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IA-RED$^2$: Interpretability-Aware Redundancy Reduction for Vision Transformers

Jun 23, 2021
Bowen Pan, Yifan Jiang, Rameswar Panda, Zhangyang Wang, Rogerio Feris, Aude Oliva

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Cross-Modal Discrete Representation Learning

Jun 10, 2021
Alexander H. Liu, SouYoung Jin, Cheng-I Jeff Lai, Andrew Rouditchenko, Aude Oliva, James Glass

* Preprint 

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AdaMML: Adaptive Multi-Modal Learning for Efficient Video Recognition

May 12, 2021
Rameswar Panda, Chun-Fu Chen, Quanfu Fan, Ximeng Sun, Kate Saenko, Aude Oliva, Rogerio Feris

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Spoken Moments: Learning Joint Audio-Visual Representations from Video Descriptions

May 10, 2021
Mathew Monfort, SouYoung Jin, Alexander Liu, David Harwath, Rogerio Feris, James Glass, Aude Oliva

* To appear at CVPR 2021 

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Memorability: An image-computable measure of information utility

Apr 01, 2021
Zoya Bylinskii, Lore Goetschalckx, Anelise Newman, Aude Oliva

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Paint by Word

Mar 24, 2021
David Bau, Alex Andonian, Audrey Cui, YeonHwan Park, Ali Jahanian, Aude Oliva, Antonio Torralba

* 10 pages, 9 figures 

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All at Once Network Quantization via Collaborative Knowledge Transfer

Mar 02, 2021
Ximeng Sun, Rameswar Panda, Chun-Fu Chen, Naigang Wang, Bowen Pan Kailash Gopalakrishnan, Aude Oliva, Rogerio Feris, Kate Saenko

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VA-RED$^2$: Video Adaptive Redundancy Reduction

Feb 15, 2021
Bowen Pan, Rameswar Panda, Camilo Fosco, Chung-Ching Lin, Alex Andonian, Yue Meng, Kate Saenko, Aude Oliva, Rogerio Feris

* Accepted in ICLR 2021 

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AdaFuse: Adaptive Temporal Fusion Network for Efficient Action Recognition

Feb 10, 2021
Yue Meng, Rameswar Panda, Chung-Ching Lin, Prasanna Sattigeri, Leonid Karlinsky, Kate Saenko, Aude Oliva, Rogerio Feris

* Accepted to ICLR2021 

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Deep Analysis of CNN-based Spatio-temporal Representations for Action Recognition

Oct 23, 2020
Chun-Fu Chen, Rameswar Panda, Kandan Ramakrishnan, Rogerio Feris, John Cohn, Aude Oliva, Quanfu Fan

* Codes and models are available on 

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Multimodal Memorability: Modeling Effects of Semantics and Decay on Video Memorability

Sep 05, 2020
Anelise Newman, Camilo Fosco, Vincent Casser, Allen Lee, Barry McNamara, Aude Oliva

* European Conference on Computer Vision 

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We Have So Much In Common: Modeling Semantic Relational Set Abstractions in Videos

Aug 12, 2020
Alex Andonian, Camilo Fosco, Mathew Monfort, Allen Lee, Rogerio Feris, Carl Vondrick, Aude Oliva

* European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020, accepted 

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AR-Net: Adaptive Frame Resolution for Efficient Action Recognition

Jul 31, 2020
Yue Meng, Chung-Ching Lin, Rameswar Panda, Prasanna Sattigeri, Leonid Karlinsky, Aude Oliva, Kate Saenko, Rogerio Feris

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Multi-Moments in Time: Learning and Interpreting Models for Multi-Action Video Understanding

Nov 04, 2019
Mathew Monfort, Kandan Ramakrishnan, Alex Andonian, Barry A McNamara, Alex Lascelles, Bowen Pan, Quanfu Fan, Dan Gutfreund, Rogerio Feris, Aude Oliva

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Reasoning About Human-Object Interactions Through Dual Attention Networks

Sep 10, 2019
Tete Xiao, Quanfu Fan, Dan Gutfreund, Mathew Monfort, Aude Oliva, Bolei Zhou

* ICCV 2019 

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GANalyze: Toward Visual Definitions of Cognitive Image Properties

Jun 24, 2019
Authors, :, Lore Goetschalckx, Alex Andonian, Aude Oliva, Phillip Isola

* 17 pages, 15 figures 

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Cross-view Semantic Segmentation for Sensing Surroundings

Jun 09, 2019
Bowen Pan, Jiankai Sun, Alex Andonian, Aude Oliva, Bolei Zhou

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The Algonauts Project: A Platform for Communication between the Sciences of Biological and Artificial Intelligence

May 14, 2019
Radoslaw Martin Cichy, Gemma Roig, Alex Andonian, Kshitij Dwivedi, Benjamin Lahner, Alex Lascelles, Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Kandan Ramakrishnan, Aude Oliva

* 4 pages, 2 figures 

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Synthetically Trained Icon Proposals for Parsing and Summarizing Infographics

Jul 27, 2018
Spandan Madan, Zoya Bylinskii, Matthew Tancik, Adrià Recasens, Kimberli Zhong, Sami Alsheikh, Hanspeter Pfister, Aude Oliva, Fredo Durand

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Temporal Relational Reasoning in Videos

Jul 25, 2018
Bolei Zhou, Alex Andonian, Aude Oliva, Antonio Torralba

* camera-ready version for ECCV'18 

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Interpreting Deep Visual Representations via Network Dissection

Jun 26, 2018
Bolei Zhou, David Bau, Aude Oliva, Antonio Torralba

* *B. Zhou and D. Bau contributed equally to this work. 15 pages, 27 figures 

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Moments in Time Dataset: one million videos for event understanding

Jan 09, 2018
Mathew Monfort, Bolei Zhou, Sarah Adel Bargal, Alex Andonian, Tom Yan, Kandan Ramakrishnan, Lisa Brown, Quanfu Fan, Dan Gutfruend, Carl Vondrick, Aude Oliva

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Understanding Infographics through Textual and Visual Tag Prediction

Sep 26, 2017
Zoya Bylinskii, Sami Alsheikh, Spandan Madan, Adria Recasens, Kimberli Zhong, Hanspeter Pfister, Fredo Durand, Aude Oliva

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BubbleView: an interface for crowdsourcing image importance maps and tracking visual attention

Aug 09, 2017
Nam Wook Kim, Zoya Bylinskii, Michelle A. Borkin, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, Aude Oliva, Fredo Durand, Hanspeter Pfister

* TOCHI 2017 

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Network Dissection: Quantifying Interpretability of Deep Visual Representations

Apr 19, 2017
David Bau, Bolei Zhou, Aditya Khosla, Aude Oliva, Antonio Torralba

* First two authors contributed equally. Oral presentation at CVPR 2017 

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What do different evaluation metrics tell us about saliency models?

Apr 06, 2017
Zoya Bylinskii, Tilke Judd, Aude Oliva, Antonio Torralba, Frédo Durand

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Places: An Image Database for Deep Scene Understanding

Oct 06, 2016
Bolei Zhou, Aditya Khosla, Agata Lapedriza, Antonio Torralba, Aude Oliva

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