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F3S: Free Flow Fever Screening

Sep 03, 2021
Kunal Rao, Giuseppe Coviello, Min Feng, Biplob Debnath, Wang-Pin Hsiung, Murugan Sankaradas, Yi Yang, Oliver Po, Utsav Drolia, Srimat Chakradhar

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Point Cloud Pre-training by Mixing and Disentangling

Sep 01, 2021
Chao Sun, Zhedong Zheng, Yi Yang

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Understanding and Accelerating Neural Architecture Search with Training-Free and Theory-Grounded Metrics

Aug 26, 2021
Wuyang Chen, Xinyu Gong, Yunchao Wei, Humphrey Shi, Zhicheng Yan, Yi Yang, Zhangyang Wang

* submitted to TPAMI 

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Generating Superpixels for High-resolution Images with Decoupled Patch Calibration

Aug 23, 2021
Yaxiong Wang, Yunchao Wei, Xueming Qian, Li Zhu, Yi Yang

* 10 pages, superpixel segmentation. High-resolution Computer Version 

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PR-RRN: Pairwise-Regularized Residual-Recursive Networks for Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion

Aug 17, 2021
Haitian Zeng, Yuchao Dai, Xin Yu, Xiaohan Wang, Yi Yang

* Accepted to ICCV 2021 

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Vector-Decomposed Disentanglement for Domain-Invariant Object Detection

Aug 15, 2021
Aming Wu, Rui Liu, Yahong Han, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang

* Accepted by ICCV 2021 

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Adaptive Hierarchical Graph Reasoning with Semantic Coherence for Video-and-Language Inference

Aug 09, 2021
Juncheng Li, Siliang Tang, Linchao Zhu, Haochen Shi, Xuanwen Huang, Fei Wu, Yi Yang, Yueting Zhuang

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Resisting Out-of-Distribution Data Problem in Perturbation of XAI

Jul 27, 2021
Luyu Qiu, Yi Yang, Caleb Chen Cao, Jing Liu, Yueyuan Zheng, Hilary Hei Ting Ngai, Janet Hsiao, Lei Chen

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ReGO: Reference-Guided Outpainting for Scenery Image

Jul 02, 2021
Yaxiong Wang, Yunchao Wei, Xueming Qian, Li Zhu, Yi Yang

* Image outpainting, 13 pages 

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Saying the Unseen: Video Descriptions via Dialog Agents

Jun 26, 2021
Ye Zhu, Yu Wu, Yi Yang, Yan Yan

* Accepted as a regular paper at TPAMI 2021 

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Associating Objects with Transformers for Video Object Segmentation

Jun 22, 2021
Zongxin Yang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

* 18 pages, 9 figures, 5 tables 

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Graph-based Joint Pandemic Concern and Relation Extraction on Twitter

Jun 18, 2021
Jingli Shi, Weihua Li, Sira Yongchareon, Yi Yang, Quan Bai

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CLIP: A Dataset for Extracting Action Items for Physicians from Hospital Discharge Notes

Jun 04, 2021
James Mullenbach, Yada Pruksachatkun, Sean Adler, Jennifer Seale, Jordan Swartz, T. Greg McKelvey, Hui Dai, Yi Yang, David Sontag

* ACL 2021 

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Few-Shot Segmentation via Cycle-Consistent Transformer

Jun 04, 2021
Gengwei Zhang, Guoliang Kang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

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Less is More: Sparse Sampling for Dense Reaction Predictions

Jun 03, 2021
Kezhou Lin, Xiaohan Wang, Zhedong Zheng, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang

* Code is available at: 

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Rethinking Cross-modal Interaction from a Top-down Perspective for Referring Video Object Segmentation

Jun 02, 2021
Chen Liang, Yu Wu, Tianfei Zhou, Wenguan Wang, Zongxin Yang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang

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Prior-Enhanced Few-Shot Segmentation with Meta-Prototypes

Jun 01, 2021
Jian-Wei Zhang, Lei Lv, Yawei Luo, Hao-Zhe Feng, Yi Yang, Wei Chen

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Divide and Rule: Recurrent Partitioned Network for Dynamic Processes

Jun 01, 2021
Qianyu Feng, Bang Zhang, Yi Yang

* arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2007.15240, arXiv:2007.00631 by other authors 

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VidFace: A Full-Transformer Solver for Video FaceHallucination with Unaligned Tiny Snapshots

May 31, 2021
Yuan Gan, Yawei Luo, Xin Yu, Bang Zhang, Yi Yang

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Connecting Language and Vision for Natural Language-Based Vehicle Retrieval

May 31, 2021
Shuai Bai, Zhedong Zheng, Xiaohan Wang, Junyang Lin, Zhu Zhang, Chang Zhou, Yi Yang, Hongxia Yang

* CVPR 2021 AI CITY CHALLENGE Natural Language-Based Vehicle Retrieval Top 1 

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OR-Net: Pointwise Relational Inference for Data Completion under Partial Observation

May 05, 2021
Qianyu Feng, Linchao Zhu, Bang Zhang, Pan Pan, Yi Yang

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Faster Meta Update Strategy for Noise-Robust Deep Learning

Apr 30, 2021
Youjiang Xu, Linchao Zhu, Lu Jiang, Yi Yang

* Accepted to CVPR 2021 

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Improving Weakly-supervised Object Localization via Causal Intervention

Apr 21, 2021
Feifei Shao, Yawei Luo, Li Zhang, Lu Ye, Siliang Tang, Yi Yang, Jun Xiao

* 11 pages, 5 figures 

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T2VLAD: Global-Local Sequence Alignment for Text-Video Retrieval

Apr 20, 2021
Xiaohan Wang, Linchao Zhu, Yi Yang

* Accepted to CVPR 2021 

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DSC-PoseNet: Learning 6DoF Object Pose Estimation via Dual-scale Consistency

Apr 08, 2021
Zongxin Yang, Xin Yu, Yi Yang

* CVPR 2021 

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