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Kanerva++: extending The Kanerva Machine with differentiable, locally block allocated latent memory

Mar 16, 2021
Jason Ramapuram, Yan Wu, Alexandros Kalousis

* ICLR 2021 

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Trilevel Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution

Jan 17, 2021
Yan Wu, Zhiwu Huang, Suryansh Kumar, Rhea Sanjay Sukthanker, Radu Timofte, Luc Van Gool

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Training Generative Adversarial Networks by Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

Oct 28, 2020
Chongli Qin, Yan Wu, Jost Tobias Springenberg, Andrew Brock, Jeff Donahue, Timothy P. Lillicrap, Pushmeet Kohli

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Neural Architecture Search of SPD Manifold Networks

Oct 27, 2020
Rhea Sanjay Sukthanker, Zhiwu Huang, Suryansh Kumar, Erik Goron Endsjo, Yan Wu, Luc Van Gool

* Info: 19 pages, 11 Figures, and 9 Tables 

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Dense Dual-Path Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation

Oct 21, 2020
Xinneng Yang, Yan Wu, Junqiao Zhao, Feilin Liu

* Accepted by ACCV2020 

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Neural Architecture Search as Sparse Supernet

Jul 31, 2020
Yan Wu, Aoming Liu, Zhiwu Huang, Siwei Zhang, Luc Van Gool

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Multi-UAV Coverage Path Planning for the Inspection of Large and Complex Structures

Jul 26, 2020
Wei Jing, Di Deng, Yan Wu, Kenji Shimada

* Accepted by IROS2020 

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Product Kanerva Machines: Factorized Bayesian Memory

Feb 06, 2020
Adam Marblestone, Yan Wu, Greg Wayne

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Efficient Robotic Task Generalization Using Deep Model Fusion Reinforcement Learning

Dec 11, 2019
Tianying Wang, Hao Zhang, Wei Qi Toh, Hongyuan Zhu, Cheston Tan, Yan Wu, Yong Liu, Wei Jing

* Accepted by ROBIO 2019 

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LOGAN: Latent Optimisation for Generative Adversarial Networks

Dec 02, 2019
Yan Wu, Jeff Donahue, David Balduzzi, Karen Simonyan, Timothy Lillicrap

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Pixel-Wise PolSAR Image Classification via a Novel Complex-Valued Deep Fully Convolutional Network

Sep 29, 2019
Yice Cao, Yan Wu, Peng Zhang, Wenkai Liang, Ming Li

* 17 pages, 12 figures, first submission on May 20th, 2019 

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6D Pose Estimation with Correlation Fusion

Sep 24, 2019
Yi Cheng, Hongyuan Zhu, Cihan Acar, Wei Jing, Yan Wu, Liyuan Li, Cheston Tan, Joo-Hwee Lim

* Submitted to conference 

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Real-time Multi-target Path Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Driving aided by FCN

Sep 17, 2019
Hongtu Zhou, Xinneng Yang, Enwei Zhang, Junqiao Zhao, Lewen Cai, Chen Ye, Yan Wu

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U-net super-neural segmentation and similarity calculation to realize vegetation change assessment in satellite imagery

Sep 10, 2019
Chunxue Wu, Bobo Ju, Naixue Xiong, Guisong Yang, Yan Wu, Hongming Yang, Jiaying Huang, Zhiyong Xu

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Shaping Belief States with Generative Environment Models for RL

Jun 24, 2019
Karol Gregor, Danilo Jimenez Rezende, Frederic Besse, Yan Wu, Hamza Merzic, Aaron van den Oord

* pre-print 

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Deep Compressed Sensing

May 18, 2019
Yan Wu, Mihaela Rosca, Timothy Lillicrap

* ICML 2019 

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Learning Attractor Dynamics for Generative Memory

Nov 23, 2018
Yan Wu, Greg Wayne, Karol Gregor, Timothy Lillicrap

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Optimizing Agent Behavior over Long Time Scales by Transporting Value

Oct 15, 2018
Chia-Chun Hung, Timothy Lillicrap, Josh Abramson, Yan Wu, Mehdi Mirza, Federico Carnevale, Arun Ahuja, Greg Wayne

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The Kanerva Machine: A Generative Distributed Memory

Jun 18, 2018
Yan Wu, Greg Wayne, Alex Graves, Timothy Lillicrap

* Published as a conference paper at ICLR 2018 (corrected typos in revision) 

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DFNet: Semantic Segmentation on Panoramic Images with Dynamic Loss Weights and Residual Fusion Block

Jun 11, 2018
Wei Jiang, Yan Wu

* 6 pages,3 figures 

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TiEV: The Tongji Intelligent Electric Vehicle in the Intelligent Vehicle Future Challenge of China

May 07, 2018
Junqiao Zhao, Chen Ye, Yan Wu, Linting Guan, Lewen Cai, Lu Sun, Tao Yang, Xudong He, Jun Li, Yongchao Ding, Xinglian Zhang, Xinchen Wang, Jinlin Huang, Enwei Zhang, Yewei Huang, Wei Jiang, Shaoming Zhang, Lu Xiong, Tiantian Feng

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VH-HFCN based Parking Slot and Lane Markings Segmentation on Panoramic Surround View

May 07, 2018
Yan Wu, Tao Yang, Junqiao Zhao, Linting Guan, Wei Jiang

* 6 pages, 7 figures 

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Semantic Segmentation via Highly Fused Convolutional Network with Multiple Soft Cost Functions

Jan 04, 2018
Tao Yang, Yan Wu, Junqiao Zhao, Linting Guan

* 16 pages, 6 figures, 4 tables 

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Contractive De-noising Auto-encoder

Apr 23, 2014
Fu-qiang Chen, Yan Wu, Guo-dong Zhao, Jun-ming Zhang, Ming Zhu, Jing Bai

* Figures edited 

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Spectral Classification Using Restricted Boltzmann Machine

Oct 13, 2013
Fuqiang Chen, Yan Wu, Yude Bu, Guodong Zhao

* 8 pages, 2 figures, Accepted in PASA for publication 

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