Recipes for building an open-domain chatbot

Apr 30, 2020
Stephen Roller, Emily Dinan, Naman Goyal, Da Ju, Mary Williamson, Yinhan Liu, Jing Xu, Myle Ott, Kurt Shuster, Eric M. Smith, Y-Lan Boureau, Jason Weston

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Don't Say That! Making Inconsistent Dialogue Unlikely with Unlikelihood Training

Nov 10, 2019
Margaret Li, Stephen Roller, Ilia Kulikov, Sean Welleck, Y-Lan Boureau, Kyunghyun Cho, Jason Weston

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The Dialogue Dodecathlon: Open-Domain Knowledge and Image Grounded Conversational Agents

Nov 09, 2019
Kurt Shuster, Da Ju, Stephen Roller, Emily Dinan, Y-Lan Boureau, Jason Weston

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ACUTE-EVAL: Improved Dialogue Evaluation with Optimized Questions and Multi-turn Comparisons

Sep 06, 2019
Margaret Li, Jason Weston, Stephen Roller

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Neural Text Generation with Unlikelihood Training

Aug 12, 2019
Sean Welleck, Ilia Kulikov, Stephen Roller, Emily Dinan, Kyunghyun Cho, Jason Weston

* Sean Welleck and Ilia Kulikov contributed equally 

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What makes a good conversation? How controllable attributes affect human judgments

Apr 10, 2019
Abigail See, Stephen Roller, Douwe Kiela, Jason Weston

* Accepted to NAACL 2019 

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Inferring Concept Hierarchies from Text Corpora via Hyperbolic Embeddings

Feb 03, 2019
Matt Le, Stephen Roller, Laetitia Papaxanthos, Douwe Kiela, Maximilian Nickel

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Wizard of Wikipedia: Knowledge-Powered Conversational agents

Nov 03, 2018
Emily Dinan, Stephen Roller, Kurt Shuster, Angela Fan, Michael Auli, Jason Weston

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Hearst Patterns Revisited: Automatic Hypernym Detection from Large Text Corpora

Jun 08, 2018
Stephen Roller, Douwe Kiela, Maximilian Nickel

* Accepted as a short paper to ACL 2018 

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Relations such as Hypernymy: Identifying and Exploiting Hearst Patterns in Distributional Vectors for Lexical Entailment

Sep 23, 2016
Stephen Roller, Katrin Erk

* EMNLP 2016 

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Representing Meaning with a Combination of Logical and Distributional Models

Jun 08, 2016
I. Beltagy, Stephen Roller, Pengxiang Cheng, Katrin Erk, Raymond J. Mooney

* Special issue of Computational Linguistics on Formal Distributional Semantics, 2016 

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MGNC-CNN: A Simple Approach to Exploiting Multiple Word Embeddings for Sentence Classification

Mar 27, 2016
Ye Zhang, Stephen Roller, Byron Wallace

* This paper got accepted by NAACL 2016 

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