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MEST: Accurate and Fast Memory-Economic Sparse Training Framework on the Edge

Oct 26, 2021
Geng Yuan, Xiaolong Ma, Wei Niu, Zhengang Li, Zhenglun Kong, Ning Liu, Yifan Gong, Zheng Zhan, Chaoyang He, Qing Jin, Siyue Wang, Minghai Qin, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang, Sijia Liu, Xue Lin

* NeurIPS 2021 Spotlight Paper 

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GRIM: A General, Real-Time Deep Learning Inference Framework for Mobile Devices based on Fine-Grained Structured Weight Sparsity

Aug 25, 2021
Wei Niu, Zhengang Li, Xiaolong Ma, Peiyan Dong, Gang Zhou, Xuehai Qian, Xue Lin, Yanzhi Wang, Bin Ren

* Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 2021 

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A Topological-Framework to Improve Analysis of Machine Learning Model Performance

Jul 09, 2021
Henry Kvinge, Colby Wight, Sarah Akers, Scott Howland, Woongjo Choi, Xiaolong Ma, Luke Gosink, Elizabeth Jurrus, Keerti Kappagantula, Tegan H. Emerson

* 6 pages 

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Sanity Checks for Lottery Tickets: Does Your Winning Ticket Really Win the Jackpot?

Jul 01, 2021
Xiaolong Ma, Geng Yuan, Xuan Shen, Tianlong Chen, Xuxi Chen, Xiaohan Chen, Ning Liu, Minghai Qin, Sijia Liu, Zhangyang Wang, Yanzhi Wang

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Improving DNN Fault Tolerance using Weight Pruning and Differential Crossbar Mapping for ReRAM-based Edge AI

Jun 18, 2021
Geng Yuan, Zhiheng Liao, Xiaolong Ma, Yuxuan Cai, Zhenglun Kong, Xuan Shen, Jingyan Fu, Zhengang Li, Chengming Zhang, Hongwu Peng, Ning Liu, Ao Ren, Jinhui Wang, Yanzhi Wang

* In Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), 2021 

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Effective Model Sparsification by Scheduled Grow-and-Prune Methods

Jun 18, 2021
Xiaolong Ma, Minghai Qin, Fei Sun, Zejiang Hou, Kun Yuan, Yi Xu, Yanzhi Wang, Yen-Kuang Chen, Rong Jin, Yuan Xie

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FORMS: Fine-grained Polarized ReRAM-based In-situ Computation for Mixed-signal DNN Accelerator

Jun 16, 2021
Geng Yuan, Payman Behnam, Zhengang Li, Ali Shafiee, Sheng Lin, Xiaolong Ma, Hang Liu, Xuehai Qian, Mahdi Nazm Bojnordi, Yanzhi Wang, Caiwen Ding

* In Proceedings of the 48th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 2021 

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Towards Fast and Accurate Multi-Person Pose Estimation on Mobile Devices

Jun 06, 2021
Xuan Shen, Geng Yuan, Wei Niu, Xiaolong Ma, Jiexiong Guan, Zhengang Li, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang

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Lottery Ticket Implies Accuracy Degradation, Is It a Desirable Phenomenon?

Feb 19, 2021
Ning Liu, Geng Yuan, Zhengping Che, Xuan Shen, Xiaolong Ma, Qing Jin, Jian Ren, Jian Tang, Sijia Liu, Yanzhi Wang

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A Unified DNN Weight Compression Framework Using Reweighted Optimization Methods

Apr 12, 2020
Tianyun Zhang, Xiaolong Ma, Zheng Zhan, Shanglin Zhou, Minghai Qin, Fei Sun, Yen-Kuang Chen, Caiwen Ding, Makan Fardad, Yanzhi Wang

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A Privacy-Preserving DNN Pruning and Mobile Acceleration Framework

Mar 13, 2020
Zheng Zhan, Yifan Gong, Zhengang Li, Pu Zhao, Xiaolong Ma, Wei Niu, Xiaolin Xu, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang, Xue Lin

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BLK-REW: A Unified Block-based DNN Pruning Framework using Reweighted Regularization Method

Feb 22, 2020
Xiaolong Ma, Zhengang Li, Yifan Gong, Tianyun Zhang, Wei Niu, Zheng Zhan, Pu Zhao, Jian Tang, Xue Lin, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang

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An Image Enhancing Pattern-based Sparsity for Real-time Inference on Mobile Devices

Feb 22, 2020
Xiaolong Ma, Wei Niu, Tianyun Zhang, Sijia Liu, Sheng Lin, Hongjia Li, Xiang Chen, Jian Tang, Kaisheng Ma, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang

* arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1909.05073 

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PCNN: Pattern-based Fine-Grained Regular Pruning towards Optimizing CNN Accelerators

Feb 11, 2020
Zhanhong Tan, Jiebo Song, Xiaolong Ma, Sia-Huat Tan, Hongyang Chen, Yuanqing Miao, Yifu Wu, Shaokai Ye, Yanzhi Wang, Dehui Li, Kaisheng Ma

* 6 pages, DAC 2020 accepted paper 

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SS-Auto: A Single-Shot, Automatic Structured Weight Pruning Framework of DNNs with Ultra-High Efficiency

Jan 23, 2020
Zhengang Li, Yifan Gong, Xiaolong Ma, Sijia Liu, Mengshu Sun, Zheng Zhan, Zhenglun Kong, Geng Yuan, Yanzhi Wang

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PatDNN: Achieving Real-Time DNN Execution on Mobile Devices with Pattern-based Weight Pruning

Jan 22, 2020
Wei Niu, Xiaolong Ma, Sheng Lin, Shihao Wang, Xuehai Qian, Xue Lin, Yanzhi Wang, Bin Ren

* To be published in the Proceedings of Twenty-Fifth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 20) 

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A SOT-MRAM-based Processing-In-Memory Engine for Highly Compressed DNN Implementation

Nov 24, 2019
Geng Yuan, Xiaolong Ma, Sheng Lin, Zhengang Li, Caiwen Ding

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PCONV: The Missing but Desirable Sparsity in DNN Weight Pruning for Real-time Execution on Mobile Devices

Sep 12, 2019
Xiaolong Ma, Fu-Ming Guo, Wei Niu, Xue Lin, Jian Tang, Kaisheng Ma, Bin Ren, Yanzhi Wang

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An Ultra-Efficient Memristor-Based DNN Framework with Structured Weight Pruning and Quantization Using ADMM

Aug 29, 2019
Geng Yuan, Xiaolong Ma, Caiwen Ding, Sheng Lin, Tianyun Zhang, Zeinab S. Jalali, Yilong Zhao, Li Jiang, Sucheta Soundarajan, Yanzhi Wang

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Tiny but Accurate: A Pruned, Quantized and Optimized Memristor Crossbar Framework for Ultra Efficient DNN Implementation

Aug 27, 2019
Xiaolong Ma, Geng Yuan, Sheng Lin, Caiwen Ding, Fuxun Yu, Tao Liu, Wujie Wen, Xiang Chen, Yanzhi Wang

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AutoSlim: An Automatic DNN Structured Pruning Framework for Ultra-High Compression Rates

Jul 06, 2019
Ning Liu, Xiaolong Ma, Zhiyuan Xu, Yanzhi Wang, Jian Tang, Jieping Ye

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Non-structured DNN Weight Pruning Considered Harmful

Jul 03, 2019
Yanzhi Wang, Shaokai Ye, Zhezhi He, Xiaolong Ma, Linfeng Zhang, Sheng Lin, Geng Yuan, Sia Huat Tan, Zhengang Li, Deliang Fan, Xuehai Qian, Xue Lin, Kaisheng Ma

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Toward Extremely Low Bit and Lossless Accuracy in DNNs with Progressive ADMM

May 02, 2019
Sheng Lin, Xiaolong Ma, Shaokai Ye, Geng Yuan, Kaisheng Ma, Yanzhi Wang

* Accepted by ICML workshop (ODML-CDNNR2019). arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1903.09769 

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26ms Inference Time for ResNet-50: Towards Real-Time Execution of all DNNs on Smartphone

May 02, 2019
Wei Niu, Xiaolong Ma, Yanzhi Wang, Bin Ren

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ResNet Can Be Pruned 60x: Introducing Network Purification and Unused Path Removal (P-RM) after Weight Pruning

Apr 30, 2019
Xiaolong Ma, Geng Yuan, Sheng Lin, Zhengang Li, Hao Sun, Yanzhi Wang

* Submitted to ICML workshop 

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