Perception-aware time optimal path parameterization for quadrotors

May 28, 2020
Igor Spasojevic, Varun Murali, Sertac Karaman

* Accepted to appear at ICRA 2020 

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Deep Context Map: Agent Trajectory Prediction using Location-specific Latent Maps

Dec 14, 2019
Igor Gilitschenski, Guy Rosman, Arjun Gupta, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

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A Theory of Uncertainty Variables for State Estimation and Inference

Sep 24, 2019
Rajat Talak, Sertac Karaman, Eytan Modiano

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Stochastic Dynamic Games in Belief Space

Sep 16, 2019
Wilko Schwarting, Alyssa Pierson, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

* 14 pages, 9 figures 

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FlightGoggles: Photorealistic Sensor Simulation for Perception-driven Robotics using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality

May 27, 2019
Winter Guerra, Ezra Tal, Varun Murali, Gilhyun Ryou, Sertac Karaman

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FSMI: Fast computation of Shannon Mutual Information for information-theoretic mapping

May 06, 2019
Zhengdong Zhang, Trevor Henderson, Sertac Karaman, Vivienne Sze

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Asymptotic Optimality of a Time Optimal Path Parametrization Algorithm

Apr 10, 2019
Igor Spasojevic, Varun Murali, Sertac Karaman

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FastDepth: Fast Monocular Depth Estimation on Embedded Systems

Mar 08, 2019
Diana Wofk, Fangchang Ma, Tien-Ju Yang, Sertac Karaman, Vivienne Sze

* Accepted for presentation at ICRA 2019. 8 pages, 6 figures, 7 tables 

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Variational End-to-End Navigation and Localization

Nov 25, 2018
Alexander Amini, Guy Rosman, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

* Under Review, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2019 

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The Blackbird Dataset: A large-scale dataset for UAV perception in aggressive flight

Oct 03, 2018
Amado Antonini, Winter Guerra, Varun Murali, Thomas Sayre-McCord, Sertac Karaman

* Accepted to appear at ISER 2018 

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Navion: A 2mW Fully Integrated Real-Time Visual-Inertial Odometry Accelerator for Autonomous Navigation of Nano Drones

Sep 15, 2018
Amr Suleiman, Zhengdong Zhang, Luca Carlone, Sertac Karaman, Vivienne Sze

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Accurate Tracking of Aggressive Quadrotor Trajectories using Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion and Differential Flatness

Sep 11, 2018
Ezra Tal, Sertac Karaman

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Attention and Anticipation in Fast Visual-Inertial Navigation

Aug 02, 2018
Luca Carlone, Sertac Karaman

* 20 pages, 7 figures, 2 tables 

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Perception-driven sparse graphs for optimal motion planning

Aug 01, 2018
Thomas Sayre-McCord, Sertac Karaman

* 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 

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Self-supervised Sparse-to-Dense: Self-supervised Depth Completion from LiDAR and Monocular Camera

Jul 03, 2018
Fangchang Ma, Guilherme Venturelli Cavalheiro, Sertac Karaman

* Software: . Video: . 12 pages, 6 figures, 3 tables 

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Spatial Uncertainty Sampling for End-to-End Control

May 13, 2018
Alexander Amini, Ava Soleimany, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

* Originally published in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Workshop on Bayesian Deep Learning 2017 

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CDDT: Fast Approximate 2D Ray Casting for Accelerated Localization

Mar 07, 2018
Corey Walsh, Sertac Karaman

* 8 pages, 14 figures, ICRA version 

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Sparse-to-Dense: Depth Prediction from Sparse Depth Samples and a Single Image

Feb 26, 2018
Fangchang Ma, Sertac Karaman

* accepted to ICRA 2018. 8 pages, 8 figures, 3 tables. Video at Code at 

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A General Pipeline for 3D Detection of Vehicles

Feb 12, 2018
Xinxin Du, Marcelo H. Ang Jr., Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

* Accepted at ICRA 2018 

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High-Dimensional Stochastic Optimal Control using Continuous Tensor Decompositions

Jan 11, 2018
Alex A. Gorodetsky, Sertac Karaman, Youssef M. Marzouk

* 32 pages, 20 figures 

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Sparse Depth Sensing for Resource-Constrained Robots

Oct 15, 2017
Fangchang Ma, Luca Carlone, Ulas Ayaz, Sertac Karaman

* 35 pages, 31 figures, 2 tables; added new results 

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On Sensing, Agility, and Computation Requirements for a Data-gathering Agile Robotic Vehicle

Apr 07, 2017
Fangchang Ma, Sertac Karaman

* 22 pages, 11 figures 

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Polling-systems-based Autonomous Vehicle Coordination in Traffic Intersections with No Traffic Signals

Jul 26, 2016
David Miculescu, Sertac Karaman

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Optimal Tourist Problem and Anytime Planning of Trip Itineraries

Oct 08, 2014
Jingjin Yu, Javed Aslam, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

  Access Model/Code and Paper
Persistent Monitoring of Events with Stochastic Arrivals at Multiple Stations

Sep 14, 2014
Jingjin Yu, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus

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Incremental Sampling-based Algorithm for Minimum-violation Motion Planning

Nov 06, 2013
Luis I. Reyes Castro, Pratik Chaudhari, Jana Tumova, Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli, Daniela Rus

* 8 pages, final version submitted to CDC '13 

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Minimum-violation LTL Planning with Conflicting Specifications

Mar 15, 2013
Jana Tumova, Luis I. Reyes Castro, Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli, Daniela Rus

* extended version of the ACC 2013 paper 

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An Incremental Sampling-based Algorithm for Stochastic Optimal Control

Feb 24, 2012
Vu Anh Huynh, Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli

* Part of the results have been submitted to the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2012). Minnesota, USA, May 2012 

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High-speed Flight in an Ergodic Forest

Feb 01, 2012
Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli

* Manuscript submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Robotics 

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Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning

May 05, 2011
Sertac Karaman, Emilio Frazzoli

* 76 pages, 26 figures, to appear in International Journal of Robotics Research 

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