Feature Robust Optimal Transport for High-dimensional Data

May 25, 2020
Mathis Petrovich, Chao Liang, Yanbin Liu, Yao-Hung Hubert Tsai, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Makoto Yamada

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Omni-supervised Facial Expression Recognition: A Simple Baseline

May 18, 2020
Ping Liu, Yunchao Wei, Zibo Meng, Weihong Deng, Joey Tianyi Zhou, Yi Yang

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One Model to Recognize Them All: Marginal Distillation from NER Models with Different Tag Sets

Apr 17, 2020
Keunwoo Peter Yu, Yi Yang

* 9 pages, LaTeX; column header of Table 2 corrected 

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Rectifying Pseudo Label Learning via Uncertainty Estimation for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation

Apr 14, 2020
Zhedong Zheng, Yi Yang

* 12 pages, 6 figures, 6 tables 

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VehicleNet: Learning Robust Visual Representation for Vehicle Re-identification

Apr 14, 2020
Zhedong Zheng, Tao Ruan, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang, Tao Mei

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Adversarial Style Mining for One-Shot Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Apr 13, 2020
Yawei Luo, Ping Liu, Tao Guan, Junqing Yu, Yi Yang

* Preprint 

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OpenMix: Reviving Known Knowledge for Discovering Novel Visual Categories in An Open World

Apr 12, 2020
Zhun Zhong, Linchao Zhu, Zhiming Luo, Shaozi Li, Yi Yang, Nicu Sebe

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Memory Aggregation Networks for Efficient Interactive Video Object Segmentation

Mar 30, 2020
Jiaxu Miao, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

* Accepted to CVPR 2020. 10 pages, 9 figures 

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SF-Net: Single-Frame Supervision for Temporal Action Localization

Mar 20, 2020
Fan Ma, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang, Shengxin Zha, Gourab Kundu, Matt Feiszli, Zheng Shou

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Collaborative Video Object Segmentation by Foreground-Background Integration

Mar 18, 2020
Zongxin Yang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

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Motion-Excited Sampler: Video Adversarial Attack with Sparked Prior

Mar 17, 2020
Hu Zhang, Linchao Zhu, Yi Zhu, Yi Yang

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Angle-Based Cost-Sensitive Multicategory Classification

Mar 08, 2020
Yi Yang, Yuxuan Guo, Xiangyu Chang

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Grounded and Controllable Image Completion by Incorporating Lexical Semantics

Feb 29, 2020
Shengyu Zhang, Tan Jiang, Qinghao Huang, Ziqi Tan, Zhou Zhao, Siliang Tang, Jin Yu, Hongxia Yang, Yi Yang, Fei Wu

* 9 pages, 9 figures 

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University-1652: A Multi-view Multi-source Benchmark for Drone-based Geo-localization

Feb 27, 2020
Zhedong Zheng, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

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Dynamic Inference: A New Approach Toward Efficient Video Action Recognition

Feb 09, 2020
Wenhao Wu, Dongliang He, Xiao Tan, Shifeng Chen, Yi Yang, Shilei Wen

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Symbiotic Attention with Privileged Information for Egocentric Action Recognition

Feb 08, 2020
Xiaohan Wang, Yu Wu, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang

* AAAI-2020(Oral) 

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Lane Detection in Low-light Conditions Using an Efficient Data Enhancement : Light Conditions Style Transfer

Feb 04, 2020
Tong Liu, Zhaowei Chen, Yi Yang, Zehao Wu, Haowei Li

* 6 pages, 7 figures, submitted to IV 2020 

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Unsupervised Scene Adaptation with Memory Regularization in vivo

Jan 26, 2020
Zhedong Zheng, Yi Yang

* 7 pages, 4 figures, 6 tables 

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Progressive Local Filter Pruning for Image Retrieval Acceleration

Jan 24, 2020
Xiaodong Wang, Zhedong Zheng, Yang He, Fei Yan, Zhiqiang Zeng, Yi Yang

* 7 pages, 5 figures 

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NAS-Bench-201: Extending the Scope of Reproducible Neural Architecture Search

Jan 15, 2020
Xuanyi Dong, Yi Yang

* Published at ICLR 2020 as a spotlight paper; 16 pages; 10 figures; 7 tables; Code is available at https://github.com/D-X-Y/AutoDL-Projects 

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NAS-Bench-102: Extending the Scope of Reproducible Neural Architecture Search

Jan 02, 2020
Xuanyi Dong, Yi Yang

* Published at ICLR 2020; 15 pages; 8 figures; 6 tables; Code is available at https://github.com/D-X-Y/NAS-Projects/blob/master/NAS-Bench-102.md 

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Very Long Natural Scenery Image Prediction by Outpainting

Dec 29, 2019
Zongxin Yang, Jian Dong, Ping Liu, Yi Yang, Shuicheng Yan

* ICCV-19 

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Utterance-level Permutation Invariant Training with Latency-controlled BLSTM for Single-channel Multi-talker Speech Separation

Dec 25, 2019
Lu Huang, Gaofeng Cheng, Pengyuan Zhang, Yi Yang, Shumin Xu, Jiasong Sun

* Proceedings of APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference 2019, 18-21 November 2019, Lanzhou, China 

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PointRNN: Point Recurrent Neural Network for Moving Point Cloud Processing

Nov 24, 2019
Hehe Fan, Yi Yang

* technical report 

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Instance-Invariant Adaptive Object Detection via Progressive Disentanglement

Nov 20, 2019
Aming Wu, Yahong Han, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang

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