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Denoised Non-Local Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation

Oct 27, 2021
Qi Song, Jie Li, Hao Guo, Rui Huang

* submitted to IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS) 

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PLNet: Plane and Line Priors for Unsupervised Indoor Depth Estimation

Oct 12, 2021
Hualie Jiang, Laiyan Ding, Junjie Hu, Rui Huang

* Accepted by 3DV 2021 

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On the Importance of Gradients for Detecting Distributional Shifts in the Wild

Oct 09, 2021
Rui Huang, Andrew Geng, Yixuan Li

* Accepted in NeurIPS 2021 

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Domain Composition and Attention for Unseen-Domain Generalizable Medical Image Segmentation

Sep 18, 2021
Ran Gu, Jingyang Zhang, Rui Huang, Wenhui Lei, Guotai Wang, Shaoting Zhang

* Accepted by MICCAI 2021 

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Unsupervised Monocular Depth Perception: Focusing on Moving Objects

Aug 30, 2021
Hualie Jiang, Laiyan Ding, Zhenglong Sun, Rui Huang

* Accepted by IEEE Sensors Journal. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2003.01360 

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IMENet: Joint 3D Semantic Scene Completion and 2D Semantic Segmentation through Iterative Mutual Enhancement

Jun 29, 2021
Jie Li, Laiyan Ding, Rui Huang

* Accepted by IJCAI 2021 

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Toward Less Hidden Cost of Code Completion with Acceptance and Ranking Models

Jun 26, 2021
Jingxuan Li, Rui Huang, Wei Li, Kai Yao, Weiguo Tan

* 10 pages, 7 figures, accepted by ICSME 2021 

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Not All Images are Worth 16x16 Words: Dynamic Vision Transformers with Adaptive Sequence Length

May 31, 2021
Yulin Wang, Rui Huang, Shiji Song, Zeyi Huang, Gao Huang

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MOS: Towards Scaling Out-of-distribution Detection for Large Semantic Space

May 05, 2021
Rui Huang, Yixuan Li

* Paper accepted as an oral presentation in CVPR'21 

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BiCnet-TKS: Learning Efficient Spatial-Temporal Representation for Video Person Re-Identification

Apr 30, 2021
Ruibing Hou, Hong Chang, Bingpeng Ma, Rui Huang, Shiguang Shan

* Accepted by IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2021) 2021 

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FocusNetv2: Imbalanced Large and Small Organ Segmentation with Adversarial Shape Constraint for Head and Neck CT Images

Apr 05, 2021
Yunhe Gao, Rui Huang, Yiwei Yang, Jie Zhang, Kainan Shao, Changjuan Tao, Yuanyuan Chen, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Hongsheng Li, Ming Chen

* Accepted by Medical Image Analysis 

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SDAN: Squared Deformable Alignment Network for Learning Misaligned Optical Zoom

Apr 02, 2021
Kangfu Mei, Shenglong Ye, Rui Huang

* ICME21. Code is available at 

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Learning Camera Localization via Dense Scene Matching

Mar 31, 2021
Shitao Tang, Chengzhou Tang, Rui Huang, Siyu Zhu, Ping Tan

* CVPR2021 

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AR Mapping: Accurate and Efficient Mapping for Augmented Reality

Mar 27, 2021
Rui Huang, Chuan Fang, Kejie Qiu, Le Cui, Zilong Dong, Siyu Zhu, Ping Tan

* 8 pages, 14 figures 

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Compact 3D Map-Based Monocular Localization Using Semantic Edge Alignment

Mar 27, 2021
Kejie Qiu, Shenzhou Chen, Jiahui Zhang, Rui Huang, Le Cui, Siyu Zhu, Ping Tan

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AttaNet: Attention-Augmented Network for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing

Mar 10, 2021
Qi Song, Kangfu Mei, Rui Huang

* AAAI 2021 

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UniFuse: Unidirectional Fusion for 360$^{\circ}$ Panorama Depth Estimation

Feb 06, 2021
Hualie Jiang, Zhe Sheng, Siyu Zhu, Zilong Dong, Rui Huang

* 9 pages; 5 figures; accepted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters; Demo: 

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Automatic Segmentation of Organs-at-Risk from Head-and-Neck CT using Separable Convolutional Neural Network with Hard-Region-Weighted Loss

Feb 03, 2021
Wenhui Lei, Haochen Mei, Zhengwentai Sun, Shan Ye, Ran Gu, Huan Wang, Rui Huang, Shichuan Zhang, Shaoting Zhang, Guotai Wang

* Accepted by Neurocomputing 

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Sparse Single Sweep LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation via Learning Contextual Shape Priors from Scene Completion

Dec 07, 2020
Xu Yan, Jiantao Gao, Jie Li, Ruimao Zhang, Zhen Li, Rui Huang, Shuguang Cui

* To appear in AAAI 2021. Codes are available at 

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Glance and Focus: a Dynamic Approach to Reducing Spatial Redundancy in Image Classification

Oct 11, 2020
Yulin Wang, Kangchen Lv, Rui Huang, Shiji Song, Le Yang, Gao Huang

* Accepted by NeurIPS 2020 

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Concentrated Multi-Grained Multi-Attention Network for Video Based Person Re-Identification

Sep 28, 2020
Panwen Hu, Jiazhen Liu, Rui Huang

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CA-Net: Comprehensive Attention Convolutional Neural Networks for Explainable Medical Image Segmentation

Sep 23, 2020
Ran Gu, Guotai Wang, Tao Song, Rui Huang, Michael Aertsen, Jan Deprest, Sébastien Ourselin, Tom Vercauteren, Shaoting Zhang

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Multi-organ Segmentation via Co-training Weight-averaged Models from Few-organ Datasets

Aug 17, 2020
Rui Huang, Yuanjie Zheng, Zhiqiang Hu, Shaoting Zhang, Hongsheng Li

* Accepted by MICCAI 2020 

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Global Optimum Search in Quantum Deep Learning

Aug 09, 2020
Lanston Hau Man Chu, Tejas Bhojraj, Rui Huang

* 17 pages 

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An LSTM Approach to Temporal 3D Object Detection in LiDAR Point Clouds

Jul 24, 2020
Rui Huang, Wanyue Zhang, Abhijit Kundu, Caroline Pantofaru, David A Ross, Thomas Funkhouser, Alireza Fathi

* To appear in ECCV 2020 

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Disentangle Perceptual Learning through Online Contrastive Learning

Jun 24, 2020
Kangfu Mei, Yao Lu, Qiaosi Yi, Haoyu Wu, Juncheng Li, Rui Huang

* 12 pages, 8 figures 

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DiPE: Deeper into Photometric Errors for Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Ego-motion from Monocular Videos

Mar 03, 2020
Hualie Jiang, Laiyan Ding, Rui Huang

* 7 pages, 5 figures, submitted to IROS 2020 

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HighEr-Resolution Network for Image Demosaicing and Enhancing

Nov 19, 2019
Kangfu Mei, Juncheng Li, Jiajie Zhang, Haoyu Wu, Jie Li, Rui Huang

* Accepted in ICCV 2019 Workshop (AIM2019 Raw to RGB Challenge Winner) 

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Low-Resource Sequence Labeling via Unsupervised Multilingual Contextualized Representations

Oct 24, 2019
Zuyi Bao, Rui Huang, Chen Li, Kenny Q. Zhu

* Accepted at EMNLP 2019 

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