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Driving-Signal Aware Full-Body Avatars

May 21, 2021
Timur Bagautdinov, Chenglei Wu, Tomas Simon, Fabian Prada, Takaaki Shiratori, Shih-En Wei, Weipeng Xu, Yaser Sheikh, Jason Saragih

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MeshTalk: 3D Face Animation from Speech using Cross-Modality Disentanglement

Apr 16, 2021
Alexander Richard, Michael Zollhoefer, Yandong Wen, Fernando de la Torre, Yaser Sheikh

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Pixel Codec Avatars

Apr 09, 2021
Shugao Ma, Tomas Simon, Jason Saragih, Dawei Wang, Yuecheng Li, Fernando De La Torre, Yaser Sheikh

* CVPR 2021 Oral 

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High-fidelity Face Tracking for AR/VR via Deep Lighting Adaptation

Mar 29, 2021
Lele Chen, Chen Cao, Fernando De la Torre, Jason Saragih, Chenliang Xu, Yaser Sheikh

* The paper is accepted to CVPR 2021 

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Mixture of Volumetric Primitives for Efficient Neural Rendering

Mar 02, 2021
Stephen Lombardi, Tomas Simon, Gabriel Schwartz, Michael Zollhoefer, Yaser Sheikh, Jason Saragih

* 14 pages 

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Supervision by Registration and Triangulation for Landmark Detection

Jan 25, 2021
Xuanyi Dong, Yi Yang, Shih-En Wei, Xinshuo Weng, Yaser Sheikh, Shoou-I Yu

* Accepted to IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) 2020 

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Expressive Telepresence via Modular Codec Avatars

Aug 26, 2020
Hang Chu, Shugao Ma, Fernando De la Torre, Sanja Fidler, Yaser Sheikh

* ECCV 2020 

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Audio- and Gaze-driven Facial Animation of Codec Avatars

Aug 11, 2020
Alexander Richard, Colin Lea, Shugao Ma, Juergen Gall, Fernando de la Torre, Yaser Sheikh

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Spatiotemporal Bundle Adjustment for Dynamic 3D Human Reconstruction in the Wild

Jul 24, 2020
Minh Vo, Yaser Sheikh, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan

* Accepted to IEEE TPAMI 

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Fully Convolutional Mesh Autoencoder using Efficient Spatially Varying Kernels

Jun 08, 2020
Yi Zhou, Chenglei Wu, Zimo Li, Chen Cao, Yuting Ye, Jason Saragih, Hao Li, Yaser Sheikh

* 12 pages 

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4D Visualization of Dynamic Events from Unconstrained Multi-View Videos

May 27, 2020
Aayush Bansal, Minh Vo, Yaser Sheikh, Deva Ramanan, Srinivasa Narasimhan

* Project Page - 

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To React or not to React: End-to-End Visual Pose Forecasting for Personalized Avatar during Dyadic Conversations

Oct 05, 2019
Chaitanya Ahuja, Shugao Ma, Louis-Philippe Morency, Yaser Sheikh

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Single-Network Whole-Body Pose Estimation

Sep 30, 2019
Gines Hidalgo, Yaadhav Raaj, Haroon Idrees, Donglai Xiang, Hanbyul Joo, Tomas Simon, Yaser Sheikh

* ICCV 2019 

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Neural Volumes: Learning Dynamic Renderable Volumes from Images

Jun 18, 2019
Stephen Lombardi, Tomas Simon, Jason Saragih, Gabriel Schwartz, Andreas Lehrmann, Yaser Sheikh

* Accepted to SIGGRAPH 2019 

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Shapes and Context: In-the-Wild Image Synthesis & Manipulation

Jun 11, 2019
Aayush Bansal, Yaser Sheikh, Deva Ramanan

* CVPR 2019 
* Project Page: 

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Towards Social Artificial Intelligence: Nonverbal Social Signal Prediction in A Triadic Interaction

Jun 10, 2019
Hanbyul Joo, Tomas Simon, Mina Cikara, Yaser Sheikh

* CVPR 2019 

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LBS Autoencoder: Self-supervised Fitting of Articulated Meshes to Point Clouds

Apr 22, 2019
Chun-Liang Li, Tomas Simon, Jason Saragih, Barnabás Póczos, Yaser Sheikh

* In the Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2019) 

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OpenPose: Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields

Dec 18, 2018
Zhe Cao, Gines Hidalgo, Tomas Simon, Shih-En Wei, Yaser Sheikh

* Journal version of arXiv:1611.08050, with better accuracy and faster speed, release a new foot keypoint dataset: arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1611.08050 

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Capture Dense: Markerless Motion Capture Meets Dense Pose Estimation

Dec 11, 2018
Xiu Li, Yebin Liu, Hanbyul Joo, Qionghai Dai, Yaser Sheikh

* Withdraw due to incomplete experiment 

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Monocular Total Capture: Posing Face, Body, and Hands in the Wild

Dec 04, 2018
Donglai Xiang, Hanbyul Joo, Yaser Sheikh

* 17 pages, 16 figures 

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Efficient Online Multi-Person 2D Pose Tracking with Recurrent Spatio-Temporal Affinity Fields

Nov 29, 2018
Yaadhav Raaj, Haroon Idrees, Gines Hidalgo, Yaser Sheikh

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Recycle-GAN: Unsupervised Video Retargeting

Aug 15, 2018
Aayush Bansal, Shugao Ma, Deva Ramanan, Yaser Sheikh

* ECCV 2018; Please refer to project webpage for videos - 

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Deep Appearance Models for Face Rendering

Aug 01, 2018
Stephen Lombardi, Jason Saragih, Tomas Simon, Yaser Sheikh

* ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2018) 37, 4, Article 68 
* Accepted to SIGGRAPH 2018 

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Supervision-by-Registration: An Unsupervised Approach to Improve the Precision of Facial Landmark Detectors

Jul 04, 2018
Xuanyi Dong, Shoou-I Yu, Xinshuo Weng, Shih-En Wei, Yi Yang, Yaser Sheikh

* Minor modifications to the CVPR 2018 version (add missing references) 

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Automatic Adaptation of Person Association for Multiview Tracking in Group Activities

May 22, 2018
Minh Vo, Ersin Yumer, Kalyan Sunkavalli, Sunil Hadap, Yaser Sheikh, Srinivasa Narasimhan

* URL: 

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Structure from Recurrent Motion: From Rigidity to Recurrency

Apr 18, 2018
Xiu Li, Hongdong Li, Hanbyul Joo, Yebin Liu, Yaser Sheikh

* To appear in CVPR 2018 

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Total Capture: A 3D Deformation Model for Tracking Faces, Hands, and Bodies

Jan 05, 2018
Hanbyul Joo, Tomas Simon, Yaser Sheikh

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PixelNN: Example-based Image Synthesis

Aug 17, 2017
Aayush Bansal, Yaser Sheikh, Deva Ramanan

* Project Page: 

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Hand Keypoint Detection in Single Images using Multiview Bootstrapping

Apr 25, 2017
Tomas Simon, Hanbyul Joo, Iain Matthews, Yaser Sheikh

* CVPR 2017 

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Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields

Apr 14, 2017
Zhe Cao, Tomas Simon, Shih-En Wei, Yaser Sheikh

* Accepted as CVPR 2017 Oral. Video result: 

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