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Lets Play Music: Audio-driven Performance Video Generation

Nov 05, 2020
Hao Zhu, Yi Li, Feixia Zhu, Aihua Zheng, Ran He

* ICPR 2020 

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Learning Representations from Audio-Visual Spatial Alignment

Nov 03, 2020
Pedro Morgado, Yi Li, Nuno Vasconcelos

* To appear at Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2020 

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An Adversarial Attack Defending System for Securing In-Vehicle Networks

Aug 29, 2020
Yi Li, Jing Lin, Kaiqi Xiong

* 6 pages, 3 figures 

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Streaming Complexity of SVMs

Jul 07, 2020
Alexandr Andoni, Collin Burns, Yi Li, Sepideh Mahabadi, David P. Woodruff

* APPROX 2020 

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Graph Structural-topic Neural Network

Jul 04, 2020
Qingqing Long, Yilun Jin, Guojie Song, Yi Li, Wei Lin

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Nearly Linear Row Sampling Algorithm for Quantile Regression

Jun 15, 2020
Yi Li, Ruosong Wang, Lin Yang, Hanrui Zhang

* Accepted to ICML 2020 

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Weakly Supervised Lesion Localization With Probabilistic-CAM Pooling

May 29, 2020
Wenwu Ye, Jin Yao, Hui Xue, Yi Li

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Cosmetic-Aware Makeup Cleanser

Apr 20, 2020
Yi Li, Huaibo Huang, Junchi Yu, Ran He, Tieniu Tan

* Accepted by BTAS 2019 (the 10th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems) 

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COVID-19 Screening on Chest X-ray Images Using Deep Learning based Anomaly Detection

Mar 27, 2020
Jianpeng Zhang, Yutong Xie, Yi Li, Chunhua Shen, Yong Xia

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Informative Sample Mining Network for Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation

Jan 05, 2020
Jie Cao, Huaibo Huang, Yi Li, Ran He, Zhenan Sun

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Style-based Variational Autoencoder for Real-World Super-Resolution

Dec 21, 2019
Xin Ma, Yi Li, Huaibo Huang, Mandi Luo, Tanhao Hu, Ran He

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Evolving ab initio trading strategies in heterogeneous environments

Dec 19, 2019
David Rushing Dewhurst, Yi Li, Alexander Bogdan, Jasmine Geng

* 20 pages (10 main body, 10 appendix), 11 figures (6 main body, 5 appendix), open-source matching engine implementation available at 

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Path Planning Games

Oct 30, 2019
Yi Li, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

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Directed-Weighting Group Lasso for Eltwise Blocked CNN Pruning

Oct 21, 2019
Ke Zhan, Shimiao Jiang, Yu Bai, Yi Li, Xu Liu, Zhuoran Xu

* Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2019 

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Pose Agnostic Cross-spectral Hallucination via Disentangling Independent Factors

Sep 10, 2019
Boyan Duan, Chaoyou Fu, Yi Li, Xingguang Song, Ran He

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Data-Driven Neuron Allocation for Scale Aggregation Networks

Apr 20, 2019
Yi Li, Zhanghui Kuang, Yimin Chen, Wayne Zhang

* CVPR 2019 
* 11 pages, 

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REPAIR: Removing Representation Bias by Dataset Resampling

Apr 16, 2019
Yi Li, Nuno Vasconcelos

* To appear in CVPR 2019 

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Biphasic Learning of GANs for High-Resolution Image-to-Image Translation

Apr 14, 2019
Jie Cao, Huaibo Huang, Yi Li, Jingtuo Liu, Ran He, Zhenan Sun

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DeepIM: Deep Iterative Matching for 6D Pose Estimation

Mar 14, 2019
Yi Li, Gu Wang, Xiangyang Ji, Yu Xiang, Dieter Fox

* updated Tekin et al.'s results 

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Detecting Lesion Bounding Ellipses With Gaussian Proposal Networks

Feb 25, 2019
Yi Li

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A Survey to Deep Facial Attribute Analysis

Dec 26, 2018
Xin Zheng, Yanqing Guo, Huaibo Huang, Yi Li, Ran He

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DeepCruiser: Automated Guided Testing for Stateful Deep Learning Systems

Dec 13, 2018
Xiaoning Du, Xiaofei Xie, Yi Li, Lei Ma, Jianjun Zhao, Yang Liu

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Testing Matrix Rank, Optimally

Oct 18, 2018
Maria-Florina Balcan, Yi Li, David P. Woodruff, Hongyang Zhang

* 51 pages. To appear in SODA 2019 

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Large Margin Neural Language Model

Aug 27, 2018
Jiaji Huang, Yi Li, Wei Ping, Liang Huang

* 9 pages. Accepted as a long paper in EMNLP2018 

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Cancer Metastasis Detection With Neural Conditional Random Field

Jun 19, 2018
Yi Li, Wei Ping

* 9 pages, 5 figures, MIDL 2018 

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Covariance-Insured Screening

May 17, 2018
Kevin He, Jian Kang, Hyokyoung Grace Hong, Ji Zhu, Yanming Li, Huazhen Lin, Han Xu, Yi Li

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Anti-Makeup: Learning A Bi-Level Adversarial Network for Makeup-Invariant Face Verification

Nov 22, 2017
Yi Li, Lingxiao Song, Xiang Wu, Ran He, Tieniu Tan

* The paper is accepted by AAAI-18 

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