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Provably Accelerated Decentralized Gradient Method Over Unbalanced Directed Graphs

Jul 26, 2021
Zhuoqing Song, Lei Shi, Shi Pu, Ming Yan

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Elastic Graph Neural Networks

Jul 05, 2021
Xiaorui Liu, Wei Jin, Yao Ma, Yaxin Li, Hua Liu, Yiqi Wang, Ming Yan, Jiliang Tang

* ICML 2021 (International Conference on Machine Learning) 

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Compressed Gradient Tracking for Decentralized Optimization Over General Directed Networks

Jun 14, 2021
Zhuoqing Song, Lei Shi, Shi Pu, Ming Yan

* working paper 

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E2E-VLP: End-to-End Vision-Language Pre-training Enhanced by Visual Learning

Jun 04, 2021
Haiyang Xu, Ming Yan, Chenliang Li, Bin Bi, Songfang Huang, Wenming Xiao, Fei Huang

* ACL2021 main conference 

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StructuralLM: Structural Pre-training for Form Understanding

May 24, 2021
Chenliang Li, Bin Bi, Ming Yan, Wei Wang, Songfang Huang, Fei Huang, Luo Si

* Accepted by ACL2021 main conference 

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RCT: Resource Constrained Training for Edge AI

Mar 26, 2021
Tian Huang, Tao Luo, Ming Yan, Joey Tianyi Zhou, Rick Goh

* 14 pages 

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SemVLP: Vision-Language Pre-training by Aligning Semantics at Multiple Levels

Mar 14, 2021
Chenliang Li, Ming Yan, Haiyang Xu, Fuli Luo, Wei Wang, Bin Bi, Songfang Huang

* 10 pages, 4 figures 

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CoRe: An Efficient Coarse-refined Training Framework for BERT

Nov 27, 2020
Cheng Yang, Shengnan Wang, Yuechuan Li, Chao Yang, Ming Yan, Jingqiao Zhang, Fangquan Lin

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Deep Neural Networks with Short Circuits for Improved Gradient Learning

Sep 23, 2020
Ming Yan, Xueli Xiao, Joey Tianyi Zhou, Yi Pan

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Fast algorithms for robust principal component analysis with an upper bound on the rank

Sep 03, 2020
Ningyu Sha, Lei Shi, Ming Yan

* Accepted by Inverse Problems and Imaging 

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Linear Convergent Decentralized Optimization with Compression

Jul 01, 2020
Xiaorui Liu, Yao Li, Rongrong Wang, Jiliang Tang, Ming Yan

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Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization in Deep Learning Using a Variable Length Genetic Algorithm

Jun 23, 2020
Xueli Xiao, Ming Yan, Sunitha Basodi, Chunyan Ji, Yi Pan

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A Multi-Agent Primal-Dual Strategy for Composite Optimization over Distributed Features

Jun 15, 2020
Sulaiman A. Alghunaim, Ming Yan, Ali H. Sayed

* To appear in European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) 2020 

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PALM: Pre-training an Autoencoding&Autoregressive Language Model for Context-conditioned Generation

Apr 14, 2020
Bin Bi, Chenliang Li, Chen Wu, Ming Yan, Wei Wang

* arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1910.10683, arXiv:1910.13461 by other authors 

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Manifold Denoising by Nonlinear Robust Principal Component Analysis

Nov 10, 2019
He Lyu, Ningyu Sha, Shuyang Qin, Ming Yan, Yuying Xie, Rongrong Wang

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A Double Residual Compression Algorithm for Efficient Distributed Learning

Oct 16, 2019
Xiaorui Liu, Yao Li, Jiliang Tang, Ming Yan

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Symmetric Regularization based BERT for Pair-wise Semantic Reasoning

Sep 08, 2019
Xingyi Cheng, Weidi Xu, Kunlong Chen, Wei Wang, Bin Bi, Ming Yan, Chen Wu, Luo Si, Wei Chu, Taifeng Wang

* 8 pages, 3 figures, 6 tables 

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Incorporating External Knowledge into Machine Reading for Generative Question Answering

Sep 06, 2019
Bin Bi, Chen Wu, Ming Yan, Wei Wang, Jiangnan Xia, Chenliang Li

* Accepted at EMNLP 2019 

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Incorporating Relation Knowledge into Commonsense Reading Comprehension with Multi-task Learning

Sep 05, 2019
Jiangnan Xia, Chen Wu, Ming Yan

* Accepted at CIKM'19, 4 pages 

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StructBERT: Incorporating Language Structures into Pre-training for Deep Language Understanding

Aug 16, 2019
Wei Wang, Bin Bi, Ming Yan, Chen Wu, Zuyi Bao, Liwei Peng, Luo Si

* 10 Pages 

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On linear convergence of two decentralized algorithms

Jun 17, 2019
Yao Li, Ming Yan

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Multi-granularity hierarchical attention fusion networks for reading comprehension and question answering

Nov 29, 2018
Wei Wang, Ming Yan, Chen Wu

* Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers) 1705-1714 

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A Deep Cascade Model for Multi-Document Reading Comprehension

Nov 28, 2018
Ming Yan, Jiangnan Xia, Chen Wu, Bin Bi, Zhongzhou Zhao, Ji Zhang, Luo Si, Rui Wang, Wei Wang, Haiqing Chen

* Accepted at AAAI 2019 

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Fast Signal Recovery from Saturated Measurements by Linear Loss and Nonconvex Penalties

Sep 12, 2018
Fan He, Xiaolin Huang, Yipeng Liu, Ming Yan

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D$^2$: Decentralized Training over Decentralized Data

Apr 20, 2018
Hanlin Tang, Xiangru Lian, Ming Yan, Ce Zhang, Ji Liu

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Pinball Loss Minimization for One-bit Compressive Sensing: Convex Models and Algorithms

Mar 19, 2018
Xiaolin Huang, Lei Shi, Ming Yan, Johan A. K. Suykens

* 11 pages 

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A new primal-dual algorithm for minimizing the sum of three functions with a linear operator

Jan 29, 2018
Ming Yan

* v2 added the ergodic and nonergodic convergence rates for the primal-dual gap; v3 added the infimal convolution result and changed the title; v4 modifies the primal-dual gap and add more recent references 

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