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CSAGN: Conversational Structure Aware Graph Network for Conversational Semantic Role Labeling

Sep 23, 2021
Han Wu, Kun Xu, Linqi Song

* To appear in EMNLP 2021 

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DyLex: Incorporating Dynamic Lexicons into BERT for Sequence Labeling

Sep 22, 2021
Baojun Wang, Zhao Zhang, Kun Xu, Guang-Yuan Hao, Yuyang Zhang, Lifeng Shang, Linlin Li, Xiao Chen, Xin Jiang, Qun Liu

* EMNLP 2021 Long Paper 

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Exophoric Pronoun Resolution in Dialogues with Topic Regularization

Sep 10, 2021
Xintong Yu, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Changshui Zhang, Kun Xu, Dong Yu

* EMNLP 2021 main conference 

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Self-supervised Neural Networks for Spectral Snapshot Compressive Imaging

Aug 28, 2021
Ziyi Meng, Zhenming Yu, Kun Xu, Xin Yuan

* ICCV 2021 

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Principle-driven Fiber Transmission Model based on PINN Neural Network

Aug 24, 2021
Yubin Zang, Zhenming Yu, Kun Xu, Xingzeng Lan, Minghua Chen, Sigang Yang, Hongwei Chen

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Domain-Adaptive Pretraining Methods for Dialogue Understanding

May 28, 2021
Han Wu, Kun Xu, Linfeng Song, Lifeng Jin, Haisong Zhang, Linqi Song

* 6 pages, to appear in ACL2021 

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Rethinking and Reweighting the Univariate Losses for Multi-Label Ranking: Consistency and Generalization

May 10, 2021
Guoqiang Wu, Chongxuan Li, Kun Xu, Jun Zhu

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Video-aided Unsupervised Grammar Induction

May 04, 2021
Songyang Zhang, Linfeng Song, Lifeng Jin, Kun Xu, Dong Yu, Jiebo Luo

* This paper is accepted by NAACL'21 

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Conversational Semantic Role Labeling

Apr 11, 2021
Kun Xu, Han Wu, Linfeng Song, Haisong Zhang, Linqi Song, Dong Yu

* Accepted by TASLP. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2010.01417 

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GraphGallery: A Platform for Fast Benchmarking and Easy Development of Graph Neural Networks Based Intelligent Software

Feb 16, 2021
Jintang Li, Kun Xu, Liang Chen, Zibin Zheng, Xiao Liu

* 4 pages Demonstrations track paper accepted at ICSE 2021 

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Structural Information Preserving for Graph-to-Text Generation

Feb 12, 2021
Linfeng Song, Ante Wang, Jinsong Su, Yue Zhang, Kun Xu, Yubin Ge, Dong Yu

* ACL 2020 

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Joint Coreference Resolution and Character Linking for Multiparty Conversation

Jan 28, 2021
Jiaxin Bai, Hongming Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Kun Xu

* EACL-2021 

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TexSmart: A Text Understanding System for Fine-Grained NER and Enhanced Semantic Analysis

Dec 31, 2020
Haisong Zhang, Lemao Liu, Haiyun Jiang, Yangming Li, Enbo Zhao, Kun Xu, Linfeng Song, Suncong Zheng, Botong Zhou, Jianchen Zhu, Xiao Feng, Tao Chen, Tao Yang, Dong Yu, Feng Zhang, Zhanhui Kang, Shuming Shi

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Robust Dialogue Utterance Rewriting as Sequence Tagging

Dec 29, 2020
Jie Hao, Linfeng Song, Liwei Wang, Kun Xu, Zhaopeng Tu, Dong Yu

* 11 pages 

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Variational (Gradient) Estimate of the Score Function in Energy-based Latent Variable Models

Nov 07, 2020
Fan Bao, Kun Xu, Chongxuan Li, Lanqing Hong, Jun Zhu, Bo Zhang

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Bi-level Score Matching for Learning Energy-based Latent Variable Models

Oct 16, 2020
Fan Bao, Chongxuan Li, Kun Xu, Hang Su, Jun Zhu, Bo Zhang

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Semantic Role Labeling Guided Multi-turn Dialogue ReWriter

Oct 03, 2020
Kun Xu, Haochen Tan, Linfeng Song, Han Wu, Haisong Zhang, Linqi Song, Dong Yu

* To appear in EMNLP 2020 

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Efficient Learning of Generative Models via Finite-Difference Score Matching

Jul 07, 2020
Tianyu Pang, Kun Xu, Chongxuan Li, Yang Song, Stefano Ermon, Jun Zhu

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Improving Weakly Supervised Visual Grounding by Contrastive Knowledge Distillation

Jul 03, 2020
Liwei Wang, Jing Huang, Yin Li, Kun Xu, Zhengyuan Yang, Dong Yu

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On the Role of Conceptualization in Commonsense Knowledge Graph Construction

Apr 07, 2020
Mutian He, Yangqiu Song, Kun Xu, Dong Yu

* 11 pages, 4 figures 

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A Survey of Adversarial Learning on Graphs

Mar 10, 2020
Liang Chen, Jintang Li, Jiaying Peng, Tao Xie, Zengxu Cao, Kun Xu, Xiangnan He, Zibin Zheng

* 19 pages, 2 figures, 3 tables 

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Boosting Adversarial Training with Hypersphere Embedding

Feb 20, 2020
Tianyu Pang, Xiao Yang, Yinpeng Dong, Kun Xu, Hang Su, Jun Zhu

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Coordinated Reasoning for Cross-Lingual Knowledge Graph Alignment

Jan 23, 2020
Kun Xu, Linfeng Song, Yansong Feng, Yan Song, Dong Yu

* in AAAI 2020 

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Multiplex Word Embeddings for Selectional Preference Acquisition

Jan 09, 2020
Hongming Zhang, Jiaxin Bai, Yan Song, Kun Xu, Changlong Yu, Yangqiu Song, Wilfred Ng, Dong Yu

* emnlp-ijcnlp 2019 

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Triple Generative Adversarial Networks

Dec 20, 2019
Chongxuan Li, Kun Xu, Jiashuo Liu, Jun Zhu, Bo Zhang

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Efficient Global String Kernel with Random Features: Beyond Counting Substructures

Nov 25, 2019
Lingfei Wu, Ian En-Hsu Yen, Siyu Huo, Liang Zhao, Kun Xu, Liang Ma, Shouling Ji, Charu Aggarwal

* KDD'19 Oral Paper, Data and Code link available in the paper 

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Scalable Global Alignment Graph Kernel Using Random Features: From Node Embedding to Graph Embedding

Nov 25, 2019
Lingfei Wu, Ian En-Hsu Yen, Zhen Zhang, Kun Xu, Liang Zhao, Xi Peng, Yinglong Xia, Charu Aggarwal

* KDD'19, Oral Paper, Data and Code link available in the paper 

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