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Multi-Agent Vulnerability Discovery for Autonomous Driving with Hazard Arbitration Reward

Dec 12, 2021
Weilin Liu, Ye Mu, Chao Yu, Xuefei Ning, Zhong Cao, Yi Wu, Shuang Liang, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Variational Automatic Curriculum Learning for Sparse-Reward Cooperative Multi-Agent Problems

Nov 08, 2021
Jiayu Chen, Yuanxin Zhang, Yuanfan Xu, Huimin Ma, Huazhong Yang, Jiaming Song, Yu Wang, Yi Wu

* In NeurIPS 2021 

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Learning Efficient Multi-Agent Cooperative Visual Exploration

Oct 12, 2021
Chao Yu, Xinyi Yang, Jiaxuan Gao, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang, Yi Wu

* First three authors share equal contribution 

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Ensemble-in-One: Learning Ensemble within Random Gated Networks for Enhanced Adversarial Robustness

Mar 27, 2021
Yi Cai, Xuefei Ning, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Machine Learning for Electronic Design Automation: A Survey

Jan 10, 2021
Guyue Huang, Jingbo Hu, Yifan He, Jialong Liu, Mingyuan Ma, Zhaoyang Shen, Juejian Wu, Yuanfan Xu, Hengrui Zhang, Kai Zhong, Xuefei Ning, Yuzhe Ma, Haoyu Yang, Bei Yu, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Multi-shot NAS for Discovering Adversarially Robust Convolutional Neural Architectures at Targeted Capacities

Jan 01, 2021
Xuefei Ning, Junbo Zhao, Wenshuo Li, Tianchen Zhao, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

* 9 pages, 8 pages appendices 

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BARS: Joint Search of Cell Topology and Layout for Accurate and Efficient Binary ARchitectures

Dec 21, 2020
Tianchen Zhao, Xuefei Ning, Songyi Yang, Shuang Liang, Peng Lei, Jianfei Chen, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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aw_nas: A Modularized and Extensible NAS framework

Nov 25, 2020
Xuefei Ning, Changcheng Tang, Wenshuo Li, Songyi Yang, Tianchen Zhao, Niansong Zhang, Tianyi Lu, Shuang Liang, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Attentional Separation-and-Aggregation Network for Self-supervised Depth-Pose Learning in Dynamic Scenes

Nov 18, 2020
Feng Gao, Jincheng Yu, Hao Shen, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* accepted by CoRL2020 

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A Surgery of the Neural Architecture Evaluators

Aug 12, 2020
Xuefei Ning, Wenshuo Li, Zixuan Zhou, Tianchen Zhao, Yin Zheng, Shuang Liang, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Physical Adversarial Attack on Vehicle Detector in the Carla Simulator

Aug 07, 2020
Tong Wu, Xuefei Ning, Wenshuo Li, Ranran Huang, Huazhong Yang, Yu Wang

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Towards Lower Bit Multiplication for Convolutional Neural Network Training

Jun 04, 2020
Kai Zhong, Tianchen Zhao, Xuefei Ning, Shulin Zeng, Kaiyuan Guo, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* 11 pages, 9 figures 

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DSA: More Efficient Budgeted Pruning via Differentiable Sparsity Allocation

Apr 26, 2020
Xuefei Ning, Tianchen Zhao, Wenshuo Li, Peng Lei, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* The first two authors contribute equally 

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A Generic Graph-based Neural Architecture Encoding Scheme for Predictor-based NAS

Apr 04, 2020
Xuefei Ning, Yin Zheng, Tianchen Zhao, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* 15 pages main text; 9 pages appendix 

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Enabling Efficient and Flexible FPGA Virtualization for Deep Learning in the Cloud

Mar 26, 2020
Shulin Zeng, Guohao Dai, Hanbo Sun, Kai Zhong, Guangjun Ge, Kaiyuan Guo, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

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FTT-NAS: Discovering Fault-Tolerant Neural Architecture

Mar 20, 2020
Xuefei Ning, Guangjun Ge, Wenshuo Li, Zhenhua Zhu, Yin Zheng, Xiaoming Chen, Zhen Gao, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* 13 pages, 9 figures 

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Interactive Hand Pose Estimation: Boosting accuracy in localizing extended finger joints

Jul 25, 2018
Cairong Zhang, Guijin Wang, Hengkai Guo, Xinghao Chen, Fei Qiao, Huazhong Yang

* Electronic Imaging, Visual Information Processing and Communication IX (2018), pp. 251-1-251-6(6) 
* Original publication available on 

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Nonparametric Topic Modeling with Neural Inference

Jun 18, 2018
Xuefei Ning, Yin Zheng, Zhuxi Jiang, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang, Junzhou Huang

* 11 pages, 2 figures 

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Hu-Fu: Hardware and Software Collaborative Attack Framework against Neural Networks

May 14, 2018
Wenshuo Li, Jincheng Yu, Xuefei Ning, Pengjun Wang, Qi Wei, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* 6 pages, 8 figures, 5 tables, accepted to ISVLSI 2018 

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Two-Stream Binocular Network: Accurate Near Field Finger Detection Based On Binocular Images

Apr 26, 2018
Yi Wei, Guijin Wang, Cairong Zhang, Hengkai Guo, Xinghao Chen, Huazhong Yang

* Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), 2017 IEEE (2017) 1-4 
* Published in: Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), 2017 IEEE. Original IEEE publication available on Dataset available on 

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A Deep Learning Approach for Blind Drift Calibration of Sensor Networks

Jun 16, 2017
Yuzhi Wang, Anqi Yang, Xiaoming Chen, Pengjun Wang, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang

* IEEE Sensors Journal, 17 (2017), 4158-4171 

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Region Ensemble Network: Improving Convolutional Network for Hand Pose Estimation

May 09, 2017
Hengkai Guo, Guijin Wang, Xinghao Chen, Cairong Zhang, Fei Qiao, Huazhong Yang

* Accepted to ICIP 2017. Project: 

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ESE: Efficient Speech Recognition Engine with Sparse LSTM on FPGA

Feb 20, 2017
Song Han, Junlong Kang, Huizi Mao, Yiming Hu, Xin Li, Yubin Li, Dongliang Xie, Hong Luo, Song Yao, Yu Wang, Huazhong Yang, William J. Dally

* Accepted as full paper in FPGA'17, Monterey, CA; Also appeared at 1st International Workshop on Efficient Methods for Deep Neural Networks at NIPS 2016, Barcelona, Spain 

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Physical Computing With No Clock to Implement the Gaussian Pyramid of SIFT Algorithm

Aug 11, 2014
Yi Li, Qi Wei, Fei Qiao, Huazhong Yang

* 6 

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