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Perceiver IO: A General Architecture for Structured Inputs & Outputs

Aug 02, 2021
Andrew Jaegle, Sebastian Borgeaud, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac, Carl Doersch, Catalin Ionescu, David Ding, Skanda Koppula, Daniel Zoran, Andrew Brock, Evan Shelhamer, Olivier Hénaff, Matthew M. Botvinick, Andrew Zisserman, Oriol Vinyals, João Carreira

* Code: 

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SIMONe: View-Invariant, Temporally-Abstracted Object Representations via Unsupervised Video Decomposition

Jun 07, 2021
Rishabh Kabra, Daniel Zoran, Goker Erdogan, Loic Matthey, Antonia Creswell, Matthew Botvinick, Alexander Lerchner, Christopher P. Burgess

* Animated figures are available at 

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NeRF-VAE: A Geometry Aware 3D Scene Generative Model

Apr 01, 2021
Adam R. Kosiorek, Heiko Strathmann, Daniel Zoran, Pol Moreno, Rosalia Schneider, Soňa Mokrá, Danilo J. Rezende

* 17 pages, 15 figures, under review 

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Towards Robust Image Classification Using Sequential Attention Models

Dec 04, 2019
Daniel Zoran, Mike Chrzanowski, Po-Sen Huang, Sven Gowal, Alex Mott, Pushmeet Kohl

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Towards Interpretable Reinforcement Learning Using Attention Augmented Agents

Jun 06, 2019
Alex Mott, Daniel Zoran, Mike Chrzanowski, Daan Wierstra, Danilo J. Rezende

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Multi-Object Representation Learning with Iterative Variational Inference

Mar 01, 2019
Klaus Greff, Raphaël Lopez Kaufmann, Rishab Kabra, Nick Watters, Chris Burgess, Daniel Zoran, Loic Matthey, Matthew Botvinick, Alexander Lerchner

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Pooling is neither necessary nor sufficient for appropriate deformation stability in CNNs

May 25, 2018
Avraham Ruderman, Neil C. Rabinowitz, Ari S. Morcos, Daniel Zoran

* NIPS 2018 submission 

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LaVAN: Localized and Visible Adversarial Noise

Mar 01, 2018
Danny Karmon, Daniel Zoran, Yoav Goldberg

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Psychlab: A Psychology Laboratory for Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents

Feb 04, 2018
Joel Z. Leibo, Cyprien de Masson d'Autume, Daniel Zoran, David Amos, Charles Beattie, Keith Anderson, Antonio García Castañeda, Manuel Sanchez, Simon Green, Audrunas Gruslys, Shane Legg, Demis Hassabis, Matthew M. Botvinick

* 28 pages, 11 figures 

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Variational Memory Addressing in Generative Models

Sep 21, 2017
Jörg Bornschein, Andriy Mnih, Daniel Zoran, Danilo J. Rezende

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Visual Interaction Networks

Jun 05, 2017
Nicholas Watters, Andrea Tacchetti, Theophane Weber, Razvan Pascanu, Peter Battaglia, Daniel Zoran

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Learning Deep Nearest Neighbor Representations Using Differentiable Boundary Trees

Feb 28, 2017
Daniel Zoran, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Charles Blundell

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Computational Imaging for VLBI Image Reconstruction

Nov 07, 2016
Katherine L. Bouman, Michael D. Johnson, Daniel Zoran, Vincent L. Fish, Sheperd S. Doeleman, William T. Freeman

* IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016, pp. 913-922 
* Accepted for publication at CVPR 2016, Project Website:, Video of Oral Presentation at CVPR June 2016: 

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Learning visual groups from co-occurrences in space and time

Nov 21, 2015
Phillip Isola, Daniel Zoran, Dilip Krishnan, Edward H. Adelson

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