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The Power of Proxy Data and Proxy Networks for Hyper-Parameter Optimization in Medical Image Segmentation

Jul 12, 2021
Vishwesh Nath, Dong Yang, Ali Hatamizadeh, Anas A. Abidin, Andriy Myronenko, Holger Roth, Daguang Xu

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Auto-FedAvg: Learnable Federated Averaging for Multi-Institutional Medical Image Segmentation

Apr 20, 2021
Yingda Xia, Dong Yang, Wenqi Li, Andriy Myronenko, Daguang Xu, Hirofumi Obinata, Hitoshi Mori, Peng An, Stephanie Harmon, Evrim Turkbey, Baris Turkbey, Bradford Wood, Francesca Patella, Elvira Stellato, Gianpaolo Carrafiello, Anna Ierardi, Alan Yuille, Holger Roth

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DiNTS: Differentiable Neural Network Topology Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Mar 29, 2021
Yufan He, Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Can Zhao, Daguang Xu

* CVPR2021 oral 

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UNETR: Transformers for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Mar 18, 2021
Ali Hatamizadeh, Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Daguang Xu

* 11 pages, 2 figures 

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Learning Image Labels On-the-fly for Training Robust Classification Models

Oct 02, 2020
Xiaosong Wang, Ziyue Xu, Dong Yang, Leo Tam, Holger Roth, Daguang Xu

* v2: Minor Corrections 

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Democratizing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Study of Model Development Across Two Institutions Incorporating Transfer Learning

Sep 25, 2020
Vikash Gupta1, Holger Roth, Varun Buch3, Marcio A. B. C. Rockenbach, Richard D White, Dong Yang, Olga Laur, Brian Ghoshhajra, Ittai Dayan, Daguang Xu, Mona G. Flores, Barbaros Selnur Erdal

* 8 pages, 5 figures, pre-print 

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Uncertainty-aware multi-view co-training for semi-supervised medical image segmentation and domain adaptation

Jun 28, 2020
Yingda Xia, Dong Yang, Zhiding Yu, Fengze Liu, Jinzheng Cai, Lequan Yu, Zhuotun Zhu, Daguang Xu, Alan Yuille, Holger Roth

* Medical Image Analysis, 2020 
* 19 pages, 6 figures, to appear in Medical Image Analysis. This article is an extension of the conference paper arXiv:1811.12506 

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LAMP: Large Deep Nets with Automated Model Parallelism for Image Segmentation

Jun 26, 2020
Wentao Zhu, Can Zhao, Wenqi Li, Holger Roth, Ziyue Xu, Daguang Xu

* MICCAI 2020 Early Accepted paper. Code is available\footnote{

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Cardiac Segmentation on Late Gadolinium Enhancement MRI: A Benchmark Study from Multi-Sequence Cardiac MR Segmentation Challenge

Jun 22, 2020
Xiahai Zhuang, Jiahang Xu, Xinzhe Luo, Chen Chen, Cheng Ouyang, Daniel Rueckert, Victor M. Campello, Karim Lekadir, Sulaiman Vesal, Nishant RaviKumar, Yashu Liu, Gongning Luo, Jingkun Chen, Hongwei Li, Buntheng Ly, Maxime Sermesant, Holger Roth, Wentao Zhu, Jiexiang Wang, Xinghao Ding, Xinyue Wang, Sen Yang, Lei Li

* 14 pages 

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Searching Learning Strategy with Reinforcement Learning for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Jun 10, 2020
Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Ziyue Xu, Fausto Milletari, Ling Zhang, Daguang Xu

* Published at MICCAI 2019 
* 9 pages, 1 figures 

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Enhancing Foreground Boundaries for Medical Image Segmentation

May 29, 2020
Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Xiaosong Wang, Ziyue Xu, Andriy Myronenko, Daguang Xu

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The Future of Digital Health with Federated Learning

Mar 18, 2020
Nicola Rieke, Jonny Hancox, Wenqi Li, Fausto Milletari, Holger Roth, Shadi Albarqouni, Spyridon Bakas, Mathieu N. Galtier, Bennett Landman, Klaus Maier-Hein, Sebastien Ourselin, Micah Sheller, Ronald M. Summers, Andrew Trask, Daguang Xu, Maximilian Baust, M. Jorge Cardoso

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C2FNAS: Coarse-to-Fine Neural Architecture Search for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

Dec 20, 2019
Qihang Yu, Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Yutong Bai, Yixiao Zhang, Alan L. Yuille, Daguang Xu

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End-to-End Adversarial Shape Learning for Abdomen Organ Deep Segmentation

Oct 15, 2019
Jinzheng Cai, Yingda Xia, Dong Yang, Daguang Xu, Lin Yang, Holger Roth

* Accepted to International Workshop on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (MLMI2019) 

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NeurReg: Neural Registration and Its Application to Image Segmentation

Oct 04, 2019
Wentao Zhu, Andriy Myronenko, Ziyue Xu, Wenqi Li, Holger Roth, Yufang Huang, Fausto Milletari, Daguang Xu

* WACV 2020 first round early accept; supplementary; code will be released soon under NVIDIA open source; demos 

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Cardiac Segmentation of LGE MRI with Noisy Labels

Oct 02, 2019
Holger Roth, Wentao Zhu, Dong Yang, Ziyue Xu, Daguang Xu

* Accepted at the MICCAI Workshop Statistical Atlases and Computational Modeling of the Heart (STACOM), MS-CMRSeg 2019: Multi-sequence Cardiac MR Segmentation Challenge, Shenzen, China 

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Weakly supervised segmentation from extreme points

Oct 02, 2019
Holger Roth, Ling Zhang, Dong Yang, Fausto Milletari, Ziyue Xu, Xiaosong Wang, Daguang Xu

* Accepted at the MICCAI Workshop for Large-scale Annotation of Biomedical data and Expert Label Synthesis, Shenzen, China, 2019 

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Correlation via synthesis: end-to-end nodule image generation and radiogenomic map learning based on generative adversarial network

Jul 08, 2019
Ziyue Xu, Xiaosong Wang, Hoo-Chang Shin, Dong Yang, Holger Roth, Fausto Milletari, Ling Zhang, Daguang Xu

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4D CNN for semantic segmentation of cardiac volumetric sequences

Jun 17, 2019
Andriy Myronenko, Dong Yang, Varun Buch, Daguang Xu, Alvin Ihsani, Sean Doyle, Mark Michalski, Neil Tenenholtz, Holger Roth

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When Unseen Domain Generalization is Unnecessary? Rethinking Data Augmentation

Jun 12, 2019
Ling Zhang, Xiaosong Wang, Dong Yang, Thomas Sanford, Stephanie Harmon, Baris Turkbey, Holger Roth, Andriy Myronenko, Daguang Xu, Ziyue Xu

* 9 pages, 3 figure 

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Interactive segmentation of medical images through fully convolutional neural networks

Mar 19, 2019
Tomas Sakinis, Fausto Milletari, Holger Roth, Panagiotis Korfiatis, Petro Kostandy, Kenneth Philbrick, Zeynettin Akkus, Ziyue Xu, Daguang Xu, Bradley J. Erickson

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3D Semi-Supervised Learning with Uncertainty-Aware Multi-View Co-Training

Nov 29, 2018
Yingda Xia, Fengze Liu, Dong Yang, Jinzheng Cai, Lequan Yu, Zhuotun Zhu, Daguang Xu, Alan Yuille, Holger Roth

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Towards dense volumetric pancreas segmentation in CT using 3D fully convolutional networks

Jan 19, 2018
Holger Roth, Masahiro Oda, Natsuki Shimizu, Hirohisa Oda, Yuichiro Hayashi, Takayuki Kitasaka, Michitaka Fujiwara, Kazunari Misawa, Kensaku Mori

* Medical Imaging 2018: Image Processing 
* Accepted for oral presentation at SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, Houston, TX, USA Updated experiment in Fig. 4 

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Towards Automatic Abdominal Multi-Organ Segmentation in Dual Energy CT using Cascaded 3D Fully Convolutional Network

Oct 15, 2017
Shuqing Chen, Holger Roth, Sabrina Dorn, Matthias May, Alexander Cavallaro, Michael M. Lell, Marc Kachelrieß, Hirohisa Oda, Kensaku Mori, Andreas Maier

* 5 pagens, 4 figures, conference 

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2D View Aggregation for Lymph Node Detection Using a Shallow Hierarchy of Linear Classifiers

Aug 14, 2014
Ari Seff, Le Lu, Kevin M. Cherry, Holger Roth, Jiamin Liu, Shijun Wang, Joanne Hoffman, Evrim B. Turkbey, Ronald M. Summers

* This article will be presented at MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention) 2014 

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