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Adaptively Weighted Top-N Recommendation for Organ Matching

Jul 23, 2021
Parshin Shojaee, Xiaoyu Chen, Ran Jin

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U2++: Unified Two-pass Bidirectional End-to-end Model for Speech Recognition

Jul 07, 2021
Di Wu, Binbin Zhang, Chao Yang, Zhendong Peng, Wenjing Xia, Xiaoyu Chen, Xin Lei

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Certifiably Robust Interpretation via Renyi Differential Privacy

Jul 04, 2021
Ao Liu, Xiaoyu Chen, Sijia Liu, Lirong Xia, Chuang Gan

* 19 page main text + appendix 

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Near-optimal Representation Learning for Linear Bandits and Linear RL

Feb 08, 2021
Jiachen Hu, Xiaoyu Chen, Chi Jin, Lihong Li, Liwei Wang

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WeNet: Production First and Production Ready End-to-End Speech Recognition Toolkit

Feb 02, 2021
Binbin Zhang, Di Wu, Chao Yang, Xiaoyu Chen, Zhendong Peng, Xiangming Wang, Zhuoyuan Yao, Xiong Wang, Fan Yu, Lei Xie, Xin Lei

* 5 pages, 2 figures, 4 tables 

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Modeling Method for the Coupling Relations of Microgrid Cyber-Physical Systems Driven by Hybrid Spatiotemporal Events

Feb 01, 2021
Xiaoyong Bo, Xiaoyu Chen, Huashun Li, Yunchang Dong, Zhaoyang Qu, Lei Wang, Yang Li

* Accepted by IEEE Access 

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Compositional Prototype Network with Multi-view Comparision for Few-Shot Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Dec 28, 2020
Xiaoyu Chen, Chi Zhang, Guosheng Lin, Jing Han

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Relation Extraction with Contextualized Relation Embedding (CRE)

Nov 19, 2020
Xiaoyu Chen, Rohan Badlani

* EMNLP 2020 Workshop: Deep Learning Inside Out (DeeLIO) 

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Efficient Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs with Application to Constrained RL

Sep 15, 2020
Xiaoyu Chen, Jiachen Hu, Lihong Li, Liwei Wang

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Noisy Agents: Self-supervised Exploration by Predicting Auditory Events

Jul 27, 2020
Chuang Gan, Xiaoyu Chen, Phillip Isola, Antonio Torralba, Joshua B. Tenenbaum

* Project page: 

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(Locally) Differentially Private Combinatorial Semi-Bandits

Jun 01, 2020
Xiaoyu Chen, Kai Zheng, Zixin Zhou, Yunchang Yang, Wei Chen, Liwei Wang

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Non-destructive three-dimensional measurement of hand vein based on self-supervised network

Jun 29, 2019
Xiaoyu Chen, Qixin Wang, Jinzhou Ge, Yi Zhang, Jing Han

* 10 pages, 11 figures, 3 tables 

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Distributed Bandit Learning: Near-Optimal Regret with Efficient Communication

May 29, 2019
Yuanhao Wang, Jiachen Hu, Xiaoyu Chen, Liwei Wang

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Distributed Bandit Learning: How Much Communication is Needed to Achieve (Near) Optimal Regret

Apr 12, 2019
Yuanhao Wang, Jiachen Hu, Xiaoyu Chen, Liwei Wang

* 29 pages 

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Passive TCP Identification for Wired and WirelessNetworks: A Long-Short Term Memory Approach

Apr 09, 2019
Xiaoyu Chen, Shugong Xu, Xudong Chen, Shan Cao, Shunqing Zhang, Yanzan Sun

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Residual Pyramid Learning for Single-Shot Semantic Segmentation

Mar 23, 2019
Xiaoyu Chen, Xiaotian Lou, Lianfa Bai, Jing Han

* 10 pages, 6 figures, 6 tables 

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Q-learning with UCB Exploration is Sample Efficient for Infinite-Horizon MDP

Jan 27, 2019
Kefan Dong, Yuanhao Wang, Xiaoyu Chen, Liwei Wang

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Discrete Potts Model for Generating Superpixels on Noisy Images

Mar 20, 2018
Ruobing Shen, Xiaoyu Chen, Xiangrui Zheng, Gerhard Reinelt

* 23 pages 

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The Spaces of Data, Information, and Knowledge

Nov 06, 2014
Xiaoyu Chen, Dongming Wang

* 14 pages 

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Automated Generation of Geometric Theorems from Images of Diagrams

Jun 06, 2014
Xiaoyu Chen, Dan Song, Dongming Wang

* 31 pages. Submitted to Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (special issue on Geometric Reasoning) 

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Electronic Geometry Textbook: A Geometric Textbook Knowledge Management System

May 01, 2010
Xiaoyu Chen

* To appear in The 9th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management: MKM 2010 

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