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Besov Function Approximation and Binary Classification on Low-Dimensional Manifolds Using Convolutional Residual Networks

Sep 10, 2021
Hao Liu, Minshuo Chen, Tuo Zhao, Wenjing Liao

* ICML2021, 6770-6780 

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DuTrust: A Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Trustworthiness Evaluation

Sep 07, 2021
Lijie Wang, Hao Liu, Shuyuan Peng, Hongxuan Tang, Xinyan Xiao, Ying Chen, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang

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APS: Active Pretraining with Successor Features

Aug 31, 2021
Hao Liu, Pieter Abbeel

* Appeared in ICML 2021 

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A Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Trustworthiness Evaluation

Aug 30, 2021
Lijie Wang, Hao Liu, Shuyuan Peng, Hongxuan Tang, Xinyan Xiao, Ying Chen, Hua Wu

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Knowledge accumulating: The general pattern of learning

Aug 09, 2021
Zhuoran Xu, Hao Liu

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An Operator-Splitting Method for the Gaussian Curvature Regularization Model with Applications in Surface Smoothing and Imaging

Aug 04, 2021
Hao Liu, Xue-Cheng Tai, Roland Glowinski

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MugRep: A Multi-Task Hierarchical Graph Representation Learning Framework for Real Estate Appraisal

Aug 02, 2021
Weijia Zhang, Hao Liu, Lijun Zha, Hengshu Zhu, Ji Liu, Dejing Dou, Hui Xiong

* 11 pages, SIGKDD-2021 

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Multi-Agent Cooperative Bidding Games for Multi-Objective Optimization in e-Commercial Sponsored Search

Jun 08, 2021
Ziyu Guan, Hongchang Wu, Qingyu Cao, Hao Liu, Wei Zhao, Sheng Li, Cai Xu, Guang Qiu, Jian Xu, Bo Zheng

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JIZHI: A Fast and Cost-Effective Model-As-A-Service System for Web-Scale Online Inference at Baidu

Jun 03, 2021
Hao Liu, Qian Gao, Jiang Li, Xiaochao Liao, Hao Xiong, Guangxing Chen, Wenlin Wang, Guobao Yang, Zhiwei Zha, Daxiang Dong, Dejing Dou, Haoyi Xiong

* Accepted to SIGKDD 2021 applied data science track 

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Vehicle Re-identification Method Based on Vehicle Attribute and Mutual Exclusion Between Cameras

Apr 30, 2021
Junru Chen, Shiqing Geng, Yongluan Yan, Danyang Huang, Hao Liu, Yadong Li

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Multi-modal Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving with Semantic Map and Dynamic Graph Attention Network

Mar 30, 2021
Bo Dong, Hao Liu, Yu Bai, Jinbiao Lin, Zhuoran Xu, Xinyu Xu, Qi Kong

* NIPS2020 Workshop on Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving 

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Behavior From the Void: Unsupervised Active Pre-Training

Mar 12, 2021
Hao Liu, Pieter Abbeel

* Corrected typos. Content unchanged 

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PML: Progressive Margin Loss for Long-tailed Age Classification

Mar 03, 2021
Zongyong Deng, Hao Liu, Yaoxing Wang, Chenyang Wang, Zekuan Yu, Xuehong Sun

* Accepted at CVPR2021 

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Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Recommendation Based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Feb 15, 2021
Weijia Zhang, Hao Liu, Fan Wang, Tong Xu, Haoran Xin, Dejing Dou, Hui Xiong

* 12 pages, 10 figures 

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Out-of-Town Recommendation with Travel Intention Modeling

Feb 06, 2021
Haoran Xin, Xinjiang Lu, Tong Xu, Hao Liu, Jingjing Gu, Dejing Dou, Hui Xiong

* Accepted by AAAI-2021 

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CoordiQ : Coordinated Q-learning for Electric Vehicle Charging Recommendation

Jan 28, 2021
Carter Blum, Hao Liu, Hui Xiong

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Disentangling Observed Causal Effects from Latent Confounders using Method of Moments

Jan 17, 2021
Anqi Liu, Hao Liu, Tongxin Li, Saeed Karimi-Bidhendi, Yisong Yue, Anima Anandkumar

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Out-of-distribution Prediction with Invariant Risk Minimization: The Limitation and An Effective Fix

Jan 16, 2021
Ruocheng Guo, Pengchuan Zhang, Hao Liu, Emre Kiciman

* 22 pages 

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Spatial Object Recommendation with Hints: When Spatial Granularity Matters

Jan 08, 2021
Hui Luo, Jingbo Zhou, Zhifeng Bao, Shuangli Li, J. Shane Culpepper, Haochao Ying, Hao Liu, Hui Xiong

* SIGIR Conference (2020) 781-790 

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Joint Air Quality and Weather Prediction Based on Multi-Adversarial Spatiotemporal Networks

Jan 05, 2021
Jindong Han, Hao Liu, Hengshu Zhu, Hui Xiong, Dejing Dou

* 9 pages, 6 figures 

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UNIMO: Towards Unified-Modal Understanding and Generation via Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning

Dec 31, 2020
Wei Li, Can Gao, Guocheng Niu, Xinyan Xiao, Hao Liu, Jiachen Liu, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang

* 11 pages 

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Doubly Robust Off-Policy Learning on Low-Dimensional Manifolds by Deep Neural Networks

Nov 03, 2020
Minshuo Chen, Hao Liu, Wenjing Liao, Tuo Zhao

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Interactive Reinforcement Learning for Feature Selection with Decision Tree in the Loop

Oct 02, 2020
Wei Fan, Kunpeng Liu, Hao Liu, Yong Ge, Hui Xiong, Yanjie Fu

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2008.12001 

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AutoFS: Automated Feature Selection via Diversity-aware Interactive Reinforcement Learning

Sep 16, 2020
Wei Fan, Kunpeng Liu, Hao Liu, Pengyang Wang, Yong Ge, Yanjie Fu

* Accepted by ICDM 2020. In this version, we revised some typos or mistakes for camera-ready 

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DARWIN: A Highly Flexible Platform for Imaging Research in Radiology

Sep 02, 2020
Lufan Chang, Wenjing Zhuang, Richeng Wu, Sai Feng, Hao Liu, Jing Yu, Jia Ding, Ziteng Wang, Jiaqi Zhang

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Identifying and Tracking Solar Magnetic Flux Elements with Deep Learning

Aug 27, 2020
Haodi Jiang, Jiasheng Wang, Chang Liu, Ju Jing, Hao Liu, Jason T. L. Wang, Haimin Wang

* The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 250:5 (13pp), 2020 
* 17 pages, 12 figures 

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