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Action-Sufficient State Representation Learning for Control with Structural Constraints

Oct 12, 2021
Biwei Huang, Chaochao Lu, Liu Leqi, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, Clark Glymour, Bernhard Schölkopf, Kun Zhang

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Learning Temporally Causal Latent Processes from General Temporal Data

Oct 11, 2021
Weiran Yao, Yuewen Sun, Alex Ho, Changyin Sun, Kun Zhang

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Unaligned Image-to-Image Translation by Learning to Reweight

Sep 24, 2021
Shaoan Xie, Mingming Gong, Yanwu Xu, Kun Zhang

* ICCV2021 

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Instance-dependent Label-noise Learning under a Structural Causal Model

Sep 12, 2021
Yu Yao, Tongliang Liu, Mingming Gong, Bo Han, Gang Niu, Kun Zhang

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A Fast PC Algorithm with Reversed-order Pruning and A Parallelization Strategy

Sep 10, 2021
Kai Zhang, Chao Tian, Kun Zhang, Todd Johnson, Xiaoqian Jiang

* 37 pages 

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Generalized Minimum Error Entropy for Adaptive Filtering

Sep 08, 2021
Jiacheng He, Gang Wang, Bei Peng, Zhenyu Feng, Kun Zhang

* 9 pages, 8 figures 

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DAE-GAN: Dynamic Aspect-aware GAN for Text-to-Image Synthesis

Aug 27, 2021
Shulan Ruan, Yong Zhang, Kun Zhang, Yanbo Fan, Fan Tang, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen

* 10 pages, 6 figures 

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Outdoor Position Recovery from HeterogeneousTelco Cellular Data

Aug 24, 2021
Yige Zhang, Weixiong Rao, Kun Zhang, Lei Chen

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LadRa-Net: Locally-Aware Dynamic Re-read Attention Net for Sentence Semantic Matching

Aug 06, 2021
Kun Zhang, Guangyi Lv, Le Wu, Enhong Chen, Qi Liu, Meng Wang

* Accpeted by IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 

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Multi-Channel Auto-Encoders and a Novel Dataset for Learning Domain Invariant Representations of Histopathology Images

Jul 15, 2021
Andrew Moyes, Richard Gault, Kun Zhang, Ji Ming, Danny Crookes, Jing Wang

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AdaRL: What, Where, and How to Adapt in Transfer Reinforcement Learning

Jul 07, 2021
Biwei Huang, Fan Feng, Chaochao Lu, Sara Magliacane, Kun Zhang

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Region-Aware Network: Model Human's Top-Down Visual Perception Mechanism for Crowd Counting

Jun 23, 2021
Yuehai Chen, Jing Yang, Dong Zhang, Kun Zhang, Badong Chen, Shaoyi Du

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Graph Domain Adaptation: A Generative View

Jun 14, 2021
Ruichu Cai, Fengzhu Wu, Zijian Li, Pengfei Wei, Lingling Yi, Kun Zhang

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Adversarial Robustness through the Lens of Causality

Jun 11, 2021
Yonggang Zhang, Mingming Gong, Tongliang Liu, Gang Niu, Xinmei Tian, Bo Han, Bernhard Schölkopf, Kun Zhang

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DGA-Net Dynamic Gaussian Attention Network for Sentence Semantic Matching

Jun 09, 2021
Kun Zhang, Guangyi Lv, Meng Wang, Enhong Chen

* Accepted by CICAI2021 

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Progressive Open-Domain Response Generation with Multiple Controllable Attributes

Jun 07, 2021
Haiqin Yang, Xiaoyuan Yao, Yiqun Duan, Jianping Shen, Jie Zhong, Kun Zhang

* 7 pages, 2 figures, 3 tables, in IJCAI'21 

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Conditional Contrastive Learning: Removing Undesirable Information in Self-Supervised Representations

Jun 05, 2021
Yao-Hung Hubert Tsai, Martin Q. Ma, Han Zhao, Kun Zhang, Louis-Philippe Morency, Ruslan Salakhutdinov

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Graph-based Exercise- and Knowledge-Aware Learning Network for Student Performance Prediction

Jun 01, 2021
Mengfan Liu, Pengyang Shao, Kun Zhang

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Privileged Graph Distillation for Cold Start Recommendation

May 31, 2021
Shuai Wang, Kun Zhang, Le Wu, Haiping Ma, Richang Hong, Meng Wang

* 10 pages,5 figures 

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Set2setRank: Collaborative Set to Set Ranking for Implicit Feedback based Recommendation

May 26, 2021
Lei Chen, Le Wu, Kun Zhang, Richang Hong, Meng Wang

* The paper is accepted by SIGIR 2021 

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Learning Graph Meta Embeddings for Cold-Start Ads in Click-Through Rate Prediction

May 19, 2021
Wentao Ouyang, Xiuwu Zhang, Shukui Ren, Li Li, Kun Zhang, Jinmei Luo, Zhaojie Liu, Yanlong Du

* SIGIR 2021 

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A Survey on Neural Recommendation: From Collaborative Filtering to Content and Context Enriched Recommendation

Apr 27, 2021
Le Wu, Xiangnan He, Xiang Wang, Kun Zhang, Meng Wang

* In submission 

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FRITL: A Hybrid Method for Causal Discovery in the Presence of Latent Confounders

Mar 26, 2021
Wei Chen, Kun Zhang, Ruichu Cai, Biwei Huang, Joseph Ramsey, Zhifeng Hao, Clark Glymour

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Towards advancing the earthquake forecasting by machine learning of satellite data

Jan 31, 2021
Pan Xiong, Lei Tong, Kun Zhang, Xuhui Shen, Roberto Battiston, Dimitar Ouzounov, Roberto Iuppa, Danny Crookes, Cheng Long, Huiyu Zhou

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Ensemble manifold based regularized multi-modal graph convolutional network for cognitive ability prediction

Jan 20, 2021
Gang Qu, Li Xiao, Wenxing Hu, Kun Zhang, Vince D. Calhoun, Yu-Ping Wang

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Learning Disentangled Semantic Representation for Domain Adaptation

Dec 22, 2020
Ruichu Cai, Zijian Li, Pengfei Wei, Jie Qiao, Kun Zhang, Zhifeng Hao

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Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning via Counterfactual-Based Data Augmentation

Dec 16, 2020
Chaochao Lu, Biwei Huang, Ke Wang, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, Kun Zhang, Bernhard Schölkopf

* Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Offline Reinforcement Learning 

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