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Alois Knoll

Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Systems, Technische Universit München, München, Germany

Vogtareuth Rehab Depth Datasets: Benchmark for Marker-less Posture Estimation in Rehabilitation

Aug 23, 2021
Soubarna Banik, Alejandro Mendoza Garcia, Lorenz Kiwull, Steffen Berweck, Alois Knoll

* 4 pages 

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Meta-Reinforcement Learning in Broad and Non-Parametric Environments

Aug 08, 2021
Zhenshan Bing, Lukas Knak, Fabrice Oliver Robin, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

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Grasp Planning for Flexible Production with Small Lot Sizes based on CAD models using GPIS and Bayesian Optimization

May 24, 2021
Jianjie Lin, Markus Rickert, Alois Knoll

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3D Human Pose Regression using Graph Convolutional Network

May 21, 2021
Soubarna Banik, Alejandro Mendoza Gracia, Alois Knoll

* Paper accepted in IEEE ICIP 2021, DOI will be updated once published 

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Temp-Frustum Net: 3D Object Detection with Temporal Fusion

May 21, 2021
Emeç Erçelik, Ekim Yurtsever, Alois Knoll

* To be published in 32nd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 

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Safety Metrics for Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving

May 21, 2021
Chih-Hong Cheng, Alois Knoll, Hsuan-Cheng Liao

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A Hierarchical State-Machine-Based Framework for Platoon Manoeuvre Descriptions

Apr 12, 2021
Corvin Deboeser, Jordan Ivanchev, Thomas Braud, Alois Knoll, David Eckhoff, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

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ACM-Net: Action Context Modeling Network for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization

Apr 07, 2021
Sanqing Qu, Guang Chen, Zhijun Li, Lijun Zhang, Fan Lu, Alois Knoll

* Submitted to TIP. Code is available at 

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Non-Holonomic RRT & MPC: Path and Trajectory Planning for an Autonomous Cycle Rickshaw

Mar 10, 2021
Damir Bojadžić, Julian Kunze, Dinko Osmanković, Mohammadhossein Malmir, Alois Knoll

* Submitted to IROS 2021, 6 pages, 4 figures 

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FloMo: Tractable Motion Prediction with Normalizing Flows

Mar 05, 2021
Christoph Schöller, Alois Knoll

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Design and Control of a Highly Redundant Rigid-Flexible Coupling Robot to Assist the COVID-19 Oropharyngeal-Swab Sampling

Feb 25, 2021
Yingbai Hu, Jian Li, Yongquan Chen, Qiwen Wang, Chuliang Chi, Heng Zhang, Qing Gao, Yuanmin Lan, Zheng Li, Zonggao Mu, Zhenglong Sun, Alois Knoll

* 8 pages, 11 figures 

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NAST: Non-Autoregressive Spatial-Temporal Transformer for Time Series Forecasting

Feb 10, 2021
Kai Chen, Guang Chen, Dan Xu, Lijun Zhang, Yuyao Huang, Alois Knoll

* 10 pages, 4 figures 

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Experience-Based Heuristic Search: Robust Motion Planning with Deep Q-Learning

Feb 05, 2021
Julian Bernhard, Robert Gieselmann, Klemens Esterle, Alois Knoll

* published at IEEE IV 2018 

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Addressing Inherent Uncertainty: Risk-Sensitive Behavior Generation for Automated Driving using Distributional Reinforcement Learning

Feb 05, 2021
Julian Bernhard, Stefan Pollok, Alois Knoll

* Published at IEEE IV 2019 

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Risk-Constrained Interactive Safety under Behavior Uncertainty for Autonomous Driving

Feb 05, 2021
Julian Bernhard, Alois Knoll

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Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network with Gaussian-based Grasping Representation for Robotic Grasping Detection

Jan 25, 2021
Hu Cao, Guang Chen, Zhijun Li, Jianjie Lin, Alois Knoll

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Gaussian Process-Based Model Predictive Control for Overtaking

Jan 22, 2021
Wenjun Liu, Chang Liu, Guang Chen, Peng Hang, Alois Knoll

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A Spiking Central Pattern Generator for the control of a simulated lamprey robot running on SpiNNaker and Loihi neuromorphic boards

Jan 18, 2021
Emmanouil Angelidis, Emanuel Buchholz, Jonathan Patrick Arreguit O'Neil, Alexis Rougè, Terrence Stewart, Axel von Arnim, Alois Knoll, Auke Ijspeert

* 25 pages, 15 figures 

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PointINet: Point Cloud Frame Interpolation Network

Dec 18, 2020
Fan Lu, Guang Chen, Sanqing Qu, Zhijun Li, Yinlong Liu, Alois Knoll

* Accepted to AAAI 2021 

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Spotlight-based 3D Instrument Guidance for Retinal Surgery

Dec 11, 2020
Mingchuan Zhou, Jiahao Wu, Ali Ebrahimi, Niravkumar Patel, Changyan He, Peter Gehlbach, Russell H Taylor, Alois Knoll, M Ali Nasseri, Iulian I Iordachita

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LAP-Net: Adaptive Features Sampling via Learning Action Progression for Online Action Detection

Nov 16, 2020
Sanqing Qu, Guang Chen, Dan Xu, Jinhu Dong, Fan Lu, Alois Knoll

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RSKDD-Net: Random Sample-based Keypoint Detector and Descriptor

Oct 23, 2020
Fan Lu, Guang Chen, Yinlong Liu, Zhongnan Qu, Alois Knoll

* Accepted to NeurIPS 2020 

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Modeling and Testing Multi-Agent Traffic Rules within Interactive Behavior Planning

Sep 29, 2020
Klemens Esterle, Luis Gressenbuch, Alois Knoll

* Accepted at IROS 2020 Workshop on Perception, Learning, and Control for Autonomous Agile Vehicles 

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Complex Robotic Manipulation via Graph-Based Hindsight Goal Generation

Jul 27, 2020
Zhenshan Bing, Matthias Brucker, Fabrice O. Morin, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

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Formalizing Traffic Rules for Machine Interpretability

Jul 01, 2020
Klemens Esterle, Luis Gressenbuch, Alois Knoll

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AerialMPTNet: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking in Aerial Imagery Using Temporal and Graphical Features

Jun 27, 2020
Maximilian Kraus, Seyed Majid Azimi, Emec Ercelik, Reza Bahmanyar, Peter Reinartz, Alois Knoll

* ICPR 2020 

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Graph Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning for Behavior Generation in Semantic Environments

Jun 22, 2020
Patrick Hart, Alois Knoll

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Center-of-Mass-based Robust Grasp Planning for Unknown Objects Using Tactile-Visual Sensors

Jun 01, 2020
Qian Feng, Zhaopeng Chen, Jun Deng, Chunhui Gao, Jianwei Zhang, Alois Knoll

* 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA),610-617 
* 6 pages + references 

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Accurate position tracking with a single UWB anchor

May 21, 2020
Yanjun Cao, Chenhao Yang, Rui Li, Alois Knoll, Giovanni Beltrame

* Accepted by ICRA2020 

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