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On the Efficacy of Adversarial Data Collection for Question Answering: Results from a Large-Scale Randomized Study

Jun 02, 2021
Divyansh Kaushik, Douwe Kiela, Zachary C. Lipton, Wen-tau Yih

* Accepted at ACL-IJCNLP 2021 

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On the Influence of Masking Policies in Intermediate Pre-training

Apr 18, 2021
Qinyuan Ye, Belinda Z. Li, Sinong Wang, Benjamin Bolte, Hao Ma, Wen-tau Yih, Xiang Ren, Madian Khabsa

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On Unifying Misinformation Detection

Apr 12, 2021
Nayeon Lee, Belinda Z. Li, Sinong Wang, Pascale Fung, Hao Ma, Wen-tau Yih, Madian Khabsa

* Accepted to NAACL2021 

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Studying Strategically: Learning to Mask for Closed-book QA

Jan 01, 2021
Qinyuan Ye, Belinda Z. Li, Sinong Wang, Benjamin Bolte, Hao Ma, Wen-tau Yih, Xiang Ren, Madian Khabsa

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NeurIPS 2020 EfficientQA Competition: Systems, Analyses and Lessons Learned

Jan 01, 2021
Sewon Min, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Chris Alberti, Danqi Chen, Eunsol Choi, Michael Collins, Kelvin Guu, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Kenton Lee, Jennimaria Palomaki, Colin Raffel, Adam Roberts, Tom Kwiatkowski, Patrick Lewis, Yuxiang Wu, Heinrich Küttler, Linqing Liu, Pasquale Minervini, Pontus Stenetorp, Sebastian Riedel, Sohee Yang, Minjoon Seo, Gautier Izacard, Fabio Petroni, Lucas Hosseini, Nicola De Cao, Edouard Grave, Ikuya Yamada, Sonse Shimaoka, Masatoshi Suzuki, Shumpei Miyawaki, Shun Sato, Ryo Takahashi, Jun Suzuki, Martin Fajcik, Martin Docekal, Karel Ondrej, Pavel Smrz, Hao Cheng, Yelong Shen, Xiaodong Liu, Pengcheng He, Weizhu Chen, Jianfeng Gao, Barlas Oguz, Xilun Chen, Vladimir Karpukhin, Stan Peshterliev, Dmytro Okhonko, Michael Schlichtkrull, Sonal Gupta, Yashar Mehdad, Wen-tau Yih

* 26 pages 

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Multi-task Retrieval for Knowledge-Intensive Tasks

Jan 01, 2021
Jean Maillard, Vladimir Karpukhin, Fabio Petroni, Wen-tau Yih, Barlas Oğuz, Veselin Stoyanov, Gargi Ghosh

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FiD-Ex: Improving Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Extractive Rationale Generation

Dec 31, 2020
Kushal Lakhotia, Bhargavi Paranjape, Asish Ghoshal, Wen-tau Yih, Yashar Mehdad, Srinivasan Iyer

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Joint Verification and Reranking for Open Fact Checking Over Tables

Dec 30, 2020
Michael Schlichtkrull, Vladimir Karpukhin, Barlas Oğuz, Mike Lewis, Wen-tau Yih, Sebastian Riedel

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RECONSIDER: Re-Ranking using Span-Focused Cross-Attention for Open Domain Question Answering

Oct 21, 2020
Srinivasan Iyer, Sewon Min, Yashar Mehdad, Wen-tau Yih

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Efficient One-Pass End-to-End Entity Linking for Questions

Oct 06, 2020
Belinda Z. Li, Sewon Min, Srinivasan Iyer, Yashar Mehdad, Wen-tau Yih

* 9 pages, EMNLP 2020 

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Answering Complex Open-Domain Questions with Multi-Hop Dense Retrieval

Sep 27, 2020
Wenhan Xiong, Xiang Lorraine Li, Srini Iyer, Jingfei Du, Patrick Lewis, William Yang Wang, Yashar Mehdad, Wen-tau Yih, Sebastian Riedel, Douwe Kiela, Barlas Oğuz

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Language Models as Fact Checkers?

Jun 07, 2020
Nayeon Lee, Belinda Z. Li, Sinong Wang, Wen-tau Yih, Hao Ma, Madian Khabsa

* Accepted in FEVER Workshop (ACL2020) 

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Retrieval-Augmented Generation for Knowledge-Intensive NLP Tasks

May 22, 2020
Patrick Lewis, Ethan Perez, Aleksandara Piktus, Fabio Petroni, Vladimir Karpukhin, Naman Goyal, Heinrich Küttler, Mike Lewis, Wen-tau Yih, Tim Rocktäschel, Sebastian Riedel, Douwe Kiela

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TaBERT: Pretraining for Joint Understanding of Textual and Tabular Data

May 17, 2020
Pengcheng Yin, Graham Neubig, Wen-tau Yih, Sebastian Riedel

* To Appear at ACL 2020 

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An Imitation Game for Learning Semantic Parsers from User Interaction

May 02, 2020
Ziyu Yao, Yiqi Tang, Wen-tau Yih, Huan Sun, Yu Su

* 17 pages, 6 figures 

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Dense Passage Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering

May 02, 2020
Vladimir Karpukhin, Barlas Oğuz, Sewon Min, Patrick Lewis, Ledell Wu, Sergey Edunov, Danqi Chen, Wen-tau Yih

* corrected typos in Table 3; add a paragraph in Sec. 6.2 

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Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Question Answering

Feb 22, 2020
Ethan Perez, Patrick Lewis, Wen-tau Yih, Kyunghyun Cho, Douwe Kiela

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Model-based Interactive Semantic Parsing: A Unified Framework and A Text-to-SQL Case Study

Oct 11, 2019
Ziyu Yao, Yu Su, Huan Sun, Wen-tau Yih

* 14 pages, 4 figures, accepted to EMNLP 2019 

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Everything Happens for a Reason: Discovering the Purpose of Actions in Procedural Text

Sep 18, 2019
Bhavana Dalvi Mishra, Niket Tandon, Antoine Bosselut, Wen-tau Yih, Peter Clark

* Accepted to EMNLP 2019 as a long paper. This revision fixed a typo in an author name in references 

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Be Consistent! Improving Procedural Text Comprehension using Label Consistency

Jun 21, 2019
Xinya Du, Bhavana Dalvi Mishra, Niket Tandon, Antoine Bosselut, Wen-tau Yih, Peter Clark, Claire Cardie

* NAACL 2019 

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QuaRel: A Dataset and Models for Answering Questions about Qualitative Relationships

Nov 20, 2018
Oyvind Tafjord, Peter Clark, Matt Gardner, Wen-tau Yih, Ashish Sabharwal

* 9 pages, AAAI 2019 

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FlowQA: Grasping Flow in History for Conversational Machine Comprehension

Oct 06, 2018
Hsin-Yuan Huang, Eunsol Choi, Wen-tau Yih

* 11 pages, 4 figures 

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Dissecting Contextual Word Embeddings: Architecture and Representation

Sep 27, 2018
Matthew E. Peters, Mark Neumann, Luke Zettlemoyer, Wen-tau Yih

* EMNLP 2018 

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Policy Shaping and Generalized Update Equations for Semantic Parsing from Denotations

Sep 05, 2018
Dipendra Misra, Ming-Wei Chang, Xiaodong He, Wen-tau Yih

* Accepted at EMNLP 2018 

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Reasoning about Actions and State Changes by Injecting Commonsense Knowledge

Aug 29, 2018
Niket Tandon, Bhavana Dalvi Mishra, Joel Grus, Wen-tau Yih, Antoine Bosselut, Peter Clark

* Accepted at EMNLP 2018. Niket Tandon and Bhavana Dalvi Mishra contributed equally to this work 

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QuAC : Question Answering in Context

Aug 28, 2018
Eunsol Choi, He He, Mohit Iyyer, Mark Yatskar, Wen-tau Yih, Yejin Choi, Percy Liang, Luke Zettlemoyer

* EMNLP Camera Ready 

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Natural Language to Structured Query Generation via Meta-Learning

Jul 18, 2018
Po-Sen Huang, Chenglong Wang, Rishabh Singh, Wen-tau Yih, Xiaodong He

* in NAACL HLT 2018 

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