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Picture for Daniel Rueckert

Daniel Rueckert

Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Medicine and Healthcare, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, Department of Computing, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Learning a Model-Driven Variational Network for Deformable Image Registration

May 25, 2021
Xi Jia, Alexander Thorley, Wei Chen, Huaqi Qiu, Linlin Shen, Iain B Styles, Hyung Jin Chang, Ales Leonardis, Antonio de Marvao, Declan P. O'Regan, Daniel Rueckert, Jinming Duan

* This work has been submitted to the IEEE for possible publication. Copyright may be transferred without notice, after which this version may no longer be accessible 

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Automated Knee X-ray Report Generation

May 22, 2021
Aydan Gasimova, Giovanni Montana, Daniel Rueckert

* NeurIPS Machine Learning for Health Workshop 2017 

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HyFed: A Hybrid Federated Framework for Privacy-preserving Machine Learning

May 21, 2021
Reza Nasirigerdeh, Reihaneh Torkzadehmahani, Julian Matschinske, Jan Baumbach, Daniel Rueckert, Georgios Kaissis

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FedDis: Disentangled Federated Learning for Unsupervised Brain Pathology Segmentation

Mar 05, 2021
Cosmin I. Bercea, Benedikt Wiestler, Daniel Rueckert, Shadi Albarqouni

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Personalized Federated Deep Learning for Pain Estimation From Face Images

Jan 12, 2021
Ognjen Rudovic, Nicolas Tobis, Sebastian Kaltwang, Björn Schuller, Daniel Rueckert, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Rosalind W. Picard

* 12 pages, 6 figures 

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Complementary Time-Frequency Domain Networks for Dynamic Parallel MR Image Reconstruction

Dec 22, 2020
Chen Qin, Jinming Duan, Kerstin Hammernik, Jo Schlemper, Thomas Küstner, René Botnar, Claudia Prieto, Anthony N. Price, Joseph V. Hajnal, Daniel Rueckert

* In submission 

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Privacy-preserving medical image analysis

Dec 10, 2020
Alexander Ziller, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Théo Ryffel, Dmitrii Usynin, Andrew Trask, Ionésio Da Lima Costa Junior, Jason Mancuso, Marcus Makowski, Daniel Rueckert, Rickmer Braren, Georgios Kaissis

* Accepted at the workshop for Medical Imaging meets NeurIPS, 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) December 11, 2020 

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Reducing Textural Bias Improves Robustness of Deep Segmentation CNNs

Nov 30, 2020
Seoin Chai, Daniel Rueckert, Ahmed E. Fetit

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2CP: Decentralized Protocols to Transparently Evaluate Contributivity in Blockchain Federated Learning Environments

Nov 15, 2020
Harry Cai, Daniel Rueckert, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

* IEEE 2nd International Workshop on Advances in Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain (AIChain 2020) 

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A Systematic Comparison of Encrypted Machine Learning Solutions for Image Classification

Nov 11, 2020
Veneta Haralampieva, Daniel Rueckert, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

* PPMLP'20: Proceedings of the 2020 Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning in Practice 

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Mutual Information-based Disentangled Neural Networks for Classifying Unseen Categories in Different Domains: Application to Fetal Ultrasound Imaging

Oct 30, 2020
Qingjie Meng, Jacqueline Matthew, Veronika A. Zimmer, Alberto Gomez, David F. A. Lloyd, Daniel Rueckert, Bernhard Kainz

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2003.00321 

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Patch-based Brain Age Estimation from MR Images

Oct 01, 2020
Kyriaki-Margarita Bintsi, Vasileios Baltatzis, Arinbjörn Kolbeinsson, Alexander Hammers, Daniel Rueckert

* Accepted (oral) at the MLCN workshop, MICCAI 2020 

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Conditional GAN for Prediction of Glaucoma Progression with Macular Optical Coherence Tomography

Sep 28, 2020
Osama N. Hassan, Serhat Sahin, Vahid Mohammadzadeh, Xiaohe Yang, Navid Amini, Apoorva Mylavarapu, Jack Martinyan, Tae Hong, Golnoush Mahmoudinezhad, Daniel Rueckert, Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi, Fabien Scalzo

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Communicative Reinforcement Learning Agents for Landmark Detection in Brain Images

Sep 27, 2020
Guy Leroy, Daniel Rueckert, Amir Alansary

* Accepted for the MLCN workshop, MICCAI 2020 

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Efficient, high-performance pancreatic segmentation using multi-scale feature extraction

Sep 02, 2020
Moritz Knolle, Georgios Kaissis, Friederike Jungmann, Sebastian Ziegelmayer, Daniel Sasse, Marcus Makowski, Daniel Rueckert, Rickmer Braren

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Causal Future Prediction in a Minkowski Space-Time

Aug 30, 2020
Athanasios Vlontzos, Henrique Bergallo Rocha, Daniel Rueckert, Bernhard Kainz

* Includes supplement 

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Unsupervised Cross-domain Image Classification by Distance Metric Guided Feature Alignment

Aug 19, 2020
Qingjie Meng, Daniel Rueckert, Bernhard Kainz

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Automated Detection of Congenital Heart Disease in Fetal Ultrasound Screening

Aug 18, 2020
Jeremy Tan, Anselm Au, Qingjie Meng, Sandy FinesilverSmith, John Simpson, Daniel Rueckert, Reza Razavi, Thomas Day, David Lloyd, Bernhard Kainz

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Automated Detection of Congenital HeartDisease in Fetal Ultrasound Screening

Aug 16, 2020
Jeremy Tan, Anselm Au, Qingjie Meng, Sandy FinesilverSmith, John Simpson, Daniel Rueckert, Reza Razavi, Thomas Day, David Lloyd, Bernhard Kainz

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Geometric Deep Learning for Post-Menstrual Age Prediction based on the Neonatal White Matter Cortical Surface

Aug 13, 2020
Vitalis Vosylius, Andy Wang, Cemlyn Waters, Alexey Zakharov, Francis Ward, Loic Le Folgoc, John Cupitt, Antonios Makropoulos, Andreas Schuh, Daniel Rueckert, Amir Alansary

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A review of deep learning in medical imaging: Image traits, technology trends, case studies with progress highlights, and future promises

Aug 02, 2020
S. Kevin Zhou, Hayit Greenspan, Christos Davatzikos, James S. Duncan, Bram van Ginneken, Anant Madabhushi, Jerry L. Prince, Daniel Rueckert, Ronald M. Summers

* 19 pages, 7 figures 

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Self-Supervision with Superpixels: Training Few-shot Medical Image Segmentation without Annotation

Jul 20, 2020
Cheng Ouyang, Carlo Biffi, Chen Chen, Turkay Kart, Huaqi Qiu, Daniel Rueckert

* Accepted by ECCV2020 

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Deep Network Interpolation for Accelerated Parallel MR Image Reconstruction

Jul 12, 2020
Chen Qin, Jo Schlemper, Kerstin Hammernik, Jinming Duan, Ronald M Summers, Daniel Rueckert

* Presented at 2020 ISMRM Conference & Exhibition (Abstract #4958) 

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Interpretable Deep Models for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Response Prediction

Jul 09, 2020
Esther Puyol-Antón, Chen Chen, James R. Clough, Bram Ruijsink, Baldeep S. Sidhu, Justin Gould, Bradley Porter, Mark Elliott, Vishal Mehta, Daniel Rueckert, Christopher A. Rinaldi, Andrew P. King

* MICCAI 2020 conference 

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Biomechanics-informed Neural Networks for Myocardial Motion Tracking in MRI

Jul 04, 2020
Chen Qin, Shuo Wang, Chen Chen, Huaqi Qiu, Wenjia Bai, Daniel Rueckert

* The paper is early accepted by MICCAI 2020 

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Deep Generative Model-based Quality Control for Cardiac MRI Segmentation

Jun 23, 2020
Shuo Wang, Giacomo Tarroni, Chen Qin, Yuanhan Mo, Chengliang Dai, Chen Chen, Ben Glocker, Yike Guo, Daniel Rueckert, Wenjia Bai

* The paper is accepted to MICCAI 2020 

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