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How Do Fair Decisions Fare in Long-term Qualification?

Oct 21, 2020
Xueru Zhang, Ruibo Tu, Yang Liu, Mingyan Liu, Hedvig Kjellström, Kun Zhang, Cheng Zhang

* Accepted to the 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 

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Generalized Independent Noise Condition for Estimating Linear Non-Gaussian Latent Variable Graphs

Oct 10, 2020
Feng Xie, Ruichu Cai, Biwei Huang, Clark Glymour, Zhifeng Hao, Kun Zhang

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Attack on Multi-Node Attention for Object Detection

Aug 16, 2020
Sizhe Chen, Fan He, Xiaolin Huang, Kun Zhang

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Adaptive Task Sampling for Meta-Learning

Jul 17, 2020
Chenghao Liu, Zhihao Wang, Doyen Sahoo, Yuan Fang, Kun Zhang, Steven C. H. Hoi

* ECCV2020 

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On the Role of Sparsity and DAG Constraints for Learning Linear DAGs

Jun 17, 2020
Ignavier Ng, AmirEmad Ghassami, Kun Zhang

* 24 pages, 10 figures 

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Joint Item Recommendation and Attribute Inference: An Adaptive Graph Convolutional Network Approach

May 25, 2020
Le Wu, Yonghui Yang, Kun Zhang, Richang Hong, Yanjie Fu, Meng Wang

* Accepted by SIGIR2020 

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A Causal View on Robustness of Neural Networks

May 03, 2020
Cheng Zhang, Kun Zhang, Yingzhen Li

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Learning from Positive and Unlabeled Data by Identifying the Annotation Process

Mar 02, 2020
Naji Shajarisales, Peter Spirtes, Kun Zhang

* Submitted to UAI 2020 

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Domain Adaptation As a Problem of Inference on Graphical Models

Feb 14, 2020
Kun Zhang, Mingming Gong, Petar Stojanov, Biwei Huang, Clark Glymour

* 17 pages; 6 figures 

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Revisiting Graph based Collaborative Filtering: A Linear Residual Graph Convolutional Network Approach

Jan 28, 2020
Lei Chen, Le Wu, Richang Hong, Kun Zhang, Meng Wang

* The updated version is publised in AAAI 2020 

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Deep Technology Tracing for High-tech Companies

Jan 02, 2020
Han Wu, Kun Zhang, Guangyi Lv, Qi Liu, Runlong Yu, Weihao Zhao, Enhong Chen, Jianhui Ma

* 6 pages, 7 figures 

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Tracing the Propagation Path: A Flow Perspective of Representation Learning on Graphs

Dec 12, 2019
Menghan Wang, Kun Zhang, Gulin Li, Keping Yang, Luo Si

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Transfer Learning-Based Outdoor Position Recovery with Telco Data

Dec 10, 2019
Yige Zhang, Aaron Yi Ding, Jorg Ott, Mingxuan Yuan, Jia Zeng, Kun Zhang, Weixiong Rao

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Deep Physiological State Space Model for Clinical Forecasting

Dec 04, 2019
Yuan Xue, Denny Zhou, Nan Du, Andrew Dai, Zhen Xu, Kun Zhang, Claire Cui

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Disentanglement Challenge: From Regularization to Reconstruction

Nov 30, 2019
Jie Qiao, Zijian Li, Boyan Xu, Ruichu Cai, Kun Zhang

* NeurIPS2019 Disentanglement Challenge 

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Modelling EHR timeseries by restricting feature interaction

Nov 14, 2019
Kun Zhang, Yuan Xue, Gerardo Flores, Alvin Rajkomar, Claire Cui, Andrew M. Dai

* Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) at NeurIPS 2019 - Extended Abstract 

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Characterizing Distribution Equivalence for Cyclic and Acyclic Directed Graphs

Oct 28, 2019
AmirEmad Ghassami, Kun Zhang, Negar Kiyavash

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DNANet: De-Normalized Attention Based Multi-Resolution Network for Human Pose Estimation

Oct 21, 2019
Kun Zhang, Peng He, Ping Yao, Ge Chen, Chuanguang Yang, Huimin Li, Li Fu, Tianyao Zheng

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Adversarial Orthogonal Regression: Two non-Linear Regressions for Causal Inference

Sep 10, 2019
M. Reza Heydari, Saber Salehkaleybar, Kun Zhang

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Gated Convolutional Networks with Hybrid Connectivity for Image Classification

Sep 08, 2019
Chuanguang Yang, Zhulin An, Hui Zhu, Xiaolong Hu, Kun Zhang, Kaiqiang Xu, Chao Li, Yongjun Xu

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Likelihood-Free Overcomplete ICA and Applications in Causal Discovery

Sep 05, 2019
Chenwei Ding, Mingming Gong, Kun Zhang, Dacheng Tao

* 10 pages, 3 figures. Accepted by NeurIPS 2019 as spotlight 

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Learning Linear Non-Gaussian Causal Models in the Presence of Latent Variables

Aug 11, 2019
Saber Salehkaleybar, AmirEmad Ghassami, Negar Kiyavash, Kun Zhang

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Identification of Effective Connectivity Subregions

Aug 08, 2019
Ruben Sanchez-Romero, Joseph D. Ramsey, Kun Zhang, Clark Glymour

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Twin Auxiliary Classifiers GAN

Jul 30, 2019
Mingming Gong, Yanwu Xu, Chunyuan Li, Kun Zhang, Kayhan Batmanghelich

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Domain Generalization via Multidomain Discriminant Analysis

Jul 25, 2019
Shoubo Hu, Kun Zhang, Zhitang Chen, Laiwan Chan

* UAI 2019 

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Learning Depth from Monocular Videos Using Synthetic Data: A Temporally-Consistent Domain Adaptation Approach

Jul 16, 2019
Yipeng Mou, Mingming Gong, Huan Fu, Kayhan Batmanghelich, Kun Zhang, Dacheng Tao

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