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No way to crop: On robust image crop localization

Oct 12, 2021
Qichao Ying, Xiaoxiao Hu, Hang Zhou, Xiangyu Zhang, Zhengxin You, Zhenxing Qian

* Submitted to IEEE ICASSP 2021. Authors are from Fudan University, Simon Fraser University 

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Partial to Whole Knowledge Distillation: Progressive Distilling Decomposed Knowledge Boosts Student Better

Sep 26, 2021
Xuanyang Zhang, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun

* Tech Report 

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LGD: Label-guided Self-distillation for Object Detection

Sep 23, 2021
Peizhen Zhang, Zijian Kang, Tong Yang, Xiangyu Zhang, Nanning Zheng, Jian Sun

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Anchor DETR: Query Design for Transformer-Based Detector

Sep 15, 2021
Yingming Wang, Xiangyu Zhang, Tong Yang, Jian Sun

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Image Synthesis via Semantic Composition

Sep 15, 2021
Yi Wang, Lu Qi, Ying-Cong Chen, Xiangyu Zhang, Jiaya Jia

* Project page is at Accepted to ICCV 2021 

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Accelerating Markov Random Field Inference with Uncertainty Quantification

Aug 02, 2021
Ramin Bashizade, Xiangyu Zhang, Sayan Mukherjee, Alvin R. Lebeck

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Restless Bandits with Many Arms: Beating the Central Limit Theorem

Jul 25, 2021
Xiangyu Zhang, Peter I. Frazier

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The Threat of Offensive AI to Organizations

Jun 30, 2021
Yisroel Mirsky, Ambra Demontis, Jaidip Kotak, Ram Shankar, Deng Gelei, Liu Yang, Xiangyu Zhang, Wenke Lee, Yuval Elovici, Battista Biggio

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PHYSFRAME: Type Checking Physical Frames of Reference for Robotic Systems

Jun 21, 2021
Sayali Kate, Michael Chinn, Hongjun Choi, Xiangyu Zhang, Sebastian Elbaum

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SOLQ: Segmenting Objects by Learning Queries

Jun 09, 2021
Bin Dong, Fangao Zeng, Tiancai Wang, Xiangyu Zhang, Yichen Wei

* Tech Report.Code is available at 

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Fast Camera Image Denoising on Mobile GPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report

May 17, 2021
Andrey Ignatov, Kim Byeoung-su, Radu Timofte, Angeline Pouget, Fenglong Song, Cheng Li, Shuai Xiao, Zhongqian Fu, Matteo Maggioni, Yibin Huang, Shen Cheng, Xin Lu, Yifeng Zhou, Liangyu Chen, Donghao Liu, Xiangyu Zhang, Haoqiang Fan, Jian Sun, Shuaicheng Liu, Minsu Kwon, Myungje Lee, Jaeyoon Yoo, Changbeom Kang, Shinjo Wang, Bin Huang, Tianbao Zhou, Shuai Liu, Lei Lei, Chaoyu Feng, Liguang Huang, Zhikun Lei, Feifei Chen

* Mobile AI 2021 Workshop and Challenges: arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2105.07809, arXiv:2105.07825 

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MOTR: End-to-End Multiple-Object Tracking with TRansformer

May 07, 2021
Fangao Zeng, Bin Dong, Tiancai Wang, Cheng Chen, Xiangyu Zhang, Yichen Wei

* Tech Report. Code is available at 

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RepMLP: Re-parameterizing Convolutions into Fully-connected Layers for Image Recognition

May 05, 2021
Xiaohan Ding, Xiangyu Zhang, Jungong Han, Guiguang Ding

* Work in progress 

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Points as Queries: Weakly Semi-supervised Object Detection by Points

Apr 15, 2021
Liangyu Chen, Tong Yang, Xiangyu Zhang, Wei Zhang, Jian Sun

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Diverse Branch Block: Building a Convolution as an Inception-like Unit

Mar 29, 2021
Xiaohan Ding, Xiangyu Zhang, Jungong Han, Guiguang Ding

* CVPR 2021 

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Joint User Association and Power Allocation in Heterogeneous Ultra Dense Network via Semi-Supervised Representation Learning

Mar 29, 2021
Xiangyu Zhang, Zhengming Zhang, Luxi Yang

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You Only Look One-level Feature

Mar 17, 2021
Qiang Chen, Yingming Wang, Tong Yang, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Cheng, Jian Sun

* Accepted by CVPR2021. We provide more details and add additional comparison with YOLOv4 in this version 

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EX-RAY: Distinguishing Injected Backdoor from Natural Features in Neural Networks by Examining Differential Feature Symmetry

Mar 17, 2021
Yingqi Liu, Guangyu Shen, Guanhong Tao, Zhenting Wang, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang

* 21 pages 

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Backdoor Scanning for Deep Neural Networks through K-Arm Optimization

Feb 09, 2021
Guangyu Shen, Yingqi Liu, Guanhong Tao, Shengwei An, Qiuling Xu, Siyuan Cheng, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang

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Neural Architecture Search with Random Labels

Jan 28, 2021
Xuanyang Zhang, Pengfei Hou, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun

* Tech report 

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RepVGG: Making VGG-style ConvNets Great Again

Jan 11, 2021
Xiaohan Ding, Xiangyu Zhang, Ningning Ma, Jungong Han, Guiguang Ding, Jian Sun

* The code and trained models are available at 

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Deep Feature Space Trojan Attack of Neural Networks by Controlled Detoxification

Jan 04, 2021
Siyuan Cheng, Yingqi Liu, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang

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Implicit Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection

Dec 25, 2020
Tiancai Wang, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun

* Tech report 

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Rethinking Learnable Tree Filter for Generic Feature Transform

Dec 07, 2020
Lin Song, Yanwei Li, Zhengkai Jiang, Zeming Li, Xiangyu Zhang, Hongbin Sun, Jian Sun, Nanning Zheng

* Accepted by NeurIPS-2020 

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Co-mining: Self-Supervised Learning for Sparsely Annotated Object Detection

Dec 03, 2020
Tiancai Wang, Tong Yang, Jiale Cao, Xiangyu Zhang

* Accepted to AAAI 2021 

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Joint COCO and Mapillary Workshop at ICCV 2019: COCO Instance Segmentation Challenge Track

Oct 06, 2020
Zeming Li, Yuchen Ma, Yukang Chen, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun

* 1st Place Technical Report in ICCV2019/ ECCV2020: MegDetV2 

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EqCo: Equivalent Rules for Self-supervised Contrastive Learning

Oct 05, 2020
Benjin Zhu, Junqiang Huang, Zeming Li, Xiangyu Zhang, Jian Sun

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MPG-Net: Multi-Prediction Guided Network for Segmentation of Retinal Layers in OCT Images

Sep 28, 2020
Zeyu Fu, Yang Sun, Xiangyu Zhang, Scott Stainton, Shaun Barney, Jeffry Hogg, William Innes, Satnam Dlay

* EUSIPCO2020 

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