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Breaking Temporal Consistency: Generating Video Universal Adversarial Perturbations Using Image Models

Nov 17, 2023
Hee-Seon Kim, Minji Son, Minbeom Kim, Myung-Joon Kwon, Changick Kim

As video analysis using deep learning models becomes more widespread, the vulnerability of such models to adversarial attacks is becoming a pressing concern. In particular, Universal Adversarial Perturbation (UAP) poses a significant threat, as a single perturbation can mislead deep learning models on entire datasets. We propose a novel video UAP using image data and image model. This enables us to take advantage of the rich image data and image model-based studies available for video applications. However, there is a challenge that image models are limited in their ability to analyze the temporal aspects of videos, which is crucial for a successful video attack. To address this challenge, we introduce the Breaking Temporal Consistency (BTC) method, which is the first attempt to incorporate temporal information into video attacks using image models. We aim to generate adversarial videos that have opposite patterns to the original. Specifically, BTC-UAP minimizes the feature similarity between neighboring frames in videos. Our approach is simple but effective at attacking unseen video models. Additionally, it is applicable to videos of varying lengths and invariant to temporal shifts. Our approach surpasses existing methods in terms of effectiveness on various datasets, including ImageNet, UCF-101, and Kinetics-400.

* ICCV 2023 
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LifeTox: Unveiling Implicit Toxicity in Life Advice

Nov 16, 2023
Minbeom Kim, Jahyun Koo, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park, Hwaran Lee, Kyomin Jung

As large language models become increasingly integrated into daily life, detecting implicit toxicity across diverse contexts is crucial. To this end, we introduce LifeTox, a dataset designed for identifying implicit toxicity within a broad range of advice-seeking scenarios. Unlike existing safety datasets, LifeTox comprises diverse contexts derived from personal experiences through open-ended questions. Experiments demonstrate that RoBERTa fine-tuned on LifeTox matches or surpasses the zero-shot performance of large language models in toxicity classification tasks. These results underscore the efficacy of LifeTox in addressing the complex challenges inherent in implicit toxicity.

* 8 pages, 3 figures 
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Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation

Dec 21, 2022
Minbeom Kim, Hwanhee Lee, Kang Min Yoo, Joonsuk Park, Hwaran Lee, Kyomin Jung

Figure 1 for Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation
Figure 2 for Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation
Figure 3 for Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation
Figure 4 for Critic-Guided Decoding for Controlled Text Generation

Steering language generation towards objectives or away from undesired content has been a long-standing goal in utilizing language models (LM). Recent work has demonstrated reinforcement learning and weighted decoding as effective approaches to achieve a higher level of language control and quality with pros and cons. In this work, we propose a novel critic decoding method for controlled language generation (CriticControl) that combines the strengths of reinforcement learning and weighted decoding. Specifically, we adopt the actor-critic framework to train an LM-steering critic from non-differentiable reward models. And similar to weighted decoding, our method freezes the language model and manipulates the output token distribution using called critic, improving training efficiency and stability. Evaluation of our method on three controlled generation tasks, namely topic control, sentiment control, and detoxification, shows that our approach generates more coherent and well-controlled texts than previous methods. In addition, CriticControl demonstrates superior generalization ability in zero-shot settings. Human evaluation studies also corroborate our findings.

* 11 pages, 6 figures 
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