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3DB: A Framework for Debugging Computer Vision Models

Jun 07, 2021
Guillaume Leclerc, Hadi Salman, Andrew Ilyas, Sai Vemprala, Logan Engstrom, Vibhav Vineet, Kai Xiao, Pengchuan Zhang, Shibani Santurkar, Greg Yang, Ashish Kapoor, Aleksander Madry

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Multiscale Invertible Generative Networks for High-Dimensional Bayesian Inference

May 12, 2021
Shumao Zhang, Pengchuan Zhang, Thomas Y. Hou

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Multi-Scale Vision Longformer: A New Vision Transformer for High-Resolution Image Encoding

Mar 29, 2021
Pengchuan Zhang, Xiyang Dai, Jianwei Yang, Bin Xiao, Lu Yuan, Lei Zhang, Jianfeng Gao

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Out-of-distribution Prediction with Invariant Risk Minimization: The Limitation and An Effective Fix

Jan 16, 2021
Ruocheng Guo, Pengchuan Zhang, Hao Liu, Emre Kiciman

* 22 pages 

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VinVL: Making Visual Representations Matter in Vision-Language Models

Jan 02, 2021
Pengchuan Zhang, Xiujun Li, Xiaowei Hu, Jianwei Yang, Lei Zhang, Lijuan Wang, Yejin Choi, Jianfeng Gao

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MiniVLM: A Smaller and Faster Vision-Language Model

Dec 13, 2020
Jianfeng Wang, Xiaowei Hu, Pengchuan Zhang, Xiujun Li, Lijuan Wang, Lei Zhang, Jianfeng Gao, Zicheng Liu

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MagGAN: High-Resolution Face Attribute Editing with Mask-Guided Generative Adversarial Network

Oct 03, 2020
Yi Wei, Zhe Gan, Wenbo Li, Siwei Lyu, Ming-Ching Chang, Lei Zhang, Jianfeng Gao, Pengchuan Zhang

* published at ACCV2020 

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Novel Human-Object Interaction Detection via Adversarial Domain Generalization

May 22, 2020
Yuhang Song, Wenbo Li, Lei Zhang, Jianwei Yang, Emre Kiciman, Hamid Palangi, Jianfeng Gao, C. -C. Jay Kuo, Pengchuan Zhang

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Oscar: Object-Semantics Aligned Pre-training for Vision-Language Tasks

May 18, 2020
Xiujun Li, Xi Yin, Chunyuan Li, Pengchuan Zhang, Xiaowei Hu, Lei Zhang, Lijuan Wang, Houdong Hu, Li Dong, Furu Wei, Yejin Choi, Jianfeng Gao

* Code and pre-trained models are released: 

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Object-Centric Image Generation from Layouts

Mar 16, 2020
Tristan Sylvain, Pengchuan Zhang, Yoshua Bengio, R Devon Hjelm, Shikhar Sharma

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Statistical Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Methods

Feb 25, 2020
Pengchuan Zhang, Hunter Lang, Qiang Liu, Lin Xiao

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Understanding the Role of Momentum in Stochastic Gradient Methods

Oct 30, 2019
Igor Gitman, Hunter Lang, Pengchuan Zhang, Lin Xiao

* 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2019), Vancouver, Canada 

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Using Statistics to Automate Stochastic Optimization

Sep 21, 2019
Hunter Lang, Pengchuan Zhang, Lin Xiao

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TIGEr: Text-to-Image Grounding for Image Caption Evaluation

Sep 04, 2019
Ming Jiang, Qiuyuan Huang, Lei Zhang, Xin Wang, Pengchuan Zhang, Zhe Gan, Jana Diesner, Jianfeng Gao

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Provably Robust Deep Learning via Adversarially Trained Smoothed Classifiers

Jun 12, 2019
Hadi Salman, Greg Yang, Jerry Li, Pengchuan Zhang, Huan Zhang, Ilya Razenshteyn, Sebastien Bubeck

* 27 pages 

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Object-driven Text-to-Image Synthesis via Adversarial Training

Feb 27, 2019
Wenbo Li, Pengchuan Zhang, Lei Zhang, Qiuyuan Huang, Xiaodong He, Siwei Lyu, Jianfeng Gao

* CVPR 2019 

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A Convex Relaxation Barrier to Tight Robustness Verification of Neural Networks

Feb 26, 2019
Hadi Salman, Greg Yang, Huan Zhang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Pengchuan Zhang

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A bird's-eye view on coherence, and a worm's-eye view on cohesion

Nov 01, 2018
Woon Sang Cho, Pengchuan Zhang, Yizhe Zhang, Xiujun Li, Michel Galley, Mengdi Wang, Jianfeng Gao

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RecurJac: An Efficient Recursive Algorithm for Bounding Jacobian Matrix of Neural Networks and Its Applications

Oct 28, 2018
Huan Zhang, Pengchuan Zhang, Cho-Jui Hsieh

* Work done during internship at Microsoft Research 

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Turbo Learning for Captionbot and Drawingbot

May 21, 2018
Qiuyuan Huang, Pengchuan Zhang, Dapeng Wu, Lei Zhang

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On the Discrimination-Generalization Tradeoff in GANs

Feb 23, 2018
Pengchuan Zhang, Qiang Liu, Dengyong Zhou, Tao Xu, Xiaodong He

* ICLR 2018 

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AttnGAN: Fine-Grained Text to Image Generation with Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks

Nov 28, 2017
Tao Xu, Pengchuan Zhang, Qiuyuan Huang, Han Zhang, Zhe Gan, Xiaolei Huang, Xiaodong He

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