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Text-based NP Enrichment

Sep 24, 2021
Yanai Elazar, Victoria Basmov, Yoav Goldberg, Reut Tsarfaty

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Revisiting Few-shot Relation Classification: Evaluation Data and Classification Schemes

Apr 17, 2021
Ofer Sabo, Yanai Elazar, Yoav Goldberg, Ido Dagan

* Accepted to TACL 2021 

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Back to Square One: Bias Detection, Training and Commonsense Disentanglement in the Winograd Schema

Apr 16, 2021
Yanai Elazar, Hongming Zhang, Yoav Goldberg, Dan Roth

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Contrastive Explanations for Model Interpretability

Mar 02, 2021
Alon Jacovi, Swabha Swayamdipta, Shauli Ravfogel, Yanai Elazar, Yejin Choi, Yoav Goldberg

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Measuring and Improving Consistency in Pretrained Language Models

Feb 01, 2021
Yanai Elazar, Nora Kassner, Shauli Ravfogel, Abhilasha Ravichander, Eduard Hovy, Hinrich Schütze, Yoav Goldberg

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First Align, then Predict: Understanding the Cross-Lingual Ability of Multilingual BERT

Jan 26, 2021
Benjamin Muller, Yanai Elazar, Benoît Sagot, Djamé Seddah

* Accepted at EACL 2021 

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It's not Greek to mBERT: Inducing Word-Level Translations from Multilingual BERT

Oct 16, 2020
Hila Gonen, Shauli Ravfogel, Yanai Elazar, Yoav Goldberg

* BlackboxNLP 2020 

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The Extraordinary Failure of Complement Coercion Crowdsourcing

Oct 12, 2020
Yanai Elazar, Victoria Basmov, Shauli Ravfogel, Yoav Goldberg, Reut Tsarfaty

* Workshop on Insights from Negative Results in NLP, co-located with EMNLP 2020 

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Do Language Embeddings Capture Scales?

Oct 11, 2020
Xikun Zhang, Deepak Ramachandran, Ian Tenney, Yanai Elazar, Dan Roth

* Accepted at EMNLP Findings 2020 and EMNLP BlackboxNLP workshop 2020 

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Unsupervised Distillation of Syntactic Information from Contextualized Word Representations

Oct 11, 2020
Shauli Ravfogel, Yanai Elazar, Jacob Goldberger, Yoav Goldberg

* Accepted in [email protected] 

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When Bert Forgets How To POS: Amnesic Probing of Linguistic Properties and MLM Predictions

Jun 01, 2020
Yanai Elazar, Shauli Ravfogel, Alon Jacovi, Yoav Goldberg

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Null It Out: Guarding Protected Attributes by Iterative Nullspace Projection

Apr 28, 2020
Shauli Ravfogel, Yanai Elazar, Hila Gonen, Michael Twiton, Yoav Goldberg

* Accepted as a long paper in ACL 2020 

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Evaluating NLP Models via Contrast Sets

Apr 06, 2020
Matt Gardner, Yoav Artzi, Victoria Basmova, Jonathan Berant, Ben Bogin, Sihao Chen, Pradeep Dasigi, Dheeru Dua, Yanai Elazar, Ananth Gottumukkala, Nitish Gupta, Hanna Hajishirzi, Gabriel Ilharco, Daniel Khashabi, Kevin Lin, Jiangming Liu, Nelson F. Liu, Phoebe Mulcaire, Qiang Ning, Sameer Singh, Noah A. Smith, Sanjay Subramanian, Reut Tsarfaty, Eric Wallace, Ally Zhang, Ben Zhou

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oLMpics -- On what Language Model Pre-training Captures

Dec 31, 2019
Alon Talmor, Yanai Elazar, Yoav Goldberg, Jonathan Berant

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How Large Are Lions? Inducing Distributions over Quantitative Attributes

Jun 04, 2019
Yanai Elazar, Abhijit Mahabal, Deepak Ramachandran, Tania Bedrax-Weiss, Dan Roth

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Where's My Head? Definition, Dataset and Models for Numeric Fused-Heads Identification and Resolution

May 26, 2019
Yanai Elazar, Yoav Goldberg

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Adversarial Removal of Demographic Attributes from Text Data

Sep 02, 2018
Yanai Elazar, Yoav Goldberg

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Privacy-Adversarial User Representations in Recommender Systems

Jul 10, 2018
Yehezkel S. Resheff, Yanai Elazar, Moni Shahar, Oren Sar Shalom

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