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StreamFlow: Streamlined Multi-Frame Optical Flow Estimation for Video Sequences

Nov 28, 2023
Shangkun Sun, Jiaming Liu, Thomas H. Li, Huaxia Li, Guoqing Liu, Wei Gao

Occlusions between consecutive frames have long posed a significant challenge in optical flow estimation. The inherent ambiguity introduced by occlusions directly violates the brightness constancy constraint and considerably hinders pixel-to-pixel matching. To address this issue, multi-frame optical flow methods leverage adjacent frames to mitigate the local ambiguity. Nevertheless, prior multi-frame methods predominantly adopt recursive flow estimation, resulting in a considerable computational overlap. In contrast, we propose a streamlined in-batch framework that eliminates the need for extensive redundant recursive computations while concurrently developing effective spatio-temporal modeling approaches under in-batch estimation constraints. Specifically, we present a Streamlined In-batch Multi-frame (SIM) pipeline tailored to video input, attaining a similar level of time efficiency to two-frame networks. Furthermore, we introduce an efficient Integrative Spatio-temporal Coherence (ISC) modeling method for effective spatio-temporal modeling during the encoding phase, which introduces no additional parameter overhead. Additionally, we devise a Global Temporal Regressor (GTR) that effectively explores temporal relations during decoding. Benefiting from the efficient SIM pipeline and effective modules, StreamFlow not only excels in terms of performance on the challenging KITTI and Sintel datasets, with particular improvement in occluded areas but also attains a remarkable $63.82\%$ enhancement in speed compared with previous multi-frame methods. The code will be available soon at

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SKFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Super Kernels

May 29, 2022
Shangkun Sun, Yuanqi Chen, Yu Zhu, Guodong Guo, Ge Li

Figure 1 for SKFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Super Kernels
Figure 2 for SKFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Super Kernels
Figure 3 for SKFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Super Kernels
Figure 4 for SKFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Super Kernels

Optical flow estimation is a classical yet challenging task in computer vision. One of the essential factors in accurately predicting optical flow is to alleviate occlusions between frames. However, it is still a thorny problem for current top-performing optical flow estimation methods due to insufficient local evidence to model occluded areas. In this paper, we propose Super Kernel Flow Network (SKFlow), a CNN architecture to ameliorate the impacts of occlusions on optical flow estimation. SKFlow benefits from the super kernels which bring enlarged receptive fields to complement the absent matching information and recover the occluded motions. We present efficient super kernel designs by utilizing conical connections and hybrid depth-wise convolutions. Extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of SKFlow on multiple benchmarks, especially in the occluded areas. Without pre-trained backbones on ImageNet and with modest increase in computation, SKFlow achieves compelling performance and ranks $\textbf{1st}$ among current published methods on Sintel benchmark. On the challenging Sintel final pass test set, SKFlow attains the average end-point error of $2.23$, which surpasses the best published result $2.47$ by $9.72\%$.

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