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Honglak Lee

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning for Text-to-Image Generation

Jan 15, 2021
Han Zhang, Jing Yu Koh, Jason Baldridge, Honglak Lee, Yinfei Yang

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Evolving Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

Jan 08, 2021
John D. Co-Reyes, Yingjie Miao, Daiyi Peng, Esteban Real, Sergey Levine, Quoc V. Le, Honglak Lee, Aleksandra Faust

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Few-shot Sequence Learning with Transformers

Dec 17, 2020
Lajanugen Logeswaran, Ann Lee, Myle Ott, Honglak Lee, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Arthur Szlam

* NeurIPS Meta-Learning Workshop 2020 

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Text-to-Image Generation Grounded by Fine-Grained User Attention

Nov 07, 2020
Jing Yu Koh, Jason Baldridge, Honglak Lee, Yinfei Yang

* To appear in WACV 2021 

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What's in a Loss Function for Image Classification?

Oct 30, 2020
Simon Kornblith, Honglak Lee, Ting Chen, Mohammad Norouzi

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Reinforcement Learning for Sparse-Reward Object-Interaction Tasks in First-person Simulated 3D Environments

Oct 28, 2020
Wilka Carvalho, Anthony Liang, Kimin Lee, Sungryull Sohn, Honglak Lee, Richard L. Lewis, Satinder Singh

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Bridging Imagination and Reality for Model-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning

Oct 23, 2020
Guangxiang Zhu, Minghao Zhang, Honglak Lee, Chongjie Zhang

* Published on 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020) 

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i-Mix: A Strategy for Regularizing Contrastive Representation Learning

Oct 17, 2020
Kibok Lee, Yian Zhu, Kihyuk Sohn, Chun-Liang Li, Jinwoo Shin, Honglak Lee

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Text as Neural Operator: Image Manipulation by Text Instruction

Aug 12, 2020
Tianhao Zhang, Hung-Yu Tseng, Lu Jiang, Honglak Lee, Irfan Essa, Weilong Yang

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Predictive Information Accelerates Learning in RL

Jul 24, 2020
Kuang-Huei Lee, Ian Fischer, Anthony Liu, Yijie Guo, Honglak Lee, John Canny, Sergio Guadarrama

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Understanding and Diagnosing Vulnerability under Adversarial Attacks

Jul 17, 2020
Haizhong Zheng, Ziqi Zhang, Honglak Lee, Atul Prakash

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An Ode to an ODE

Jun 23, 2020
Krzysztof Choromanski, Jared Quincy Davis, Valerii Likhosherstov, Xingyou Song, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Jacob Varley, Honglak Lee, Adrian Weller, Vikas Sindhwani

* 20 pages, 9 figures 

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CompressNet: Generative Compression at Extremely Low Bitrates

Jun 14, 2020
Suraj Kiran Raman, Aditya Ramesh, Vijayakrishna Naganoor, Shubham Dash, Giridharan Kumaravelu, Honglak Lee

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Context-aware Dynamics Model for Generalization in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning

May 14, 2020
Kimin Lee, Younggyo Seo, Seunghyun Lee, Honglak Lee, Jinwoo Shin

* First two authors contributed equally, website: code: 

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Time Dependence in Non-Autonomous Neural ODEs

May 06, 2020
Jared Quincy Davis, Krzysztof Choromanski, Jake Varley, Honglak Lee, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Valerii Likhosterov, Adrian Weller, Ameesh Makadia, Vikas Sindhwani

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Improved Consistency Regularization for GANs

Feb 11, 2020
Zhengli Zhao, Sameer Singh, Honglak Lee, Zizhao Zhang, Augustus Odena, Han Zhang

* Augustus Odena and Han Zhang contributed equally 

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BRPO: Batch Residual Policy Optimization

Feb 08, 2020
Sungryull Sohn, Yinlam Chow, Jayden Ooi, Ofir Nachum, Honglak Lee, Ed Chi, Craig Boutilier

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High-Fidelity Synthesis with Disentangled Representation

Jan 13, 2020
Wonkwang Lee, Donggyun Kim, Seunghoon Hong, Honglak Lee

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Meta Reinforcement Learning with Autonomous Inference of Subtask Dependencies

Jan 01, 2020
Sungryull Sohn, Hyunjae Woo, Jongwook Choi, Honglak Lee

* In ICLR 2020 

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Efficient Adversarial Training with Transferable Adversarial Examples

Dec 27, 2019
Haizhong Zheng, Ziqi Zhang, Juncheng Gu, Honglak Lee, Atul Prakash

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How Should an Agent Practice?

Dec 15, 2019
Janarthanan Rajendran, Richard Lewis, Vivek Veeriah, Honglak Lee, Satinder Singh

* AAAI-2020 

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High Fidelity Video Prediction with Large Stochastic Recurrent Neural Networks

Nov 05, 2019
Ruben Villegas, Arkanath Pathak, Harini Kannan, Dumitru Erhan, Quoc V. Le, Honglak Lee

* In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2019 

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Consistency Regularization for Generative Adversarial Networks

Oct 26, 2019
Han Zhang, Zizhao Zhang, Augustus Odena, Honglak Lee

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IEG: Robust Neural Network Training to Tackle Severe Label Noise

Oct 13, 2019
Zizhao Zhang, Han Zhang, Sercan O. Arik, Honglak Lee, Tomas Pfister

* v1: first committed preprint, v2: remove small typos in text and figures 

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A Simple Randomization Technique for Generalization in Deep Reinforcement Learning

Oct 11, 2019
Kimin Lee, Kibok Lee, Jinwoo Shin, Honglak Lee

* In NeurIPS Workshop on Deep RL, 2019 / First two authors are equally contributed 

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Why Does Hierarchy (Sometimes) Work So Well in Reinforcement Learning?

Sep 23, 2019
Ofir Nachum, Haoran Tang, Xingyu Lu, Shixiang Gu, Honglak Lee, Sergey Levine

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Efficient Exploration with Self-Imitation Learning via Trajectory-Conditioned Policy

Jul 24, 2019
Yijie Guo, Jongwook Choi, Marcin Moczulski, Samy Bengio, Mohammad Norouzi, Honglak Lee

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