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One TTS Alignment To Rule Them All

Aug 23, 2021
Rohan Badlani, Adrian Łancucki, Kevin J. Shih, Rafael Valle, Wei Ping, Bryan Catanzaro

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Long-Short Transformer: Efficient Transformers for Language and Vision

Jul 27, 2021
Chen Zhu, Wei Ping, Chaowei Xiao, Mohammad Shoeybi, Tom Goldstein, Anima Anandkumar, Bryan Catanzaro

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On Fast Sampling of Diffusion Probabilistic Models

Jun 23, 2021
Zhifeng Kong, Wei Ping

* Code is released 

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End-to-End Training of Neural Retrievers for Open-Domain Question Answering

Jan 02, 2021
Devendra Singh Sachan, Mostofa Patwary, Mohammad Shoeybi, Neel Kant, Wei Ping, William L Hamilton, Bryan Catanzaro

* Preprint 

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Local Knowledge Powered Conversational Agents

Oct 20, 2020
Sashank Santhanam, Wei Ping, Raul Puri, Mohammad Shoeybi, Mostofa Patwary, Bryan Catanzaro

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DiffWave: A Versatile Diffusion Model for Audio Synthesis

Sep 21, 2020
Zhifeng Kong, Wei Ping, Jiaji Huang, Kexin Zhao, Bryan Catanzaro

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WaveFlow: A Compact Flow-based Model for Raw Audio

Jan 10, 2020
Wei Ping, Kainan Peng, Kexin Zhao, Zhao Song

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Multi-Speaker End-to-End Speech Synthesis

Jul 09, 2019
Jihyun Park, Kexin Zhao, Kainan Peng, Wei Ping

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Parallel Neural Text-to-Speech

Jun 05, 2019
Kainan Peng, Wei Ping, Zhao Song, Kexin Zhao

* v2: we improve the synthesis speed of ParaNet by sharing the attention masking at all attention layers 

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Neural Voice Cloning with a Few Samples

Oct 12, 2018
Sercan O. Arik, Jitong Chen, Kainan Peng, Wei Ping, Yanqi Zhou

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Large Margin Neural Language Model

Aug 27, 2018
Jiaji Huang, Yi Li, Wei Ping, Liang Huang

* 9 pages. Accepted as a long paper in EMNLP2018 

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ClariNet: Parallel Wave Generation in End-to-End Text-to-Speech

Jul 30, 2018
Wei Ping, Kainan Peng, Jitong Chen

* Fix a few typos in v2 

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Cancer Metastasis Detection With Neural Conditional Random Field

Jun 19, 2018
Yi Li, Wei Ping

* 9 pages, 5 figures, MIDL 2018 

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Topic Compositional Neural Language Model

Feb 26, 2018
Wenlin Wang, Zhe Gan, Wenqi Wang, Dinghan Shen, Jiaji Huang, Wei Ping, Sanjeev Satheesh, Lawrence Carin

* To appear in AISTATS 2018, updated version 

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Deep Voice 3: Scaling Text-to-Speech with Convolutional Sequence Learning

Feb 22, 2018
Wei Ping, Kainan Peng, Andrew Gibiansky, Sercan O. Arik, Ajay Kannan, Sharan Narang, Jonathan Raiman, John Miller

* Published as a conference paper at ICLR 2018. (v3 changed paper title) 

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Learning Infinite RBMs with Frank-Wolfe

Oct 15, 2017
Wei Ping, Qiang Liu, Alexander Ihler

* NIPS 2016 

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Deep Voice 2: Multi-Speaker Neural Text-to-Speech

Sep 20, 2017
Sercan Arik, Gregory Diamos, Andrew Gibiansky, John Miller, Kainan Peng, Wei Ping, Jonathan Raiman, Yanqi Zhou

* Accepted in NIPS 2017 

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Belief Propagation in Conditional RBMs for Structured Prediction

Mar 02, 2017
Wei Ping, Alexander Ihler

* Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS) 2017 

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Decomposition Bounds for Marginal MAP

Nov 09, 2015
Wei Ping, Qiang Liu, Alexander Ihler

* NIPS 2015 (full-length) 

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Marginal Structured SVM with Hidden Variables

Sep 05, 2014
Wei Ping, Qiang Liu, Alexander Ihler

* Accepted by the 31st International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2014). 12 pages version with supplement 

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