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Boosting Fast Adversarial Training with Learnable Adversarial Initialization

Oct 11, 2021
Xiaojun Jia, Yong Zhang, Baoyuan Wu, Jue Wang, Xiaochun Cao

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Achieving Model Fairness in Vertical Federated Learning

Sep 25, 2021
Changxin Liu, Zirui Zhou, Yang Shi, Jian Pei, Lingyang Chu, Yong Zhang

* 15 pages, 2 figures 

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Robust Physical-World Attacks on Face Recognition

Sep 20, 2021
Xin Zheng, Yanbo Fan, Baoyuan Wu, Yong Zhang, Jue Wang, Shirui Pan

* 10 pages, 9 figures 

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Improving Fairness for Data Valuation in Federated Learning

Sep 19, 2021
Zhenan Fan, Huang Fang, Zirui Zhou, Jian Pei, Michael P. Friedlander, Changxin Liu, Yong Zhang

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High-Fidelity GAN Inversion for Image Attribute Editing

Sep 15, 2021
Tengfei Wang, Yong Zhang, Yanbo Fan, Jue Wang, Qifeng Chen

* Project Page is at 

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FedFair: Training Fair Models In Cross-Silo Federated Learning

Sep 13, 2021
Lingyang Chu, Lanjun Wang, Yanjie Dong, Jian Pei, Zirui Zhou, Yong Zhang

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Generating Self-Contained and Summary-Centric Question Answer Pairs via Differentiable Reward Imitation Learning

Sep 10, 2021
Li Zhou, Kevin Small, Yong Zhang, Sandeep Atluri

* To appear in Proceedings of EMNLP 2021 

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Auto-Split: A General Framework of Collaborative Edge-Cloud AI

Aug 30, 2021
Amin Banitalebi-Dehkordi, Naveen Vedula, Jian Pei, Fei Xia, Lanjun Wang, Yong Zhang

* KDD '21: the 27th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, August 2021 
* Published in KDD 2021. Code and demo available at: 

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DAE-GAN: Dynamic Aspect-aware GAN for Text-to-Image Synthesis

Aug 27, 2021
Shulan Ruan, Yong Zhang, Kun Zhang, Yanbo Fan, Fan Tang, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen

* 10 pages, 6 figures 

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Finding Representative Interpretations on Convolutional Neural Networks

Aug 20, 2021
Peter Cho-Ho Lam, Lingyang Chu, Maxim Torgonskiy, Jian Pei, Yong Zhang, Lanjun Wang

* Accepted by ICCV 2021 ( | A python notebook of the proposed method can be found in 

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Data Pricing in Machine Learning Pipelines

Aug 18, 2021
Zicun Cong, Xuan Luo, Pei Jian, Feida Zhu, Yong Zhang

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An Effective and Robust Detector for Logo Detection

Aug 01, 2021
Xiaojun Jia, Huanqian Yan, Yonglin Wu, Xingxing Wei, Xiaochun Cao, Yong Zhang

* 5 pages 

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SimROD: A Simple Adaptation Method for Robust Object Detection

Jul 28, 2021
Rindra Ramamonjison, Amin Banitalebi-Dehkordi, Xinyu Kang, Xiaolong Bai, Yong Zhang

* Accepted to ICCV 2021 conference for full oral presentation 

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Robust Counterfactual Explanations on Graph Neural Networks

Jul 16, 2021
Mohit Bajaj, Lingyang Chu, Zi Yu Xue, Jian Pei, Lanjun Wang, Peter Cho-Ho Lam, Yong Zhang

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Semi-Autoregressive Transformer for Image Captioning

Jun 17, 2021
Yuanen Zhou, Yong Zhang, Zhenzhen Hu, Meng Wang

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Generalizing Face Forgery Detection with High-frequency Features

Mar 23, 2021
Yuchen Luo, Yong Zhang, Junchi Yan, Wei Liu

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Probabilistic Modeling of Semantic Ambiguity for Scene Graph Generation

Mar 10, 2021
Gengcong Yang, Jingyi Zhang, Yong Zhang, Baoyuan Wu, Yujiu Yang

* CVPR 2021 poster 

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A Comprehensive Review of Computer-aided Whole-slide Image Analysis: from Datasets to Feature Extraction, Segmentation, Classification, and Detection Approaches

Feb 21, 2021
Chen Li, Xintong Li, Md Rahaman, Xiaoyan Li, Hongzan Sun, Hong Zhang, Yong Zhang, Xiaoqi Li, Jian Wu, Yudong Yao, Marcin Grzegorzek

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A Hierarchical Conditional Random Field-based Attention Mechanism Approach for Gastric Histopathology Image Classification

Feb 21, 2021
Yixin Li, Xinran Wu, Chen Li, Changhao Sun, Md Rahaman, Yudong Yao, Xiaoyan Li, Yong Zhang, Tao Jiang

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Targeted Attack against Deep Neural Networks via Flipping Limited Weight Bits

Feb 21, 2021
Jiawang Bai, Baoyuan Wu, Yong Zhang, Yiming Li, Zhifeng Li, Shu-Tao Xia

* Accepted by ICLR 2021 

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CaEGCN: Cross-Attention Fusion based Enhanced Graph Convolutional Network for Clustering

Jan 18, 2021
Guangyu Huo, Yong Zhang, Junbin Gao, Boyue Wang, Yongli Hu, Baocai Yin

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Automated Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Based on Gleason Grading Using Convolutional Neural Network

Nov 29, 2020
Haotian Xie, Yong Zhang, Jun Wang, Jingjing Zhang, Yifan Ma, Zhaogang Yang

* 18 pages, 7 figures, 2 tables 

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Dual ResGCN for Balanced Scene GraphGeneration

Nov 09, 2020
Jingyi Zhang, Yong Zhang, Baoyuan Wu, Yanbo Fan, Fumin Shen, Heng Tao Shen

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Semi-Supervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction with Two-way Interaction

Oct 14, 2020
Xu Zhao, Zihao Wang, Hao Wu, Yong Zhang

* 12 pages, 2 figures, 6 tables, accepted as long paper by EMNLP2020 

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A Relaxed Matching Procedure for Unsupervised BLI

Oct 14, 2020
Xu Zhao, Zihao Wang, Hao Wu, Yong Zhang

* 6 pages,1 figures, accepted as short paper by ACL2020 

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Too Much Information Kills Information: A Clustering Perspective

Sep 16, 2020
Yicheng Xu, Vincent Chau, Chenchen Wu, Yong Zhang, Vassilis Zissimopoulos, Yifei Zou

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