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DYLE: Dynamic Latent Extraction for Abstractive Long-Input Summarization

Oct 15, 2021
Ziming Mao, Chen Henry Wu, Ansong Ni, Yusen Zhang, Rui Zhang, Tao Yu, Budhaditya Deb, Chenguang Zhu, Ahmed H. Awadallah, Dragomir Radev

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A Survey on Channel Estimation and Practical Passive Beamforming Design for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Wireless Communications

Oct 04, 2021
Beixiong Zheng, Changsheng You, Weidong Mei, Rui Zhang

* 68 pages, 10 figures, 10 tables In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey on the up-to-date research in IRS-aided wireless communications, with an emphasis on the promising solutions to tackle practical design issues 

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Multi View Spatial-Temporal Model for Travel Time Estimation

Sep 30, 2021
ZiChuan Liu, Zhaoyang Wu, Meng Wang, Rui Zhang

* 4 pages, 2 figures 

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Prefix-to-SQL: Text-to-SQL Generation from Incomplete User Questions

Sep 30, 2021
Naihao Deng, Shuaichen Chang, Peng Shi, Tao Yu, Rui Zhang

* 17 pages, 12 figures, 9 tables 

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Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Wireless Networks: From Single-Reflection to Multi-Reflection Design and Optimization

Sep 28, 2021
Weidong Mei, Beixiong Zheng, Changsheng You, Rui Zhang

* 18 pages, 13 figures 

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TURINGBENCH: A Benchmark Environment for Turing Test in the Age of Neural Text Generation

Sep 27, 2021
Adaku Uchendu, Zeyu Ma, Thai Le, Rui Zhang, Dongwon Lee

* Accepted to Findings of EMNLP 2021 

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CONTaiNER: Few-Shot Named Entity Recognition via Contrastive Learning

Sep 15, 2021
Sarkar Snigdha Sarathi Das, Arzoo Katiyar, Rebecca J. Passonneau, Rui Zhang

* 10 pages, 6 tables, 2 figures 

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An Exploratory Study on Long Dialogue Summarization: What Works and What's Next

Sep 10, 2021
Yusen Zhang, Ansong Ni, Tao Yu, Rui Zhang, Chenguang Zhu, Budhaditya Deb, Asli Celikyilmaz, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Dragomir Radev

* Findings of EMNLP 2021 

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EVOQUER: Enhancing Temporal Grounding with Video-Pivoted BackQuery Generation

Sep 10, 2021
Yanjun Gao, Lulu Liu, Jason Wang, Xin Chen, Huayan Wang, Rui Zhang

* Accepted by Visually Grounded Interaction and Language (ViGIL) Workshop at NAACL 2021 

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Eden: A Unified Environment Framework for Booming Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Sep 04, 2021
Ruizhi Chen, Xiaoyu Wu, Yansong Pan, Kaizhao Yuan, Ling Li, TianYun Ma, JiYuan Liang, Rui Zhang, Kai Wang, Chen Zhang, Shaohui Peng, Xishan Zhang, Zidong Du, Qi Guo, Yunji Chen

* 19 pages,16 figures 

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Cross-Lingual Training with Dense Retrieval for Document Retrieval

Sep 03, 2021
Peng Shi, Rui Zhang, He Bai, Jimmy Lin

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CancerBERT: a BERT model for Extracting Breast Cancer Phenotypes from Electronic Health Records

Aug 25, 2021
Sicheng Zhou, Liwei Wang, Nan Wang, Hongfang Liu, Rui Zhang

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"Adversarial Examples" for Proof-of-Learning

Aug 25, 2021
Rui Zhang, Jian Liu, Yuan Ding, Qingbiao Wu, Kui Ren

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Memorize, Factorize, or be Naïve: Learning Optimal Feature Interaction Methods for CTR Prediction

Aug 21, 2021
Fuyuan Lyu, Xing Tang, Huifeng Guo, Ruiming Tang, Xiuqiang He, Rui Zhang, Xue Liu

* Submitted to ICDE 2022 

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Hindsight Value Function for Variance Reduction in Stochastic Dynamic Environment

Aug 05, 2021
Jiaming Guo, Rui Zhang, Xishan Zhang, Shaohui Peng, Qi Yi, Zidong Du, Xing Hu, Qi Guo, Yunji Chen

* Accepted by IJCAI2021 

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Logic-Consistency Text Generation from Semantic Parses

Aug 02, 2021
Chang Shu, Yusen Zhang, Xiangyu Dong, Peng Shi, Tao Yu, Rui Zhang

* ACL Findings, 2021 

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Video Crowd Localization with Multi-focus Gaussian Neighbor Attention and a Large-Scale Benchmark

Jul 20, 2021
Haopeng Li, Lingbo Liu, Kunlin Yang, Shinan Liu, Junyu Gao, Bin Zhao, Rui Zhang, Jun Hou

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Improving Model Robustness with Latent Distribution Locally and Globally

Jul 08, 2021
Zhuang Qian, Shufei Zhang, Kaizhu Huang, Qiufeng Wang, Rui Zhang, Xinping Yi

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Discovering novel drug-supplement interactions using a dietary supplements knowledge graph generated from the biomedical literature

Jun 24, 2021
Dalton Schutte, Jake Vasilakes, Anu Bompelli, Yuqi Zhou, Marcelo Fiszman, Hua Xu, Halil Kilicoglu, Jeffrey R. Bishop, Terrence Adam, Rui Zhang

* 14 pages, 4 tables, 1 figure 

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Structured in Space, Randomized in Time: Leveraging Dropout in RNNs for Efficient Training

Jun 22, 2021
Anup Sarma, Sonali Singh, Huaipan Jiang, Rui Zhang, Mahmut T Kandemir, Chita R Das

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Distributed Beam Training for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enabled Multi-Hop Routing

Jun 22, 2021
Weidong Mei, Rui Zhang

* 6 pages, 5 figures. Our other works on multi-IRS aided wireless network: IRS-user associations (arXiv:2009.02551), single-beam multi-hop routing (arXiv:2010.13589), and multi-beam multi-hop routing (arXiv:2101.00217) 

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Deep Learning Models in Detection of Dietary Supplement Adverse Event Signals from Twitter

Jun 21, 2021
Yefeng Wang, Yunpeng Zhao, Jiang Bian, Rui Zhang

* 1 Figure, 6 Tables 

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Deep Contrastive Graph Representation via Adaptive Homotopy Learning

Jun 17, 2021
Rui Zhang, Chengjun Lu, Ziheng Jiao, Xuelong Li

* 9 pages,4 figures 

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Shuffle Transformer with Feature Alignment for Video Face Parsing

Jun 16, 2021
Rui Zhang, Yang Han, Zilong Huang, Pei Cheng, Guozhong Luo, Gang Yu, Bin Fu

* technical report 

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Non-Gradient Manifold Neural Network

Jun 15, 2021
Rui Zhang, Ziheng Jiao, Hongyuan Zhang, Xuelong Li

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