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NeuroCard: One Cardinality Estimator for All Tables

Jun 15, 2020
Zongheng Yang, Amog Kamsetty, Sifei Luan, Eric Liang, Yan Duan, Xi Chen, Ion Stoica

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COVID-19 Public Opinion and Emotion Monitoring System Based on Time Series Thermal New Word Mining

May 23, 2020
Yixian Zhang, Jieren Chen, Boyi Liu, Yifan Yang, Haocheng Li, Xinyi Zheng, Xi Chen, Tenglong Ren, Naixue Xiong

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Non-iterative Simultaneous Rigid Registration Method for Serial Sections of Biological Tissue

May 11, 2020
Chang Shu, Xi Chen, Qiwei Xie, Chi Xiao, Hua Han

* 2018 IEEE 15th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2018), Washington, DC, 2018, pp. 436-440 
* appears in IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2018 (ISBI 2018) 

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Learning and Testing Junta Distributions with Subcube Conditioning

Apr 26, 2020
Xi Chen, Rajesh Jayaram, Amit Levi, Erik Waingarten

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DAN: A Deformation-Aware Network for Consecutive Biomedical Image Interpolation

Apr 23, 2020
Zejin Wang, Guoqing Li, Xi Chen, Hua Han

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Distributed Estimation for Principal Component Analysis: a Gap-free Approach

Apr 05, 2020
Xi Chen, Jason D. Lee, He Li, Yun Yang

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Dimension Independent Generalization Error with Regularized Online Optimization

Mar 25, 2020
Xi Chen, Qiang Liu, Xin T. Tong

* 47 pages, 2 figures 

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Resolution Adaptive Networks for Efficient Inference

Mar 24, 2020
Le Yang, Yizeng Han, Xi Chen, Shiji Song, Jifeng Dai, Gao Huang

* CVPR 2020 

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Revisiting Fixed Support Wasserstein Barycenter: Computational Hardness and Efficient Algorithms

Mar 18, 2020
Tianyi Lin, Nhat Ho, Xi Chen, Marco Cuturi, Michael I. Jordan

* Correct some typos 

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Uncertainty Quantification for Demand Prediction in Contextual Dynamic Pricing

Mar 16, 2020
Xi Chen, Yining Wang

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State-Aware Tracker for Real-Time Video Object Segmentation

Mar 01, 2020
Xi Chen, Zuoxin Li, Ye Yuan, Gang Yu, Jianxin Shen, Donglian Qi

* Accepted by CVPR2020 

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A Fully Online Approach for Covariance Matrices Estimation of Stochastic Gradient Descent Solutions

Feb 10, 2020
Wanrong Zhu, Xi Chen, Wei Biao Wu

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On the Fairness of Randomized Trials for Recommendation with Heterogeneous Demographics and Beyond

Feb 05, 2020
Zifeng Wang, Xi Chen, Rui Wen, Shao-Lun Huang

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ALPINE: Active Link Prediction using Network Embedding

Feb 04, 2020
Xi Chen, Bo Kang, Jefrey Lijffijt, Tijl De Bie

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On the Fairness of Randomized Trials for Recommendation With Heterogeneous Demographics and Beyond

Jan 25, 2020
Zifeng Wang, Xi Chen, Rui Wen, Shao-Lun Huang

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Correcting Knowledge Base Assertions

Jan 19, 2020
Jiaoyan Chen, Xi Chen, Ian Horrocks, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Erik B. Myklebus

* Accepted by The Web Conference (WWW) 2020 

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Adaptive Discrete Smoothing for High-Dimensional and Nonlinear Panel Data

Jan 03, 2020
Xi Chen, Ye Luo, Martin Spindler

* 18 pages, 1 figure, 6 tables 

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Small-footprint Keyword Spotting with Graph Convolutional Network

Dec 11, 2019
Xi Chen, Shouyi Yin, Dandan Song, Peng Ouyang, Leibo Liu, Shaojun Wei

* Accepted by the IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop(ASRU 2019) 

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Random Restrictions of High-Dimensional Distributions and Uniformity Testing with Subcube Conditioning

Nov 17, 2019
Clément L. Canonne, Xi Chen, Gautam Kamath, Amit Levi, Erik Waingarten

* 40 pages 

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Solving Optimization Problems through Fully Convolutional Networks: an Application to the Travelling Salesman Problem

Oct 27, 2019
Zhengxuan Ling, Xinyu Tao, Yu Zhang, Xi Chen

* 25pages,7figures,research article 

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Thresholding Bandit Problem with Both Duels and Pulls

Oct 14, 2019
Yichong Xu, Xi Chen, Aarti Singh, Artur Dubrawski

* 21 pages, 8 figures 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Robust Dynamic Assortment Optimization in the Presence of Outlier Customers

Oct 09, 2019
Xi Chen, Akshay Krishnamurthy, Yining Wang

* 27 pages, 1 figure 

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Learning Visual Relation Priors for Image-Text Matching and Image Captioning with Neural Scene Graph Generators

Sep 22, 2019
Kuang-Huei Lee, Hamid Palangi, Xi Chen, Houdong Hu, Jianfeng Gao

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Flexible Disaster Response of Tomorrow -- Final Presentation and Evaluation of the CENTAURO System

Sep 19, 2019
Tobias Klamt, Diego Rodriguez, Lorenzo Baccelliere, Xi Chen, Domenico Chiaradia, Torben Cichon, Massimiliano Gabardi, Paolo Guria, Karl Holmquist, Malgorzata Kamedula, Hakan Karaoguz, Navvab Kashiri, Arturo Laurenzi, Christian Lenz, Daniele Leonardis, Enrico Mingo Hoffman, Luca Muratore, Dmytro Pavlichenko, Francesco Porcini, Zeyu Ren, Fabian Schilling, Max Schwarz, Massimiliano Solazzi, Michael Felsberg, Antonio Frisoli, Michael Gustmann, Patric Jensfelt, Klas Nordberg, J√ľrgen Ro√ümann, Uwe S√ľss, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Sven Behnke

* Accepted for IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM), to appear December 2019 

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Adversarial Feature Training for Generalizable Robotic Visuomotor Control

Sep 17, 2019
Xi Chen, Ali Ghadirzadeh, Mårten Björkman, Patric Jensfelt

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UER: An Open-Source Toolkit for Pre-training Models

Sep 12, 2019
Zhe Zhao, Hui Chen, Jinbin Zhang, Xin Zhao, Tao Liu, Wei Lu, Xi Chen, Haotang Deng, Qi Ju, Xiaoyong Du

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