese Short Product Titles for Mobile Display

Nov 05, 2018
Yu Gong, Xusheng Luo, Kenny Q. Zhu, Wenwu Ou, Zhao Li, Lu Duan

* IAAI 2019 

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Multi-Source Pointer Network for Product Title Summarization

Oct 08, 2018
Fei Sun, Peng Jiang, Hanxiao Sun, Changhua Pei, Wenwu Ou, Xiaobo Wang

* 10 pages, To appear in CIKM 2018, fix mistakes in dataset stats 

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Learning to Collaborate: Multi-Scenario Ranking via Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Sep 17, 2018
Jun Feng, Heng Li, Minlie Huang, Shichen Liu, Wenwu Ou, Zhirong Wang, Xiaoyan Zhu

* WWW2018 

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Perceive Your Users in Depth: Learning Universal User Representations from Multiple E-commerce Tasks

May 28, 2018
Yabo Ni, Dan Ou, Shichen Liu, Xiang Li, Wenwu Ou, Anxiang Zeng, Luo Si

* 10 pages, accepted an oral paper in sigKDD2018(industry track) 

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Deep Cascade Multi-task Learning for Slot Filling in Chinese E-commerce Shopping Guide Assistant

Apr 04, 2018
Yu Gong, Xusheng Luo, Kenny Q. Zhu, Xi Chen, Wenwu Ou

* Under review 

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Alternating Multi-bit Quantization for Recurrent Neural Networks

Feb 01, 2018
Chen Xu, Jianqiang Yao, Zhouchen Lin, Wenwu Ou, Yuanbin Cao, Zhirong Wang, Hongbin Zha

* Published as a conference paper at ICLR 2018 

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Cascade Ranking for Operational E-commerce Search

Jun 07, 2017
Shichen Liu, Fei Xiao, Wenwu Ou, Luo Si

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