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Picture for Adrian Weller

Adrian Weller

University of Cambridge, The Alan Turing Institute

Unlocking Pixels for Reinforcement Learning via Implicit Attention

Feb 08, 2021
Krzysztof Choromanski, Deepali Jain, Jack Parker-Holder, Xingyou Song, Valerii Likhosherstov, Anirban Santara, Aldo Pacchiano, Yunhao Tang, Adrian Weller

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Sub-Linear Memory: How to Make Performers SLiM

Dec 21, 2020
Valerii Likhosherstov, Krzysztof Choromanski, Jared Davis, Xingyou Song, Adrian Weller

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Improving Interpretability in Medical Imaging Diagnosis using Adversarial Training

Dec 02, 2020
Andrei Margeloiu, Nikola Simidjievski, Mateja Jamnik, Adrian Weller

* To appear at NeurIPS 2020 workshop "Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS (MED-NEURIPS)" 

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Uncertainty as a Form of Transparency: Measuring, Communicating, and Using Uncertainty

Nov 15, 2020
Umang Bhatt, Yunfeng Zhang, Javier Antorán, Q. Vera Liao, Prasanna Sattigeri, Riccardo Fogliato, Gabrielle Gauthier Melançon, Ranganath Krishnan, Jason Stanley, Omesh Tickoo, Lama Nachman, Rumi Chunara, Adrian Weller, Alice Xiang

* 19 pages, 6 figures 

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Now You See Me (CME): Concept-based Model Extraction

Oct 25, 2020
Dmitry Kazhdan, Botty Dimanov, Mateja Jamnik, Pietro Liò, Adrian Weller

* Presented at the AIMLAI workshop at the 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020) 

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On the Fairness of Causal Algorithmic Recourse

Oct 14, 2020
Julius von Kügelgen, Umang Bhatt, Amir-Hossein Karimi, Isabel Valera, Adrian Weller, Bernhard Schölkopf

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Rethinking Attention with Performers

Sep 30, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, Valerii Likhosherstov, David Dohan, Xingyou Song, Andreea Gane, Tamas Sarlos, Peter Hawkins, Jared Davis, Afroz Mohiuddin, Lukasz Kaiser, David Belanger, Lucy Colwell, Adrian Weller

* 36 pages. This is an updated version of a previous submission which can be found at arXiv:2006.03555. See for protein language model code, and for Performer code 

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Machine Learning Explainability for External Stakeholders

Jul 10, 2020
Umang Bhatt, McKane Andrus, Adrian Weller, Alice Xiang

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An Ode to an ODE

Jun 23, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, Jared Quincy Davis, Valerii Likhosherstov, Xingyou Song, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Jacob Varley, Honglak Lee, Adrian Weller, Vikas Sindhwani

* 20 pages, 9 figures 

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Getting a CLUE: A Method for Explaining Uncertainty Estimates

Jun 11, 2020
Javier Antorán, Umang Bhatt, Tameem Adel, Adrian Weller, José Miguel Hernández-Lobato

* 33 pages, 31 figures 

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UFO-BLO: Unbiased First-Order Bilevel Optimization

Jun 05, 2020
Valerii Likhosherstov, Xingyou Song, Krzysztof Choromanski, Jared Davis, Adrian Weller

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Masked Language Modeling for Proteins via Linearly Scalable Long-Context Transformers

Jun 05, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, Valerii Likhosherstov, David Dohan, Xingyou Song, Jared Davis, Tamas Sarlos, David Belanger, Lucy Colwell, Adrian Weller

* 14 pages, 11 figures 

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Adversarial Graph Embeddings for Fair Influence Maximization over Social Networks

May 11, 2020
Moein Khajehnejad, Ahmad Asgharian Rezaei, Mahmoudreza Babaei, Jessica Hoffmann, Mahdi Jalili, Adrian Weller

* In Proc. of the 29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'20), 2020 

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Time Dependence in Non-Autonomous Neural ODEs

May 06, 2020
Jared Quincy Davis, Krzysztof Choromanski, Jake Varley, Honglak Lee, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Valerii Likhosterov, Adrian Weller, Ameesh Makadia, Vikas Sindhwani

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Dimensions of Diversity in Human Perceptions of Algorithmic Fairness

May 02, 2020
Nina Grgić-Hlača, Adrian Weller, Elissa M. Redmiles

* Presented at the CSCW 2019 workshop on Team and Group Diversity 

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Evaluating and Aggregating Feature-based Model Explanations

May 01, 2020
Umang Bhatt, Adrian Weller, José M. F. Moura

* Accepted at IJCAI 2020 

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CWY Parametrization for Scalable Learning of Orthogonal and Stiefel Matrices

Apr 18, 2020
Valerii Likhosherstov, Jared Davis, Krzysztof Choromanski, Adrian Weller

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Stochastic Flows and Geometric Optimization on the Orthogonal Group

Mar 30, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, David Cheikhi, Jared Davis, Valerii Likhosherstov, Achille Nazaret, Achraf Bahamou, Xingyou Song, Mrugank Akarte, Jack Parker-Holder, Jacob Bergquist, Yuan Gao, Aldo Pacchiano, Tamas Sarlos, Adrian Weller, Vikas Sindhwani

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An Empirical Study on Learning Fairness Metrics for COMPAS Data with Human Supervision

Oct 31, 2019
Hanchen Wang, Nina Grgic-Hlaca, Preethi Lahoti, Krishna P. Gummadi, Adrian Weller

* Accepted at NeurIPS 2019 HCML Workshop 

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DADI: Dynamic Discovery of Fair Information with Adversarial Reinforcement Learning

Oct 30, 2019
Michiel A. Bakker, Duy Patrick Tu, Humberto Riverón Valdés, Krishna P. Gummadi, Kush R. Varshney, Adrian Weller, Alex Pentland

* Accepted at NeurIPS 2019 HCML Workshop 

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Optimal experimental design via Bayesian optimization: active causal structure learning for Gaussian process networks

Oct 09, 2019
Julius von Kügelgen, Paul K Rubenstein, Bernhard Schölkopf, Adrian Weller

* Working paper. Accepted as a poster at the NeurIPS 2019 workshop, "Do the right thing": machine learning and causal inference for improved decision making. (6 pages + references + appendix) 

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Explainable Machine Learning in Deployment

Sep 13, 2019
Umang Bhatt, Alice Xiang, Shubham Sharma, Adrian Weller, Ankur Taly, Yunhan Jia, Joydeep Ghosh, Ruchir Puri, José M. F. Moura, Peter Eckersley

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The Sensitivity of Counterfactual Fairness to Unmeasured Confounding

Jul 01, 2019
Niki Kilbertus, Philip J. Ball, Matt J. Kusner, Adrian Weller, Ricardo Silva

* published at UAI 2019 

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Leader Stochastic Gradient Descent for Distributed Training of Deep Learning Models

May 24, 2019
Yunfei Teng, Wenbo Gao, Francois Chalus, Anna Choromanska, Donald Goldfarb, Adrian Weller

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Orthogonal Estimation of Wasserstein Distances

Apr 05, 2019
Mark Rowland, Jiri Hron, Yunhao Tang, Krzysztof Choromanski, Tamas Sarlos, Adrian Weller

* Published at AISTATS 2019 

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Structured Random Orthogonal Embeddings

Sep 03, 2018
Krzysztof Choromanski, Mark Rowland, Adrian Weller

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Proceedings of the 2018 ICML Workshop on Human Interpretability in Machine Learning (WHI 2018)

Jul 03, 2018
Been Kim, Kush R. Varshney, Adrian Weller

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A Unified Approach to Quantifying Algorithmic Unfairness: Measuring Individual & Group Unfairness via Inequality Indices

Jul 02, 2018
Till Speicher, Hoda Heidari, Nina Grgic-Hlaca, Krishna P. Gummadi, Adish Singla, Adrian Weller, Muhammad Bilal Zafar

* 12 pages 7 figures To be published in: KDD '18: The 24th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Proceedings 

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