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Learning Object-Compositional Neural Radiance Field for Editable Scene Rendering

Sep 04, 2021
Bangbang Yang, Yinda Zhang, Yinghao Xu, Yijin Li, Han Zhou, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui

* Accepted to ICCV 2021. Project Page: 

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DeepPanoContext: Panoramic 3D Scene Understanding with Holistic Scene Context Graph and Relation-based Optimization

Aug 24, 2021
Cheng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, Cai Chen, Shuaicheng Liu, Bing Zeng, Hujun Bao, Yinda Zhang

* Accepted by ICCV 2021 

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Deep Hybrid Self-Prior for Full 3D Mesh Generation

Aug 24, 2021
Xingkui Wei, Zhengqing Chen, Yanwei Fu, Zhaopeng Cui, Yinda Zhang

* Accepted by ICCV2021 

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Vis2Mesh: Efficient Mesh Reconstruction from Unstructured Point Clouds of Large Scenes with Learned Virtual View Visibility

Aug 18, 2021
Shuang Song, Zhaopeng Cui, Rongjun Qin

* ICCV2021 

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Towards Efficient Graph Convolutional Networks for Point Cloud Handling

Apr 12, 2021
Yawei Li, He Chen, Zhaopeng Cui, Radu Timofte, Marc Pollefeys, Gregory Chirikjian, Luc Van Gool

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Riggable 3D Face Reconstruction via In-Network Optimization

Apr 08, 2021
Ziqian Bai, Zhaopeng Cui, Xiaoming Liu, Ping Tan

* CVPR2021. Code: Camera Ready Paper: Camera Ready Supp: 

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Holistic 3D Scene Understanding from a Single Image with Implicit Representation

Mar 11, 2021
Cheng Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, Yinda Zhang, Bing Zeng, Marc Pollefeys, Shuaicheng Liu

* 11 pages 

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P2-Net: Joint Description and Detection of Local Features for Pixel and Point Matching

Mar 01, 2021
Bing Wang, Changhao Chen, Zhaopeng Cui, Jie Qin, Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, Zhengdi Yu, Peijun Zhao, Zhen Dong, Fan Zhu, Niki Trigoni, Andrew Markham

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Street-view Panoramic Video Synthesis from a Single Satellite Image

Dec 17, 2020
Zuoyue Li, Zhaopeng Cui, Martin R. Oswald, Marc Pollefeys

* Technical Report 

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4D Human Body Capture from Egocentric Video via 3D Scene Grounding

Nov 26, 2020
Miao Liu, Dexin Yang, Yan Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, James M. Rehg, Siyu Tang

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Self-Supervised Human Depth Estimation from Monocular Videos

May 07, 2020
Feitong Tan, Hao Zhu, Zhaopeng Cui, Siyu Zhu, Marc Pollefeys, Ping Tan

* Accepted by IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Patten Recognition (CVPR), 2020 

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OmniSLAM: Omnidirectional Localization and Dense Mapping for Wide-baseline Multi-camera Systems

Mar 18, 2020
Changhee Won, Hochang Seok, Zhaopeng Cui, Marc Pollefeys, Jongwoo Lim

* accepted by ICRA 2020 

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DIST: Rendering Deep Implicit Signed Distance Function with Differentiable Sphere Tracing

Nov 29, 2019
Shaohui Liu, Yinda Zhang, Songyou Peng, Boxin Shi, Marc Pollefeys, Zhaopeng Cui

* 10 pages, 12 figures, 3 tables. Project page: 

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Project AutoVision: Localization and 3D Scene Perception for an Autonomous Vehicle with a Multi-Camera System

Mar 05, 2019
Lionel Heng, Benjamin Choi, Zhaopeng Cui, Marcel Geppert, Sixing Hu, Benson Kuan, Peidong Liu, Rang Nguyen, Ye Chuan Yeo, Andreas Geiger, Gim Hee Lee, Marc Pollefeys, Torsten Sattler

* 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 

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DeepLiDAR: Deep Surface Normal Guided Depth Prediction for Outdoor Scene from Sparse LiDAR Data and Single Color Image

Dec 02, 2018
Jiaxiong Qiu, Zhaopeng Cui, Yinda Zhang, Xingdi Zhang, Shuaicheng Liu, Bing Zeng, Marc Pollefeys

* 10 pages 

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Efficient 2D-3D Matching for Multi-Camera Visual Localization

Sep 17, 2018
Marcel Geppert, Peidong Liu, Zhaopeng Cui, Marc Pollefeys, Torsten Sattler

* 7 pages 

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Real-Time Dense Mapping for Self-driving Vehicles using Fisheye Cameras

Sep 17, 2018
Zhaopeng Cui, Lionel Heng, Ye Chuan Yeo, Andreas Geiger, Marc Pollefeys, Torsten Sattler

* 8 pages 

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Linear Global Translation Estimation with Feature Tracks

Sep 04, 2015
Zhaopeng Cui, Nianjuan Jiang, Chengzhou Tang, Ping Tan

* Changes: 1. Adopt BMVC2015 style; 2. Combine sections 3 and 5; 3. Move "Evaluation on synthetic data" out to supplementary file; 4. Divide subsection "Evaluation on general data" to subsections "Experiment on sequential data" and "Experiment on unordered Internet data"; 5. Change Fig. 1 and Fig.8; 6. Move Fig. 6 and Fig. 7 to supplementary file; 7 Change some symbols; 8. Correct some typos 

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