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Look here! A parametric learning based approach to redirect visual attention

Aug 12, 2020
Youssef Alami Mejjati, Celso F. Gomez, Kwang In Kim, Eli Shechtman, Zoya Bylinskii

* To appear in ECCV 2020 

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Swapping Autoencoder for Deep Image Manipulation

Jul 01, 2020
Taesung Park, Jun-Yan Zhu, Oliver Wang, Jingwan Lu, Eli Shechtman, Alexei A. Efros, Richard Zhang

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High-Resolution Image Inpainting with Iterative Confidence Feedback and Guided Upsampling

May 24, 2020
Yu Zeng, Zhe Lin, Jimei Yang, Jianming Zhang, Eli Shechtman, Huchuan Lu

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Image Morphing with Perceptual Constraints and STN Alignment

Apr 29, 2020
Noa Fish, Richard Zhang, Lilach Perry, Daniel Cohen-Or, Eli Shechtman, Connelly Barnes

  Access Model/Code and Paper
MakeItTalk: Speaker-Aware Talking Head Animation

Apr 27, 2020
Yang Zhou, DIngzeyu Li, Xintong Han, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Eli Shechtman, Jose Echevarria

* 12 pages, 13 figures 

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State of the Art on Neural Rendering

Apr 08, 2020
Ayush Tewari, Ohad Fried, Justus Thies, Vincent Sitzmann, Stephen Lombardi, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Ricardo Martin-Brualla, Tomas Simon, Jason Saragih, Matthias Nießner, Rohit Pandey, Sean Fanello, Gordon Wetzstein, Jun-Yan Zhu, Christian Theobalt, Maneesh Agrawala, Eli Shechtman, Dan B Goldman, Michael Zollhöfer

* Eurographics 2020 survey paper 

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Deep CG2Real: Synthetic-to-Real Translation via Image Disentanglement

Mar 27, 2020
Sai Bi, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Federico Perazzi, Eli Shechtman, Vladimir Kim, Ravi Ramamoorthi

* Accepted to ICCV 2019 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Lifespan Age Transformation Synthesis

Mar 21, 2020
Roy Or-El, Soumyadip Sengupta, Ohad Fried, Eli Shechtman, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Neural Puppet: Generative Layered Cartoon Characters

Oct 04, 2019
Omid Poursaeed, Vladimir G. Kim, Eli Shechtman, Jun Saito, Serge Belongie

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Interactive Sketch & Fill: Multiclass Sketch-to-Image Translation

Sep 25, 2019
Arnab Ghosh, Richard Zhang, Puneet K. Dokania, Oliver Wang, Alexei A. Efros, Philip H. S. Torr, Eli Shechtman

* ICCV 2019, Video Avaiable at 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
UprightNet: Geometry-Aware Camera Orientation Estimation from Single Images

Aug 19, 2019
Wenqi Xian, Zhengqi Li, Matthew Fisher, Jonathan Eisenmann, Eli Shechtman, Noah Snavely

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Text-based Editing of Talking-head Video

Jun 04, 2019
Ohad Fried, Ayush Tewari, Michael Zollhöfer, Adam Finkelstein, Eli Shechtman, Dan B Goldman, Kyle Genova, Zeyu Jin, Christian Theobalt, Maneesh Agrawala

* A version with higher resolution images can be downloaded from the authors' website 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Im2Pencil: Controllable Pencil Illustration from Photographs

Mar 20, 2019
Yijun Li, Chen Fang, Aaron Hertzmann, Eli Shechtman, Ming-Hsuan Yang

* Accepted by CVPR 2019 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Photometric Mesh Optimization for Video-Aligned 3D Object Reconstruction

Mar 20, 2019
Chen-Hsuan Lin, Oliver Wang, Bryan C. Russell, Eli Shechtman, Vladimir G. Kim, Matthew Fisher, Simon Lucey

* Accepted to CVPR 2019 (project page & code:

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Texture Mixer: A Network for Controllable Synthesis and Interpolation of Texture

Jan 11, 2019
Ning Yu, Connelly Barnes, Eli Shechtman, Sohrab Amirghodsi, Michal Lukac

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Toward Multimodal Image-to-Image Translation

Oct 24, 2018
Jun-Yan Zhu, Richard Zhang, Deepak Pathak, Trevor Darrell, Alexei A. Efros, Oliver Wang, Eli Shechtman

* NIPS 2017 Final paper. v4 updated acknowledgment. Website: 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Localizing Moments in Video with Temporal Language

Sep 05, 2018
Lisa Anne Hendricks, Oliver Wang, Eli Shechtman, Josef Sivic, Trevor Darrell, Bryan Russell

* EMNLP 2018 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
MT-VAE: Learning Motion Transformations to Generate Multimodal Human Dynamics

Aug 14, 2018
Xinchen Yan, Akash Rastogi, Ruben Villegas, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Eli Shechtman, Sunil Hadap, Ersin Yumer, Honglak Lee

* Published at ECCV 2018 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Learning Blind Video Temporal Consistency

Aug 01, 2018
Wei-Sheng Lai, Jia-Bin Huang, Oliver Wang, Eli Shechtman, Ersin Yumer, Ming-Hsuan Yang

* This work is accepted in ECCV 2018. Project website: 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Features as a Perceptual Metric

Apr 10, 2018
Richard Zhang, Phillip Isola, Alexei A. Efros, Eli Shechtman, Oliver Wang

* Accepted to CVPR 2018; Code and data available at 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
ST-GAN: Spatial Transformer Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Compositing

Mar 05, 2018
Chen-Hsuan Lin, Ersin Yumer, Oliver Wang, Eli Shechtman, Simon Lucey

* Accepted to CVPR 2018 (website & code:

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Saliency Driven Image Manipulation

Jan 17, 2018
Roey Mechrez, Eli Shechtman, Lihi Zelnik-Manor

* to appear in WACV'18 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Multi-Content GAN for Few-Shot Font Style Transfer

Dec 01, 2017
Samaneh Azadi, Matthew Fisher, Vladimir Kim, Zhaowen Wang, Eli Shechtman, Trevor Darrell

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Photorealistic Style Transfer with Screened Poisson Equation

Sep 28, 2017
Roey Mechrez, Eli Shechtman, Lihi Zelnik-Manor

* presented in BMVC 2017 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Training Deep Networks to be Spatially Sensitive

Aug 07, 2017
Nicholas Kolkin, Gregory Shakhnarovich, Eli Shechtman

* ICCV 2017 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Localizing Moments in Video with Natural Language

Aug 04, 2017
Lisa Anne Hendricks, Oliver Wang, Eli Shechtman, Josef Sivic, Trevor Darrell, Bryan Russell

* ICCV 2017 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Controlling Perceptual Factors in Neural Style Transfer

May 11, 2017
Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker, Matthias Bethge, Aaron Hertzmann, Eli Shechtman

* Accepted at CVPR2017 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling

Apr 13, 2017
Zhixin Shu, Ersin Yumer, Sunil Hadap, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Eli Shechtman, Dimitris Samaras

* CVPR 2017 oral 

  Access Model/Code and Paper
High-Resolution Image Inpainting using Multi-Scale Neural Patch Synthesis

Apr 13, 2017
Chao Yang, Xin Lu, Zhe Lin, Eli Shechtman, Oliver Wang, Hao Li

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Deep Photo Style Transfer

Apr 11, 2017
Fujun Luan, Sylvain Paris, Eli Shechtman, Kavita Bala

  Access Model/Code and Paper