TAM: Temporal Adaptive Module for Video Recognition

May 14, 2020
Zhaoyang Liu, Limin Wang, Wayne Wu, Chen Qian, Tong Lu

* Technical report 

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TransMoMo: Invariance-Driven Unsupervised Video Motion Retargeting

Apr 01, 2020
Zhuoqian Yang, Wentao Zhu, Wayne Wu, Chen Qian, Qiang Zhou, Bolei Zhou, Chen Change Loy

* Accepted by CVPR 2020. The first three authors contributed equally. Project page: https://yzhq97.github.io/transmomo/ 

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3D Sketch-aware Semantic Scene Completion via Semi-supervised Structure Prior

Mar 31, 2020
Xiaokang Chen, Kwan-Yee Lin, Chen Qian, Gang Zeng, Hongsheng Li

* Accepted by CVPR 2020 

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GreedyNAS: Towards Fast One-Shot NAS with Greedy Supernet

Mar 25, 2020
Shan You, Tao Huang, Mingmin Yang, Fei Wang, Chen Qian, Changshui Zhang

* To appear in CVPR 2020 

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EllipBody: A Light-weight and Part-based Representation for Human Pose and Shape Recovery

Mar 24, 2020
Min Wang, Feng Qiu, Wentao Liu, Chen Qian, Xiaowei Zhou, Lizhuang Ma

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CentripetalNet: Pursuing High-quality Keypoint Pairs for Object Detection

Mar 20, 2020
Zhiwei Dong, Guoxuan Li, Yue Liao, Fei Wang, Pengju Ren, Chen Qian

* Accepted by CVPR2020 

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Everybody's Talkin': Let Me Talk as You Want

Jan 15, 2020
Linsen Song, Wayne Wu, Chen Qian, Ran He, Chen Change Loy

* Technical report. Project page: https://wywu.github.io/projects/EBT/EBT.html 

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DeeperForensics-1.0: A Large-Scale Dataset for Real-World Face Forgery Detection

Jan 09, 2020
Liming Jiang, Wayne Wu, Ren Li, Chen Qian, Chen Change Loy

* Project page: https://liming-jiang.com/projects/DrF1/DrF1.html 

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A Coarse-to-Fine Adaptive Network for Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation

Jan 01, 2020
Yihua Cheng, Shiyao Huang, Fei Wang, Chen Qian, Feng Lu

* 9 pages, 7figures, AAAI-20 

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FAB: A Robust Facial Landmark Detection Framework for Motion-Blurred Videos

Oct 26, 2019
Keqiang Sun, Wayne Wu, Tinghao Liu, Shuo Yang, Quan Wang, Qiang Zhou, Zuochang Ye, Chen Qian

* Accepted to ICCV 2019. Project page: https://keqiangsun.github.io/projects/FAB/FAB.html 

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TRB: A Novel Triplet Representation for Understanding 2D Human Body

Oct 25, 2019
Haodong Duan, KwanYee Lin, Sheng Jin, Wentao Liu, Chen Qian, Wanli Ouyang

* Accepted by ICCV2019 

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A Real-Time Cross-modality Correlation Filtering Method for Referring Expression Comprehension

Sep 24, 2019
Yue Liao, Si Liu, Guanbin Li, Fei Wang, Yanjie Chen, Chen Qian, Bo Li

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Make a Face: Towards Arbitrary High Fidelity Face Manipulation

Aug 20, 2019
Shengju Qian, Kwan-Yee Lin, Wayne Wu, Yangxiaokang Liu, Quan Wang, Fumin Shen, Chen Qian, Ran He

* Accepted to ICCV 2019 

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Aggregation via Separation: Boosting Facial Landmark Detector with Semi-Supervised Style Translation

Aug 18, 2019
Shengju Qian, Keqiang Sun, Wayne Wu, Chen Qian, Jiaya Jia

* Accepted to ICCV 2019 

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TraceWalk: Semantic-based Process Graph Embedding for Consistency Checking

May 16, 2019
Chen Qian, Lijie Wen, Akhil Kumar

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Process Extraction from Texts via Multi-Task Architecture

May 16, 2019
Chen Qian, Lijie Wen, MingSheng Long, Yanwei Li, Akhil Kumar, Jianmin Wang

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Disentangling Content and Style via Unsupervised Geometry Distillation

May 11, 2019
Wayne Wu, Kaidi Cao, Cheng Li, Chen Qian, Chen Change Loy

* Accepted to ICLR 2019 Workshop 

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TransGaGa: Geometry-Aware Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation

Apr 21, 2019
Wayne Wu, Kaidi Cao, Cheng Li, Chen Qian, Chen Change Loy

* Accepted to CVPR 2019. Project page: https://wywu.github.io/projects/TGaGa/TGaGa.html 

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Deep Comprehensive Correlation Mining for Image Clustering

Apr 16, 2019
Jianlong Wu, Keyu Long, Fei Wang, Chen Qian, Cheng Li, Zhouchen Lin, Hongbin Zha

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Weakly-Supervised Discovery of Geometry-Aware Representation for 3D Human Pose Estimation

Mar 27, 2019
Xipeng Chen, Kwan-Yee Lin, Wentao Liu, Chen Qian, Xiaogang Wang, Liang Lin

* Accepted as a CVPR 2019 oral paper. Project page: https://kwanyeelin.github.io/ 

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Multi-person Articulated Tracking with Spatial and Temporal Embeddings

Mar 21, 2019
Sheng Jin, Wentao Liu, Wanli Ouyang, Chen Qian

* CVPR2019 

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Turbo Learning Framework for Human-Object Interactions Recognition and Human Pose Estimation

Mar 15, 2019
Wei Feng, Wentao Liu, Tong Li, Jing Peng, Chen Qian, Xiaolin Hu

* AAAI2019 

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3D Human Pose Machines with Self-supervised Learning

Jan 15, 2019
Keze Wang, Liang Lin, Chenhan Jiang, Chen Qian, Pengxu Wei

* To appear in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T-PAMI), 2019. Our simple yet effective self-supervised correction mechanism to incorporate 3D pose geometric structural information is innovative in the literature, and may also inspire other 3D vision tasks. Please find the code of this project at: http://www.sysu-hcp.net/3d_pose_ssl/ 

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The Devil of Face Recognition is in the Noise

Jul 31, 2018
Fei Wang, Liren Chen, Cheng Li, Shiyao Huang, Yanjie Chen, Chen Qian, Chen Change Loy

* accepted to ECCV'18 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
ReenactGAN: Learning to Reenact Faces via Boundary Transfer

Jul 29, 2018
Wayne Wu, Yunxuan Zhang, Cheng Li, Chen Qian, Chen Change Loy

* Accepted to ECCV 2018. Project page: https://wywu.github.io/projects/ReenactGAN/ReenactGAN.html 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Look at Boundary: A Boundary-Aware Face Alignment Algorithm

May 26, 2018
Wayne Wu, Chen Qian, Shuo Yang, Quan Wang, Yici Cai, Qiang Zhou

* Accepted to CVPR 2018. Project page: https://wywu.github.io/projects/LAB/LAB.html 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
DRPose3D: Depth Ranking in 3D Human Pose Estimation

May 24, 2018
Min Wang, Xipeng Chen, Wentao Liu, Chen Qian, Liang Lin, Lizhuang Ma

* Accepted by the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2018) 

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Residual Attention Network for Image Classification

Apr 23, 2017
Fei Wang, Mengqing Jiang, Chen Qian, Shuo Yang, Cheng Li, Honggang Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang

* accepted to CVPR2017 

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DeepID-Net: multi-stage and deformable deep convolutional neural networks for object detection

Sep 11, 2014
Wanli Ouyang, Ping Luo, Xingyu Zeng, Shi Qiu, Yonglong Tian, Hongsheng Li, Shuo Yang, Zhe Wang, Yuanjun Xiong, Chen Qian, Zhenyao Zhu, Ruohui Wang, Chen-Change Loy, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang

  Access Model/Code and Paper