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Jie Chen

Peking University, Peng Cheng Laboratory

Hyperspectral Unmixing via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Handcrafted and Learnt Priors

Oct 09, 2020
Min Zhao, Tiande Gao, Jie Chen, Wei Chen

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The 1st Tiny Object Detection Challenge:Methods and Results

Oct 06, 2020
Xuehui Yu, Zhenjun Han, Yuqi Gong, Nan Jiang, Jian Zhao, Qixiang Ye, Jie Chen, Yuan Feng, Bin Zhang, Xiaodi Wang, Ying Xin, Jingwei Liu, Mingyuan Mao, Sheng Xu, Baochang Zhang, Shumin Han, Cheng Gao, Wei Tang, Lizuo Jin, Mingbo Hong, Yuchao Yang, Shuiwang Li, Huan Luo, Qijun Zhao, Humphrey Shi

* ECCV2020 Workshop on Real-world Computer Vision from Inputs with Limited Quality (RLQ) and Tiny Object Detection Challenge 

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Deep Selective Combinatorial Embedding and Consistency Regularization for Light Field Super-resolution

Sep 26, 2020
Jing Jin, Junhui Hou, Zhiyu Zhu, Jie Chen, Sam Kwong

* 13 pages, 11 figures 

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Deep Learning Methods for Solving Linear Inverse Problems: Research Directions and Paradigms

Aug 11, 2020
Yanna Bai, Wei Chen, Jie Chen, Weisi Guo

* 60 pages; Publication in (Elsevier) Signal Processing, 2020 

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Surrogate Locally-Interpretable Models with Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

Jul 28, 2020
Linwei Hu, Jie Chen, Vijayan N. Nair, Agus Sudjianto

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Supervised Machine Learning Techniques: An Overview with Applications to Banking

Jul 28, 2020
Linwei Hu, Jie Chen, Joel Vaughan, Hanyu Yang, Kelly Wang, Agus Sudjianto, Vijayan N. Nair

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Hyperspectral Image Super-resolution via Deep Progressive Zero-centric Residual Learning

Jun 18, 2020
Zhiyu Zhu, Junhui Hou, Jie Chen, Huanqiang Zeng, Jiantao Zhou

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AD-Cluster: Augmented Discriminative Clustering for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification

Apr 23, 2020
Yunpeng Zhai, Shijian Lu, Qixiang Ye, Xuebo Shan, Jie Chen, Rongrong Ji, Yonghong Tian

* Accepted by CVPR'20 

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Policy Gradient from Demonstration and Curiosity

Apr 22, 2020
Jie Chen, Wenjun Xu

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Adaptive Explainable Neural Networks (AxNNs)

Apr 05, 2020
Jie Chen, Joel Vaughan, Vijayan N. Nair, Agus Sudjianto

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Light Field Spatial Super-resolution via Deep Combinatorial Geometry Embedding and Structural Consistency Regularization

Apr 05, 2020
Jing Jin, Junhui Hou, Jie Chen, Sam Kwong

* This paper was accepted by CVPR 2020 

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Learning a Weakly-Supervised Video Actor-Action Segmentation Model with a Wise Selection

Mar 29, 2020
Jie Chen, Zhiheng Li, Jiebo Luo, Chenliang Xu

* 11 pages, 8 figures, cvpr-2020 supplementary video: 

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Automated discovery of a robust interatomic potential for aluminum

Mar 10, 2020
Justin S. Smith, Benjamin Nebgen, Nithin Mathew, Jie Chen, Nicholas Lubbers, Leonid Burakovsky, Sergei Tretiak, Hai Ah Nam, Timothy Germann, Saryu Fensin, Kipton Barros

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DASNet: Dual attentive fully convolutional siamese networks for change detection of high resolution satellite images

Mar 07, 2020
Jie Chen, Ziyang Yuan, Jian Peng, Li Chen, Haozhe Huang, Jiawei Zhu, Tao Lin, Haifeng Li

* 11 pages, 9 figures, 4 tables 

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Graph Universal Adversarial Attacks: A Few Bad Actors Ruin Graph Learning Models

Feb 12, 2020
Xiao Zang, Yi Xie, Jie Chen, Bo Yuan

* Code is available at 

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Convolution Neural Network Architecture Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification

Jan 27, 2020
Jie Chen, Haozhe Huang, Jian Peng, Jiawei Zhu, Li Chen, Wenbo Li, Binyu Sun, Haifeng Li

* 10 pages, 12 figures, 3 tables 

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Embedding Compression with Isotropic Iterative Quantization

Jan 23, 2020
Siyu Liao, Jie Chen, Yanzhi Wang, Qinru Qiu, Bo Yuan

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Multitask learning over graphs

Jan 07, 2020
Roula Nassif, Stefan Vlaski, Cedric Richard, Jie Chen, Ali H. Sayed

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Unsupervised Learning of Graph Hierarchical Abstractions with Differentiable Coarsening and Optimal Transport

Dec 24, 2019
Tengfei Ma, Jie Chen

* Code is available at 

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Chart Auto-Encoders for Manifold Structured Data

Dec 20, 2019
Stefan Schonsheck, Jie Chen, Rongjie Lai

* 17 pages, 11 figures 

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CAG: A Real-time Low-cost Enhanced-robustness High-transferability Content-aware Adversarial Attack Generator

Dec 16, 2019
Huy Phan, Yi Xie, Siyu Liao, Jie Chen, Bo Yuan

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Scalable Variational Bayesian Kernel Selection for Sparse Gaussian Process Regression

Dec 05, 2019
Tong Teng, Jie Chen, Yehong Zhang, Kian Hsiang Low

* 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020), Extended version with derivations, 12 pages 

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Adaptively Aligned Image Captioning via Adaptive Attention Time

Nov 01, 2019
Lun Huang, Wenmin Wang, Yaxian Xia, Jie Chen

* To appear in NeurIPS 2019. Code will be available at 

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DFSMN-SAN with Persistent Memory Model for Automatic Speech Recognition

Oct 28, 2019
Zhao You, Dan Su, Jie Chen, Chao Weng, Dong Yu

* 5 pages, 2 figures, subbmitted to ICASSP 2020 

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Flexible, Fast and Accurate Densely-Sampled Light Field Reconstruction Network

Aug 31, 2019
Jing Jin, Junhui Hou, Jie Chen, Huanqiang Zeng, Sam Kwong, Jingyi Yu

* 16 pages, 10 figures, 7 tables, journal 

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