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Picture for Qingcai Chen

CBLUE: A Chinese Biomedical Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark

Jul 06, 2021
Mosha Chen, Chuanqi Tan, Zhen Bi, Xiaozhuan Liang, Lei Li, Ningyu Zhang, Xin Shang, Kangping Yin, Jian Xu, Fei Huang, Luo Si, Yuan Ni, Guotong Xie, Zhifang Sui, Baobao Chang, Hui Zong, Zheng Yuan, Linfeng Li, Jun Yan, Hongying Zan, Kunli Zhang, Buzhou Tang, Qingcai Chen

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GlyphCRM: Bidirectional Encoder Representation for Chinese Character with its Glyph

Jul 01, 2021
Yunxin Li, Yu Zhao, Baotian Hu, Qingcai Chen, Yang Xiang, Xiaolong Wang, Yuxin Ding, Lin Ma

* 11 pages, 7 figures 

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Multi-hop Graph Convolutional Network with High-order Chebyshev Approximation for Text Reasoning

Jun 08, 2021
Shuoran Jiang, Qingcai Chen, Xin Liu, Baotian Hu, Lisai Zhang

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You Can Do Better! If You Elaborate the Reason When Making Prediction

Mar 27, 2021
Dongfang Li, Jingcong Tao, Qingcai Chen, Baotian Hu

* 14 pages 

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A Hierarchical Reasoning Graph Neural Network for The Automatic Scoring of Answer Transcriptions in Video Job Interviews

Dec 22, 2020
Kai Chen, Meng Niu, Qingcai Chen

* 9 pages, 2 figures 

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Neural Image Inpainting Guided with Descriptive Text

Apr 22, 2020
Lisai Zhang, Qingcai Chen, Baotian Hu, Shuoran Jiang

* 6 pages, 2 tables 

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Neural Data-to-Text Generation with Dynamic Content Planning

Apr 20, 2020
Kai Chen, Fayuan Li, Baotian Hu, Weihua Peng, Qingcai Chen, Hong Yu

* 25 pages, 1 figure and 6 tables 

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Decomposing Word Embedding with the Capsule Network

Apr 07, 2020
Xin Liu, Qingcai Chen, Yan Liu, Baotian Hu, Joanna Siebert, Xiangping Wu, Buzhou Tang

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Integrate Image Representation to Text Model on Sentence Level: a Semi-supervised Framework

Dec 01, 2019
Lisai Zhang, Qingcai Chen, Dongfang Li, Buzhou Tang

* 6 pages, 5 figures 

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BERTSel: Answer Selection with Pre-trained Models

May 18, 2019
Dongfang Li, Yifei Yu, Qingcai Chen, Xinyu Li

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CNN based music emotion classification

Apr 19, 2017
Xin Liu, Qingcai Chen, Xiangping Wu, Yan Liu, Yang Liu

* 7 pages, 4 figures 

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Stroke Sequence-Dependent Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition

Oct 13, 2016
Baotian Hu, Xin Liu, Xiangping Wu, Qingcai Chen

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LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization Dataset

Feb 19, 2016
Baotian Hu, Qingcai Chen, Fangze Zhu

* Recently, we received feedbacks from Yuya Taguchi from NAIST in Japan and Qian Chen from USTC of China, that the results in the EMNLP2015 version seem to be underrated. So we carefully checked our results and find out that we made a mistake while using the standard ROUGE. Then we re-evaluate all methods in the paper and get corrected results listed in Table 2 of this version 

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Answer Sequence Learning with Neural Networks for Answer Selection in Community Question Answering

Jun 22, 2015
Xiaoqiang Zhou, Baotian Hu, Qingcai Chen, Buzhou Tang, Xiaolong Wang

* 6 pages 

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Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Matching Natural Language Sentences

Mar 11, 2015
Baotian Hu, Zhengdong Lu, Hang Li, Qingcai Chen

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