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Face to Purchase: Predicting Consumer Choices with Structured Facial and Behavioral Traits Embedding

Jul 14, 2020
Zhe Liu, Xianzhi Wang, Lina Yao, Jake An, Lei Bai, Ee-Peng Lim

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Spectrum-Guided Adversarial Disparity Learning

Jul 14, 2020
Zhe Liu, Lina Yao, Lei Bai, Xianzhi Wang, Can Wang

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Recommender Systems for the Internet of Things: A Survey

Jul 14, 2020
May Altulyan, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Chaoran Huang, Salil S Kanhere, Quan Z Sheng

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Adaptive Graph Convolutional Recurrent Network for Traffic Forecasting

Jul 06, 2020
Lei Bai, Lina Yao, Can Li, Xianzhi Wang, Can Wang

* 15 pages 

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Depression Detection with Multi-Modalities Using a Hybrid Deep Learning Model on Social Media

Jul 03, 2020
Hamad Zogan, Xianzhi Wang, Shoaib Jameel, Guandong Xu

* 23 Pages 

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Causality Learning: A New Perspective for Interpretable Machine Learning

Jun 27, 2020
Guandong Xu, Tri Dung Duong, Qian Li, Shaowu Liu, Xianzhi Wang

* 8 Pages 

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NP-PROV: Neural Processes with Position-Relevant-Only Variances

Jun 15, 2020
Xuesong Wang, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Feiping Nie

* 10 pages, 5 figures 

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Adversarial Attacks and Detection on Reinforcement Learning-Based Interactive Recommender Systems

Jun 14, 2020
Yuanjiang Cao, Xiaocong Chen, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Wei Emma Zhang

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Agglomerative Neural Networks for Multi-view Clustering

May 12, 2020
Zhe Liu, Yun Li, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Feiping Nie

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Multi-Center Federated Learning

May 03, 2020
Ming Xie, Guodong Long, Tao Shen, Tianyi Zhou, Xianzhi Wang, Jing Jiang

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Are You A Risk Taker? Adversarial Learning of Asymmetric Cross-Domain Alignment for Risk Tolerance Prediction

Apr 18, 2020
Zhe Liu, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Lei Bai, Jake An

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Knowledge-guided Deep Reinforcement Learning for Interactive Recommendation

Apr 17, 2020
Xiaocong Chen, Chaoran Huang, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Wei Liu, Wenjie Zhang

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Trust in Recommender Systems: A Deep Learning Perspective

Apr 08, 2020
Manqing Dong, Feng Yuan, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu

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A Survey on Deep Learning based Brain Computer Interface: Recent Advances and New Frontiers

Jun 04, 2019
Xiang Zhang, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Jessica Monaghan, David Mcalpine

* 66 pages, summarized more than 230 papers most published in the last five years 

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STG2Seq: Spatial-temporal Graph to Sequence Model for Multi-step Passenger Demand Forecasting

May 24, 2019
Lei Bai, Lina Yao, Salil. S Kanhere, Xianzhi Wang, Quan. Z Sheng

* 7 pages 

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GrCAN: Gradient Boost Convolutional Autoencoder with Neural Decision Forest

Jun 24, 2018
Manqing Dong, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Boualem Benatallah, Shuai Zhang

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Interpretable Parallel Recurrent Neural Networks with Convolutional Attentions for Multi-Modality Activity Modeling

May 17, 2018
Kaixuan Chen, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Dalin Zhang, Tao Gu, Zhiwen Yu, Zheng Yang

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1711.07661 

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Opinion Fraud Detection via Neural Autoencoder Decision Forest

May 09, 2018
Manqing Dong, Lina Yao, Xianzhi Wang, Boualem Benatallah, Chaoran Huang, Xiaodong Ning

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Fullie and Wiselie: A Dual-Stream Recurrent Convolutional Attention Model for Activity Recognition

Nov 21, 2017
Kaixuan Chen, Lina Yao, Tao Gu, Zhiwen Yu, Xianzhi Wang, Dalin Zhang

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Multi-Person Brain Activity Recognition via Comprehensive EEG Signal Analysis

Sep 26, 2017
Xiang Zhang, Lina Yao, Dalin Zhang, Xianzhi Wang, Quan Z. Sheng, Tao Gu

* 10 pages 

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DeepKey: An EEG and Gait Based Dual-Authentication System

Jun 06, 2017
Xiang Zhang, Lina Yao, Kaixuan Chen, Xianzhi Wang, Quanz. Sheng, Tao Gu

* 20 pages, 5 figures,9 tables 

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