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Hybrid Random Features

Oct 13, 2021
Krzysztof Choromanski, Haoxian Chen, Han Lin, Yuanzhe Ma, Arijit Sehanobish, Deepali Jain, Michael S Ryoo, Jake Varley, Andy Zeng, Valerii Likhosherstov, Dmitry Kalashnikov, Vikas Sindhwani, Adrian Weller

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Trajectory Optimization with Optimization-Based Dynamics

Sep 10, 2021
Taylor A. Howell, Simon Le Cleac'h, Sumeet Singh, Pete Florence, Zachary Manchester, Vikas Sindhwani

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Learning to Rearrange Deformable Cables, Fabrics, and Bags with Goal-Conditioned Transporter Networks

Dec 18, 2020
Daniel Seita, Pete Florence, Jonathan Tompson, Erwin Coumans, Vikas Sindhwani, Ken Goldberg, Andy Zeng

* See for project website and code. v2 corrects some BibTeX entries 

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Safely Learning Dynamical Systems from Short Trajectories

Nov 24, 2020
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Abraar Chaudhry, Vikas Sindhwani, Stephen Tu

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Transporter Networks: Rearranging the Visual World for Robotic Manipulation

Oct 27, 2020
Andy Zeng, Pete Florence, Jonathan Tompson, Stefan Welker, Jonathan Chien, Maria Attarian, Travis Armstrong, Ivan Krasin, Dan Duong, Vikas Sindhwani, Johnny Lee

* Project webpage: 

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Piecewise-Linear Motion Planning amidst Static, Moving, or Morphing Obstacles

Oct 16, 2020
Bachir El Khadir, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Vikas Sindhwani

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Learning Stability Certificates from Data

Sep 14, 2020
Nicholas M. Boffi, Stephen Tu, Nikolai Matni, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Vikas Sindhwani

* Fixes an error in the statement and proof of Theorem 5.1, Theorem 5.2, and Proposition D.1 

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An Ode to an ODE

Jun 23, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, Jared Quincy Davis, Valerii Likhosherstov, Xingyou Song, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Jacob Varley, Honglak Lee, Adrian Weller, Vikas Sindhwani

* 20 pages, 9 figures 

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Time Dependence in Non-Autonomous Neural ODEs

May 06, 2020
Jared Quincy Davis, Krzysztof Choromanski, Jake Varley, Honglak Lee, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Valerii Likhosterov, Adrian Weller, Ameesh Makadia, Vikas Sindhwani

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Robotic Table Tennis with Model-Free Reinforcement Learning

Mar 31, 2020
Wenbo Gao, Laura Graesser, Krzysztof Choromanski, Xingyou Song, Nevena Lazic, Pannag Sanketi, Vikas Sindhwani, Navdeep Jaitly

* 8 pages, 4 figures 

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Stochastic Flows and Geometric Optimization on the Orthogonal Group

Mar 30, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, David Cheikhi, Jared Davis, Valerii Likhosherstov, Achille Nazaret, Achraf Bahamou, Xingyou Song, Mrugank Akarte, Jack Parker-Holder, Jacob Bergquist, Yuan Gao, Aldo Pacchiano, Tamas Sarlos, Adrian Weller, Vikas Sindhwani

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Policies Modulating Trajectory Generators

Oct 07, 2019
Atil Iscen, Ken Caluwaerts, Jie Tan, Tingnan Zhang, Erwin Coumans, Vikas Sindhwani, Vincent Vanhoucke

* In Proceedings of The 2nd Conference on Robot Learning, volume 87 of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, pages 916-926. PMLR, 29-31 Oct 2018 

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Learning Stabilizable Nonlinear Dynamics with Contraction-Based Regularization

Jul 29, 2019
Sumeet Singh, Spencer M. Richards, Vikas Sindhwani, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Marco Pavone

* Invited submission for IJRR; under review. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1808.00113 

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Data Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Legged Robots

Jul 08, 2019
Yuxiang Yang, Ken Caluwaerts, Atil Iscen, Tingnan Zhang, Jie Tan, Vikas Sindhwani

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Teleoperator Imitation with Continuous-time Safety

May 23, 2019
Bachir El Khadir, Jake Varley, Vikas Sindhwani

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When random search is not enough: Sample-Efficient and Noise-Robust Blackbox Optimization of RL Policies

Mar 07, 2019
Krzysztof Choromanski, Aldo Pacchiano, Jack Parker-Holder, Jasmine Hsu, Atil Iscen, Deepali Jain, Vikas Sindhwani

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Learning Stabilizable Dynamical Systems via Control Contraction Metrics

Nov 11, 2018
Sumeet Singh, Vikas Sindhwani, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Marco Pavone

* To appear at WAFR 2018. v2: re-structured Sections 3 & 4 to improve clarity; expanded discussion on limitations & future work in Section 5; added details on training & validation, significantly expanded experiments 

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Structured Evolution with Compact Architectures for Scalable Policy Optimization

Jun 12, 2018
Krzysztof Choromanski, Mark Rowland, Vikas Sindhwani, Richard E. Turner, Adrian Weller

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Optimizing Simulations with Noise-Tolerant Structured Exploration

May 20, 2018
Krzysztof Choromanski, Atil Iscen, Vikas Sindhwani, Jie Tan, Erwin Coumans

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Learning Contracting Vector Fields For Stable Imitation Learning

Apr 13, 2018
Vikas Sindhwani, Stephen Tu, Mohi Khansari

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Manifold Regularization for Kernelized LSTD

Oct 15, 2017
Xinyan Yan, Krzysztof Choromanski, Byron Boots, Vikas Sindhwani

* 6 pages, CoRL 2017 non-archival track 

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Hierarchically Compositional Kernels for Scalable Nonparametric Learning

Aug 14, 2017
Jie Chen, Haim Avron, Vikas Sindhwani

* Journal of Machine Learning Research, vol 18, 2017 

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Geometry of 3D Environments and Sum of Squares Polynomials

Mar 07, 2017
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Georgina Hall, Ameesh Makadia, Vikas Sindhwani

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Recycling Randomness with Structure for Sublinear time Kernel Expansions

May 29, 2016
Krzysztof Choromanski, Vikas Sindhwani

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Learning Compact Recurrent Neural Networks

Apr 09, 2016
Zhiyun Lu, Vikas Sindhwani, Tara N. Sainath

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Structured Transforms for Small-Footprint Deep Learning

Oct 06, 2015
Vikas Sindhwani, Tara N. Sainath, Sanjiv Kumar

* To appear in NIPS 2015; 9 pages 

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Quasi-Monte Carlo Feature Maps for Shift-Invariant Kernels

Aug 09, 2015
Haim Avron, Vikas Sindhwani, Jiyan Yang, Michael Mahoney

* A short version of this paper has been presented in ICML 2014 

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