MLCVNet: Multi-Level Context VoteNet for 3D Object Detection

Apr 12, 2020
Qian Xie, Yu-Kun Lai, Jing Wu, Zhoutao Wang, Yiming Zhang, Kai Xu, Jun Wang

* To be presented at CVPR 2020 

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Deep Line Art Video Colorization with a Few References

Mar 30, 2020
Min Shi, Jia-Qi Zhang, Shu-Yu Chen, Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Fang-Lue Zhang

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3D-CariGAN: An End-to-End Solution to 3D Caricature Generation from Face Photos

Mar 15, 2020
Zipeng Ye, Ran Yi, Minjing Yu, Juyong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Yong-jin Liu

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MW-GAN: Multi-Warping GAN for Caricature Generation with Multi-Style Geometric Exaggeration

Jan 07, 2020
Haodi Hou, Jing Huo, Jing Wu, Yu-Kun Lai, Yang Gao

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Learning-based Real-time Detection of Intrinsic Reflectional Symmetry

Nov 01, 2019
Yi-Ling Qiao, Lin Gao, Shu-Zhi Liu, Ligang Liu, Yu-Kun Lai, Xilin Chen

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LaplacianNet: Learning on 3D Meshes with Laplacian Encoding and Pooling

Oct 30, 2019
Yi-Ling Qiao, Lin Gao, Jie Yang, Paul L. Rosin, Yu-Kun Lai, Xilin Chen

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PRS-Net: Planar Reflective Symmetry Detection Net for 3D Models

Oct 24, 2019
Lin Gao, Ling-Xiao Zhang, Hsien-Yu Meng, Yi-Hui Ren, Yu-Kun Lai, Leif Kobbelt

* Corrected typos 

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SDM-NET: Deep Generative Network for Structured Deformable Mesh

Sep 03, 2019
Lin Gao, Jie Yang, Tong Wu, Yu-Jie Yuan, Hongbo Fu, Yu-Kun Lai, Hao Zhang

* Conditionally Accepted to Siggraph Asia 2019 

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Mesh Variational Autoencoders with Edge Contraction Pooling

Aug 07, 2019
Yu-Jie Yuan, Yu-Kun Lai, Jie Yang, Hongbo Fu, Lin Gao

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Learning to Reconstruct and Understand Indoor Scenes from Sparse Views

Jun 19, 2019
Jingyu Yang, Ji Xu, Kun Li, Yu-Kun Lai, Huanjing Yue, Jianzhi Lu, Hao Wu, Yebin Liu

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Learning from Web Data: the Benefit of Unsupervised Object Localization

Dec 21, 2018
Xiaoxiao Sun, Liang Zheng, Yu-Kun Lai, Jufeng Yang

* 13 pages, 9 figures, 6 tables 

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A Deep Learning Driven Active Framework for Segmentation of Large 3D Shape Collections

Jul 17, 2018
David George, Xianguha Xie, Yu-Kun Lai, Gary KL Tam

* 16 pages, 17 figures, 5 tables 

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Alive Caricature from 2D to 3D

Mar 27, 2018
Qianyi Wu, Juyong Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Jianmin Zheng, Jianfei Cai

* Accepted to CVPR 2018 

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Robust Non-Rigid Registration With Reweighted Dual Sparsities

Mar 15, 2017
Jingyu Yang, Kun Li, Yu-Kun Lai, Daoliang Guo

* 12 pages, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 

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