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Interventional Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Apr 20, 2021
Zhen Bi, Ningyu Zhang, Ganqiang Ye, Haiyang Yu, Xi Chen, Huajun Chen

* Work in progress 

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Imperfect also Deserves Reward: Multi-Level and Sequential Reward Modeling for Better Dialog Management

Apr 10, 2021
Zhengxu Hou, Bang Liu, Ruihui Zhao, Zijing Ou, Yafei Liu, Xi Chen, Yefeng Zheng

* NAACL 2021 
* 9 pages 

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BrainNetGAN: Data augmentation of brain connectivity using generative adversarial network for dementia classification

Mar 10, 2021
Chao Li, Yiran Wei, Xi Chen

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No Discounted-Regret Learning in Adversarial Bandits with Delays

Mar 08, 2021
Ilai Bistritz, Zhengyuan Zhou, Xi Chen, Nicholas Bambos, Jose Blanchet

* This is an extended version of the preliminary conference paper "Online EXP3 Learning in Adversarial Bandits with Delayed Feedback" published in Neurips 2019 

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Bayesian Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Policy Adaptation Across Robotic Platforms

Mar 05, 2021
Ali Ghadirzadeh, Xi Chen, Petra Poklukar, Chelsea Finn, Mårten Björkman, Danica Kragic

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Lifelong Learning based Disease Diagnosis on Clinical Notes

Mar 05, 2021
Zifeng Wang, Yifan Yang, Rui Wen, Xi Chen, Shao-Lun Huang, Yefeng Zheng

* Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD'21) 

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Variance Reduced Median-of-Means Estimator for Byzantine-Robust Distributed Inference

Mar 04, 2021
Jiyuan Tu, Weidong Liu, Xiaojun Mao, Xi Chen

* 64 pages, 3 figures 

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Learning a Product Relevance Model from Click-Through Data in E-Commerce

Feb 14, 2021
Shaowei Yao, Jiwei Tan, Xi Chen, Keping Yang, Rong Xiao, Hongbo Deng, Xiaojun Wan

* Accepted to TheWebConf/WWW 2021 

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Does Probabilistic Constellation Shaping Benefit IM-DD Systems without Optical Amplifiers?

Feb 09, 2021
Di Che, Junho Cho, Xi Chen

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Online Statistical Inference for Gradient-free Stochastic Optimization

Feb 05, 2021
Xi Chen, Zehua Lai, He Li, Yichen Zhang

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Enquire One's Parent and Child Before Decision: Fully Exploit Hierarchical Structure for Self-Supervised Taxonomy Expansion

Jan 27, 2021
Suyuchen Wang, Ruihui Zhao, Xi Chen, Yefeng Zheng, Bang Liu

* 12 pages, 6 figures. To appear in The Web Conference (WWW) 2021 

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Denoising Single Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Deep Learning on Repeatedly Sampled In Vivo Data

Jan 26, 2021
Wanqi Hu, Dicheng Chen, Tianyu Qiu, Hao Chen, Xi Chen, Lin Yang, Gen Yan, Di Guo, Xiaobo Qu

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Expectation-Maximization Regularized Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Tumor Segmentation for Glioblastoma

Jan 22, 2021
Chao Li, Wenjian Huang, Xi Chen, Yiran Wei, Stephen J. Price, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

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Adversarial Combinatorial Bandits with General Non-linear Reward Functions

Jan 05, 2021
Xi Chen, Yanjun Han, Yining Wang

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Smoothed Gaussian Mixture Models for Video Classification and Recommendation

Dec 17, 2020
Sirjan Kafle, Aman Gupta, Xue Xia, Ananth Sankar, Xi Chen, Di Wen, Liang Zhang

* 11 pages, 3 figures, 7 tables 

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Bayesian optimization assisted unsupervised learning for efficient intra-tumor partitioning in MRI and survival prediction for glioblastoma patients

Dec 05, 2020
Yifan Li, Chao Li, Stephen Price, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Xi Chen

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Enhanced Few-shot Learning for Intrusion Detection in Railway Video Surveillance

Nov 09, 2020
Xiao Gong, Xi Chen, Wei Chen

* 11 pages, submitted 

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Distant Supervision for E-commerce Query Segmentation via Attention Network

Nov 09, 2020
Zhao Li, Donghui Ding, Pengcheng Zou, Yu Gong, Xi Chen, Ji Zhang, Jianliang Gao, Youxi Wu, Yucong Duan

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An Industry Evaluation of Embedding-based Entity Alignment

Nov 07, 2020
Ziheng Zhang, Jiaoyan Chen, Xi Chen, Hualuo Liu, Yuejia Xiang, Bo Liu, Yefeng Zheng

* accepted by COLING 2020 

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Binary Choice with Asymmetric Loss in a Data-Rich Environment: Theory and an Application to Racial Justice

Oct 25, 2020
Andrii Babii, Xi Chen, Eric Ghysels, Rohit Kumar

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Improving Text Generation Evaluation with Batch Centering and Tempered Word Mover Distance

Oct 13, 2020
Xi Chen, Nan Ding, Tomer Levinboim, Radu Soricut

* EMNLP 2020 Eval4NLP Workshop 

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DoubleEnsemble: A New Ensemble Method Based on Sample Reweighting and Feature Selection for Financial Data Analysis

Oct 03, 2020
Chuheng Zhang, Yuanqi Li, Xi Chen, Yifei Jin, Pingzhong Tang, Jian Li

* ICDM 2020 

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Privacy-Preserving Dynamic Personalized Pricing with Demand Learning

Sep 27, 2020
Xi Chen, David Simchi-Levi, Yining Wang

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Automated Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment using Wearable Accelerometers in Free-Living Environments

Sep 17, 2020
Xi Chen, Yu Guan, Jian-Qing Shi, Xiu-Li Du, Janet Eyre

* submitted to ACM Trans. Computing for Healthcare 

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Finding Influential Instances for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction

Sep 17, 2020
Zifeng Wang, Rui Wen, Xi Chen, Shao-Lun Huang, Ningyu Zhang, Yefeng Zheng

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Online Disease Self-diagnosis with Inductive Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks

Sep 06, 2020
Zifeng Wang, Rui Wen, Xi Chen, Shilei Cao, Shao-Lun Huang, Buyue Qian, Yefeng Zheng

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Information Theoretic Counterfactual Learning from Missing-Not-At-Random Feedback

Sep 06, 2020
Zifeng Wang, Xi Chen, Rui Wen, Shao-Lun Huang, Ercan E. Kuruoglu, Yefeng Zheng

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