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Navigating the Landscape of Games

May 04, 2020
Shayegan Omidshafiei, Karl Tuyls, Wojciech M. Czarnecki, Francisco C. Santos, Mark Rowland, Jerome Connor, Daniel Hennes, Paul Muller, Julien Perolat, Bart De Vylder, Audrunas Gruslys, Remi Munos

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Real World Games Look Like Spinning Tops

Apr 20, 2020
Wojciech Marian Czarnecki, Gauthier Gidel, Brendan Tracey, Karl Tuyls, Shayegan Omidshafiei, David Balduzzi, Max Jaderberg

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The Automated Inspection of Opaque Liquid Vaccines

Feb 21, 2020
Gregory Palmer, Benjamin Schnieders, Rahul Savani, Karl Tuyls, Joscha-David Fossel, Harry Flore

* 8 pages, 5 Figures, 3 Tables, ECAI 2020 Conference Proceedings 

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From Poincaré Recurrence to Convergence in Imperfect Information Games: Finding Equilibrium via Regularization

Feb 19, 2020
Julien Perolat, Remi Munos, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Mark Rowland, Pedro Ortega, Neil Burch, Thomas Anthony, David Balduzzi, Bart De Vylder, Georgios Piliouras, Marc Lanctot, Karl Tuyls

* 43 pages 

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Multiagent Evaluation under Incomplete Information

Oct 30, 2019
Mark Rowland, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Karl Tuyls, Julien Perolat, Michal Valko, Georgios Piliouras, Remi Munos

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OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games

Oct 10, 2019
Marc Lanctot, Edward Lockhart, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Vinicius Zambaldi, Satyaki Upadhyay, Julien Pérolat, Sriram Srinivasan, Finbarr Timbers, Karl Tuyls, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Daniel Hennes, Dustin Morrill, Paul Muller, Timo Ewalds, Ryan Faulkner, János Kramár, Bart De Vylder, Brennan Saeta, James Bradbury, David Ding, Sebastian Borgeaud, Matthew Lai, Julian Schrittwieser, Thomas Anthony, Edward Hughes, Ivo Danihelka, Jonah Ryan-Davis

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A Generalized Training Approach for Multiagent Learning

Sep 27, 2019
Paul Muller, Shayegan Omidshafiei, Mark Rowland, Karl Tuyls, Julien Perolat, Siqi Liu, Daniel Hennes, Luke Marris, Marc Lanctot, Edward Hughes, Zhe Wang, Guy Lever, Nicolas Heess, Thore Graepel, Remi Munos

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Neural Replicator Dynamics

Jun 01, 2019
Shayegan Omidshafiei, Daniel Hennes, Dustin Morrill, Remi Munos, Julien Perolat, Marc Lanctot, Audrunas Gruslys, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Karl Tuyls

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Differentiable Game Mechanics

May 13, 2019
Alistair Letcher, David Balduzzi, Sebastien Racaniere, James Martens, Jakob Foerster, Karl Tuyls, Thore Graepel

* Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), v20 (84) 1-40, 2019 
* JMLR 2019, journal version of arXiv:1802.05642 

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Evolving Indoor Navigational Strategies Using Gated Recurrent Units In NEAT

Apr 12, 2019
James Butterworth, Rahul Savani, Karl Tuyls

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Computing Approximate Equilibria in Sequential Adversarial Games by Exploitability Descent

Mar 21, 2019
Edward Lockhart, Marc Lanctot, Julien Pérolat, Jean-Baptiste Lespiau, Dustin Morrill, Finbarr Timbers, Karl Tuyls

* 11 pages, 1 figure 

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Fully Convolutional One-Shot Object Segmentation for Industrial Robotics

Mar 02, 2019
Benjamin Schnieders, Shan Luo, Gregory Palmer, Karl Tuyls

* International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2019), 9 pages 

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Robust temporal difference learning for critical domains

Jan 23, 2019
Richard Klima, Daan Bloembergen, Michael Kaisers, Karl Tuyls

* This paper will appear in the proceedings of AAMAS 2019 

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Re-evaluating Evaluation

Oct 30, 2018
David Balduzzi, Karl Tuyls, Julien Perolat, Thore Graepel

* NIPS 2018, final version 

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Actor-Critic Policy Optimization in Partially Observable Multiagent Environments

Oct 21, 2018
Sriram Srinivasan, Marc Lanctot, Vinicius Zambaldi, Julien Perolat, Karl Tuyls, Remi Munos, Michael Bowling

* NIPS 2018 

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Inequity aversion improves cooperation in intertemporal social dilemmas

Sep 27, 2018
Edward Hughes, Joel Z. Leibo, Matthew G. Phillips, Karl Tuyls, Edgar A. Du√©√Īez-Guzm√°n, Antonio Garc√≠a Casta√Īeda, Iain Dunning, Tina Zhu, Kevin R. McKee, Raphael Koster, Heather Roff, Thore Graepel

* 15 pages, 8 figures 

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SCC-rFMQ Learning in Cooperative Markov Games with Continuous Actions

Sep 18, 2018
Chengwei Zhang, Xiaohong Li, Jianye Hao, Siqi Chen, Karl Tuyls, Zhiyong Feng, Wanli Xue, Rong Chen

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Negative Update Intervals in Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Sep 17, 2018
Gregory Palmer, Rahul Savani, Karl Tuyls

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A Comparative Study of Bug Algorithms for Robot Navigation

Aug 17, 2018
Kimberly McGuire, Guido de Croon, Karl Tuyls

* 22 pages, 20 figures, Submitted to Robotics and Autonomous Systems 

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Fast Convergence for Object Detection by Learning how to Combine Error Functions

Aug 13, 2018
Benjamin Schnieders, Karl Tuyls

* Accepted for publication at IROS 2018 

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Relational Deep Reinforcement Learning

Jun 28, 2018
Vinicius Zambaldi, David Raposo, Adam Santoro, Victor Bapst, Yujia Li, Igor Babuschkin, Karl Tuyls, David Reichert, Timothy Lillicrap, Edward Lockhart, Murray Shanahan, Victoria Langston, Razvan Pascanu, Matthew Botvinick, Oriol Vinyals, Peter Battaglia

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The Mechanics of n-Player Differentiable Games

Jun 06, 2018
David Balduzzi, Sebastien Racaniere, James Martens, Jakob Foerster, Karl Tuyls, Thore Graepel

* PMLR volume 80, 2018 
* ICML 2018, final version 

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Emergence of Linguistic Communication from Referential Games with Symbolic and Pixel Input

Apr 11, 2018
Angeliki Lazaridou, Karl Moritz Hermann, Karl Tuyls, Stephen Clark

* To appear at ICLR 2018 

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Emergent Communication through Negotiation

Apr 11, 2018
Kris Cao, Angeliki Lazaridou, Marc Lanctot, Joel Z Leibo, Karl Tuyls, Stephen Clark

* Published as a conference paper at ICLR 2018 

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SA-IGA: A Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Method Towards Socially Optimal Outcomes

Mar 08, 2018
Chengwei Zhang, Xiaohong Li, Jianye Hao, Siqi Chen, Karl Tuyls, Wanli Xue

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Lenient Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

Feb 27, 2018
Gregory Palmer, Karl Tuyls, Daan Bloembergen, Rahul Savani

* 9 pages, 6 figures, AAMAS2018 Conference Proceedings 

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A Unified Game-Theoretic Approach to Multiagent Reinforcement Learning

Nov 07, 2017
Marc Lanctot, Vinicius Zambaldi, Audrunas Gruslys, Angeliki Lazaridou, Karl Tuyls, Julien Perolat, David Silver, Thore Graepel

* Camera-ready copy of NIPS 2017 paper, including appendix 

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