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Language Models not just for Pre-training: Fast Online Neural Noisy Channel Modeling

Nov 13, 2020
Shruti Bhosale, Kyra Yee, Sergey Edunov, Michael Auli

* Accepted at WMT 2020 

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A Comparison of Discrete Latent Variable Models for Speech Representation Learning

Oct 24, 2020
Henry Zhou, Alexei Baevski, Michael Auli

* 7 pages, 4 figures 

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Self-training and Pre-training are Complementary for Speech Recognition

Oct 22, 2020
Qiantong Xu, Alexei Baevski, Tatiana Likhomanenko, Paden Tomasello, Alexis Conneau, Ronan Collobert, Gabriel Synnaeve, Michael Auli

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Beyond English-Centric Multilingual Machine Translation

Oct 21, 2020
Angela Fan, Shruti Bhosale, Holger Schwenk, Zhiyi Ma, Ahmed El-Kishky, Siddharth Goyal, Mandeep Baines, Onur Celebi, Guillaume Wenzek, Vishrav Chaudhary, Naman Goyal, Tom Birch, Vitaliy Liptchinsky, Sergey Edunov, Edouard Grave, Michael Auli, Armand Joulin

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Self-training Improves Pre-training for Natural Language Understanding

Oct 05, 2020
Jingfei Du, Edouard Grave, Beliz Gunel, Vishrav Chaudhary, Onur Celebi, Michael Auli, Ves Stoyanov, Alexis Conneau

* 8 pages 

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Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning for Speech Recognition

Jun 24, 2020
Alexis Conneau, Alexei Baevski, Ronan Collobert, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Michael Auli

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wav2vec 2.0: A Framework for Self-Supervised Learning of Speech Representations

Jun 20, 2020
Alexei Baevski, Henry Zhou, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Michael Auli

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Robust and On-the-fly Dataset Denoising for Image Classification

Apr 09, 2020
Jiaming Song, Lunjia Hu, Michael Auli, Yann Dauphin, Tengyu Ma

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Improving Conditioning in Context-Aware Sequence to Sequence Models

Nov 21, 2019
Xinyi Wang, Jason Weston, Michael Auli, Yacine Jernite

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Effectiveness of self-supervised pre-training for speech recognition

Nov 10, 2019
Alexei Baevski, Michael Auli, Abdelrahman Mohamed

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Depth-Adaptive Transformer

Oct 22, 2019
Maha Elbayad, Jiatao Gu, Edouard Grave, Michael Auli

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vq-wav2vec: Self-Supervised Learning of Discrete Speech Representations

Oct 12, 2019
Alexei Baevski, Steffen Schneider, Michael Auli

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The Source-Target Domain Mismatch Problem in Machine Translation

Sep 28, 2019
Jiajun Shen, Peng-Jen Chen, Matt Le, Junxian He, Jiatao Gu, Myle Ott, Michael Auli, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato

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Simple and Effective Noisy Channel Modeling for Neural Machine Translation

Aug 15, 2019
Kyra Yee, Nathan Ng, Yann N. Dauphin, Michael Auli

* EMNLP 2019 

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On The Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems Trained With Back-Translation

Aug 14, 2019
Sergey Edunov, Myle Ott, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Michael Auli

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ELI5: Long Form Question Answering

Jul 22, 2019
Angela Fan, Yacine Jernite, Ethan Perez, David Grangier, Jason Weston, Michael Auli

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Facebook FAIR's WMT19 News Translation Task Submission

Jul 15, 2019
Nathan Ng, Kyra Yee, Alexei Baevski, Myle Ott, Michael Auli, Sergey Edunov

* 7 pages; WMT 

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GLOSS: Generative Latent Optimization of Sentence Representations

Jul 15, 2019
Sidak Pal Singh, Angela Fan, Michael Auli

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wav2vec: Unsupervised Pre-training for Speech Recognition

May 24, 2019
Steffen Schneider, Alexei Baevski, Ronan Collobert, Michael Auli

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fairseq: A Fast, Extensible Toolkit for Sequence Modeling

Apr 01, 2019
Myle Ott, Sergey Edunov, Alexei Baevski, Angela Fan, Sam Gross, Nathan Ng, David Grangier, Michael Auli

* NAACL 2019 Demo paper 

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Pre-trained Language Model Representations for Language Generation

Apr 01, 2019
Sergey Edunov, Alexei Baevski, Michael Auli

* NAACL 2019 

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Cloze-driven Pretraining of Self-attention Networks

Mar 19, 2019
Alexei Baevski, Sergey Edunov, Yinhan Liu, Luke Zettlemoyer, Michael Auli

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Mixture Models for Diverse Machine Translation: Tricks of the Trade

Feb 20, 2019
Tianxiao Shen, Myle Ott, Michael Auli, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato

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Pay Less Attention with Lightweight and Dynamic Convolutions

Jan 29, 2019
Felix Wu, Angela Fan, Alexei Baevski, Yann N. Dauphin, Michael Auli

* 14 pages, ICLR oral 

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Modeling Human Motion with Quaternion-based Neural Networks

Jan 21, 2019
Dario Pavllo, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Michael Auli, David Grangier

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1805.06485 

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3D human pose estimation in video with temporal convolutions and semi-supervised training

Nov 28, 2018
Dario Pavllo, Christoph Feichtenhofer, David Grangier, Michael Auli

* 13 pages 

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Wizard of Wikipedia: Knowledge-Powered Conversational agents

Nov 03, 2018
Emily Dinan, Stephen Roller, Kurt Shuster, Angela Fan, Michael Auli, Jason Weston

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Classical Structured Prediction Losses for Sequence to Sequence Learning

Oct 05, 2018
Sergey Edunov, Myle Ott, Michael Auli, David Grangier, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato

* 10 pages, NAACL 2018 

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