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Blind Image Quality Assessment for MRI with A Deep Three-dimensional content-adaptive Hyper-Network

Jul 13, 2021
Kehan Qi, Haoran Li, Chuyu Rong, Yu Gong, Cheng Li, Hairong Zheng, Shanshan Wang

* 11 pages, 3 figures, 2 tables 

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Mixed Cross Entropy Loss for Neural Machine Translation

Jun 30, 2021
Haoran Li, Wei Lu

* ICML2021 

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Syntax-augmented Multilingual BERT for Cross-lingual Transfer

Jun 03, 2021
Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Haoran Li, Kai-Wei Chang, Yashar Mehdad

* ACL 2021 (camera ready) 

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ConvoSumm: Conversation Summarization Benchmark and Improved Abstractive Summarization with Argument Mining

Jun 01, 2021
Alexander R. Fabbri, Faiaz Rahman, Imad Rizvi, Borui Wang, Haoran Li, Yashar Mehdad, Dragomir Radev

* ACL 2021 

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Federated Knowledge Graphs Embedding

May 17, 2021
Hao Peng, Haoran Li, Yangqiu Song, Vincent Zheng, Jianxin Li

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EASE: Extractive-Abstractive Summarization with Explanations

May 14, 2021
Haoran Li, Arash Einolghozati, Srinivasan Iyer, Bhargavi Paranjape, Yashar Mehdad, Sonal Gupta, Marjan Ghazvininejad

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Lifelong Learning with Sketched Structural Regularization

Apr 17, 2021
Haoran Li, Aditya Krishnan, Jingfeng Wu, Soheil Kolouri, Praveen K. Pilly, Vladimir Braverman

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K-PLUG: Knowledge-injected Pre-trained Language Model for Natural Language Understanding and Generation in E-Commerce

Apr 14, 2021
Song Xu, Haoran Li, Peng Yuan, Yujia Wang, Youzheng Wu, Xiaodong He, Ying Liu, Bowen Zhou

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Improving Zero and Few-Shot Abstractive Summarization with Intermediate Fine-tuning and Data Augmentation

Oct 24, 2020
Alexander R. Fabbri, Simeng Han, Haoyuan Li, Haoran Li, Marjan Ghazvininejad, Shafiq Joty, Dragomir Radev, Yashar Mehdad

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Conversational Semantic Parsing

Sep 28, 2020
Armen Aghajanyan, Jean Maillard, Akshat Shrivastava, Keith Diedrick, Mike Haeger, Haoran Li, Yashar Mehdad, Ves Stoyanov, Anuj Kumar, Mike Lewis, Sonal Gupta

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Multimodal Joint Attribute Prediction and Value Extraction for E-commerce Product

Sep 15, 2020
Tiangang Zhu, Yue Wang, Haoran Li, Youzheng Wu, Xiaodong He, Bowen Zhou

* Accepted by EMNLP 2020 

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MTOP: A Comprehensive Multilingual Task-Oriented Semantic Parsing Benchmark

Aug 21, 2020
Haoran Li, Abhinav Arora, Shuohui Chen, Anchit Gupta, Sonal Gupta, Yashar Mehdad

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Deep Reinforcement Learning based Automatic Exploration for Navigation in Unknown Environment

Jul 23, 2020
Haoran Li, Qichao Zhang, Dongbin Zhao

* IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 31(2020) 2064-2076 

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AutoGAN-Distiller: Searching to Compress Generative Adversarial Networks

Jul 06, 2020
Yonggan Fu, Wuyang Chen, Haotao Wang, Haoran Li, Yingyan Lin, Zhangyang Wang

* Accepted at ICML2020 

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General Purpose Text Embeddings from Pre-trained Language Models for Scalable Inference

Apr 29, 2020
Jingfei Du, Myle Ott, Haoran Li, Xing Zhou, Veselin Stoyanov

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BiFNet: Bidirectional Fusion Network for Road Segmentation

Apr 18, 2020
Haoran Li, Yaran Chen, Qichao Zhang, Dongbin Zhao

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Multi-modal Datasets for Super-resolution

Apr 13, 2020
Haoran Li, Weihong Quan, Meijun Yan, Jin zhang, Xiaoli Gong, Jin Zhou

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Music-oriented Dance Video Synthesis with Pose Perceptual Loss

Dec 13, 2019
Xuanchi Ren, Haoran Li, Zijian Huang, Qifeng Chen

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Predictive Multi-level Patient Representations from Electronic Health Records

Nov 12, 2019
Zichang Wang, Haoran Li, Luchen Liu, Haoxian Wu, Ming Zhang

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Emerging Cross-lingual Structure in Pretrained Language Models

Nov 10, 2019
Shijie Wu, Alexis Conneau, Haoran Li, Luke Zettlemoyer, Veselin Stoyanov

* 10 pages, 7 figures, add contextual word-level alignment of monolingual BERT (v1 -> v2) 

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Learning Hierarchical Representations of Electronic Health Records for Clinical Outcome Prediction

Mar 20, 2019
Luchen Liu, Haoran Li, Zhiting Hu, Haoran Shi, Zichang Wang, Jian Tang, Ming Zhang

* 10 pages, 2 figures, under review of AMIA annual symposium 

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